Sadiq Khan [19]

An emergency cunting for everyone’s favorite mayor. Londonistan mayor Suckdiq Khant is really putting himself out there for the cunt of the year awards. This useless cunt has finally perked up about the illegal and dangerous demonstrations/riots in London. Of course, being the cunt that is Khan made a reference to the risk of COVID-19 (Bit fucking late) but then launched a tirade into the “far-right” which from what I have read was a large group of football fans and veterans who wished to counter demonstrate with the primary objective of defending property and preventing anarchy.We used to have a force for that can`t remember the name of it though.

Here are the cunt`s comments:

“However, I’m extremely concerned that further protests in Central London not only risk spreading Covid-19, but could lead to disorder, vandalism and violence.

“Extreme far-right groups who advocate hatred and division are planning counter-protests, which means that the risk of disorder is high.

“Be in no doubt these counter-protests are there to provoke violence, and their only goal is to distract and hijack this important issue.”

He describes the protestors are largely peaceful.Even though over 60 officers injured Horses attacked and criminal damage the cost of which I dread to think. That being said Khan is of course accustomed to his streets looking like war zones.How many black stabbings has he been concerned about on his own turf?

Also Khan seems to think a solution is boxing off Churchill and the Cenotaph memorial to prevent vandalism when he could just ring up Cressida Strapacoctomy and tell her brigade to protect them for thugs which the so-called “far right” wanted to do.Now I hate the far-right with a passion but the definition of far-right used today has been s far expanded that it has become meaningless as it refers to anyone who is to the right of the Corbynista project.

Khunt is a vile Marxist arsehole who defended nutty antisemitic radical preacher Louis Farrakhan when he was banned from the UK but now is along with Strapacoctomy the embodiment of selective regressive censorship that is leading us to a frightening Orwellian Police State where only those deemed to be on the “right side of history” in their crystal ball into the future are allowed freedom.

Nominated by Shaun

Sadiq Khan [9]

Sad Dick Cunt deserves, like his *honourable* friend Anthony Blair, a 24/7 cunting.

The idiotic shit brained little fucker has decided that it is quite in order to insult Donald Trump during his upcoming London visit, in the most childish way possible.

So the fuckwit who *runs* London, who has presided over a ramshackle administration, over more than 80 murders in the first half of this year, who spends more time worrying about Brexit than the shithole with it’s filth and *inclusion* that is London has now got under the barrel and started scraping it, to dig up more right on shit.

This cunt couldn’t run a supermarket let alone a Capital city.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

Sadiq Khan is on record as saying the the UK should apologise for the Amritsar massacre.

I suggest that we do so – but only after Islam has apologised for the 7/7 London bombings.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Closing half London’s police stations

Suckdick announced in November 2017 the closure of 37 (half) of London’s police stations.

This is apparently because under Theresa May’s leadership this government does not seemingly have enough money for the essentials and have cut police funding. This is very strange as there seems to plenty of examples of money being wasted on far less important matters.

The potential closures come at a time where knife and gun crimes are at an all time high, and where the London murder rate is higher than New Yorks for the first time. We have more Eastern European immigration that we can possibly cope with, and the crimes they have brought with them. This is also coming at a time when the country is on high alert for terrorism.

Suckdick is hopelessly out of his depth as London mayor, and if this is not enough he is taking every opportunity to make as much political capital out of this and any other situation as he possibly can.

To assist him he has a hopelessly and Ineffective out of her depth Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick, who despite the dramatic Increase in murders on the streets and who recently stated that moped related crime being 30 times higher in 2017 than in 2012 insists are not out of control.

Commissioner of the London Fire service is Dany Cotton, yet another person totally out of their depth. Grenfell saw fire engines arrive with ladders not tall enough to reach the top floors, radio communications with fire fighters not working, and incorrect advice to tenants to stay in their homes.

In Theresa May, Suckdick, Cressida Dick and Dany Cotton it is easy to see that none of these individuals are anywhere near being up to their respective jobs.

At a time where the PC brigade are pissing just about everyone off, Peacefuls are being given preferential treatment, immigrants pouring in not attempting to inoergrate and the government are defying the will of the people and ensuring Brexit does not happen, tensions are running at boiling point.

It is hardly rocket science to work out that things will further deteriorate in London and surrounding areas as the inept clowns in charge are far more interested in political point scoring than the well being of the people they are elected to protect.

Glad that I no longer live in London, deciding to move out 25 years ago. I feel sorry for the decent honest law abiding tax payers who live there because nobody in authority really cares about them any more. Easier to pay lip service than to do anything about it.

Theresa May, Suckdick, Cressida Dick and Dany Cotton- you are all a disgrace.

Nominated by Wille Stroker

Sadiq Khan – much criticised on this esteemed site – has hit a new low in the cunt stakes.

Closing police stations on the capital whilst crime is on the increase is a fucking disgrace – but what do you expect from a London mayor who is more interested in playing party politics than protecting the people who elected him?

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Sadiq Khan [8]

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan poses for a picture during his visit to the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar on December 6, 2017

Sadiq Khan is well overdue a cunting, this pint sized bell end hasn’t adorned the pages of ISAC since last October which I guess only goes to show we’re being spoilt for choice, too many cunts to cunt.

Prior to Sadiq’s election as Mayor of Londistan, crimes involving the use of a knife were stable around 10k a year but by the end of 2017 official Met stats showed a rise of 31% and now we learn that in February Londistan overtook New York in the Premier League of Knife Murders committed on the cities streets.

Take a bow Sadiq, you campaigned on a promise to end the ‘raaaaaacist’ policy that ‘unfairly’ targeted ‘black and ethnic minorities’ and you certainly delivered on that pledge, you fucking cunt.

In February there were 15 knife murders in Londonistan and I really can’t be fucked naming the victims but they’re all called names like Nkenda and Kwabena except for one who’s called Hannah and on further inspection it looks suspiciously like a crime of passion but it’s a convenient inclusion just to prove not all knife crime is ‘community based’.

And now we have Cressida StrapaDickToMe saying her cops are to scarred to enforce ‘stop and search’ as they fear they may breach ‘ethnic minority harassment’ rules. WTF

How many types of cunt have you got to be when, despite overwhelming evidence that proves our ethnic cousins are, shall we say, slightly exuberant when it comes to ‘Street Butchery’ you still can’t call it out and instead blame the Government for funding cuts.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface


Nomination for London fraud cuntfuck ‘mayor’ Sadiq Khan.

This bastard is rapidly making his way onto my list of all-time top 5 (most loathed) cunts. At the time of writing, we have apparent lawlessness on the streets of London – as I discussed with esteemed fellow cunter JR Cuntley the other day, parts of London are now legit fucking warzones. Black-on-black and Asian-on-Asian gang crime are claiming the lives of many – usually their own – 48 so far in 2018 to date, and we haven’t even reached the fucking Summer Solstice yet.

Meanwhile, Sadiq Khunt is off on his jollies, partying in Texas and being a tight-lipped, no-talking motherfucker on the issue of London crime. Under this fucker, the work done by Boris Johnson in reducing the murder rate to an all-time low has been dramatically reversed in record time. London police and the Met are now there purely to investigate the hurt feelings of the gender queer, cradle the poor oppressed mosque-dwellers and arrest 78-year old pensioners for defending themselves. Meanwhile, it’s fucking mob rule knifing season from Uxbridge to Upmister. But at least all those harmful sexist ad posters are being dealt with!!

Bound by his own fucking conflicting interests, he cannot call out this crimewave for what it is – immigration and PC chickens coming home both to roost and shit on the doorstep. If he even dared single out any community, he’d jeopardise all those lovely votes he’s enjoyed from all the inner borough ‘da commooni’ies’, innit.

Khan is a politically-correct yes man; lacking any fucking charisma at all with his classic staccato 2nd generation ‘stani-English shit-speeches and minority pandering. This fucker is destroying London from within and is doing a far better job than any terrorist whence or since.

Sadiq Khan. You are a cunt, you will always be a cunt and you are the son of cunt bus driver. Your numerous cuntings and associated targeted messages of ill-fucking-will from us here are just part and parcel of living as a vibrant, ISAC shitcunt all-star.

NOMINATED BY. The Empire Cunts Back

Sadiq Khan [7]

Khan is so far out of his depth it is untrue. Shit speaker, crap at handling his promises and pledges in a manner that doesn’t make him look like a fucking snake, biased, terrorist sympathiser and all-around fuckhead.

In the first of many bizarre Tory election choices, Khan only really won because Goldsmith was out of touch with everyone who wasn’t a Baron or a Marquis. Sadcunt therefore the London Mayor by default.

Khan is definitely, and quite aptly, an Über-cunt.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back

Translation of Khan’s response to the Uber petition :

“I’m taking sides with the unionised black cab drivers who are trying to prevent disruption to their comfortable status quo. I am not on the side of innovative businesses, the 40,000 Uber drivers or indeed the people who voted me into power. I am a cunt”.

Nominated by Harry Axwound