6 thoughts on “Morrissey

  1. Fucking right cunstable……yeah ‘the murders in Norway recently are nothing compared to the atrocities McDonalds et al commit every day’…….said the man with the designer quiff from Manchester…..FUCK OFF….BLEATINGS OF A RIGHT CUNT.

  2. The SMITHS were a great backing band, but that CUNT at the front looks like a paedo ice cream man in his shitty white jacket singing wank lyrics passing out gladioli THE CUNT!

  3. From HurlingDervish.

    It’s a tough call this one, I liked The Smiths (what a cunt, you say, fair enough I am a cunt!) but always had that sneaking suspicion that Morrissey was a little teensy weensy bit of a cunt.
    Well he is a cunt, but he is a REAL cunt to that other skinny dirty cunt Russell Brand in some interviews I’ve seen. All of which makes Morrissey a ‘top’ cunt in my book if you get the skewed logic of where I’m coming from!
    He does look like an out of work paedo though.

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