Raheem Sterling


First of all the little tosser skives out of an England game, claiming he was ‘Too tired’ to play… Too tired? A 20 year old with excellent fitness levels who plays professional football? The little wanker is taking the piss…

And while holding out on Liverpool FC and demanding even more obscene wages than he already gets (100 grand a week isn’t enough for the little fuck!), the cunt goes around smoking fuck knows what and getting off his tits on laughing gas… Of course all the leftie cunts are on Sky: saying how he is only a young man, that he has to learn and that he need mentoring… Do fuck off! Sterling is 20 years old, not 2 years old… The same excuses are now routinely made for the shitty behaviour of the likes of Sterling, Ballotelli and others… I mean, why don’t they just go round to Sterling’s luxury apartment and wipe his arse for him?!

Nominated by: Norman

7 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling

  1. The Olympics needs a damn good cunting.

    Does anyone remember being sold this glorified school sports day by that odious little cunt Ken Livingstone with the statement that it would cost the taxpayer no more than a walnut whip? Well, that walnut whip must be roughly the size of the northern fucking hemisphere once the sums were done and it came in at £24Bn.

    That figure was arrived at once all of the disruption, the cost of building the Olympic park, the cost of putting up all the hangers on in top hotels, turfing established businesses out of their premises, bribes, bungs and brown envelopes to officials and the loss of £300m from the sale of the athletes village flats. How the fuck do you lose £300m on 2800 flats in London when there is a housing shortage?!

    For two weeks we had to put up with a bunch of gurning cunts who use their personalities as birth control for the sum total of 29 gold medals. Anything less than a gold is a defeat in my books. So each medal cost the taxpayer £827,586,206.

    The actual cost of an Olympic gold medal is £365. So for that price every man, woman and child in the UK could have been given their own Olympic gold medal and not have to endure an opening ceremony that was as cringe worthy as it was blatantly socialist and also not have their lives disrupted for a bunch of nonentities to run, jump and throw shit for a fortnight.

    Put into context, this is the price of 24 top of the range county hospitals, or 4 brand new aircraft carriers (we currently have none), or decent equipment for our armed forces that would prevent them coming home in a box. In fact anything would have been a better use of the money than pissing it away in a style reminiscent of a thousand Dray horses full of lager. Yes, really that much pissing away!!

    What galls me most is that this freak show only appeals to the kind of sad cunt that spends their Saturday in the pouring rain watching fucking losers run around in circles while sipping a thermos full of weak lemon squash sheltering under a kagool.

    Look at it this way, right now there is some poor cunt in Syria running a fuck of a lot faster than Usain Bolt ever will, trying to escape the clutches of ISIS.

    There is some illegal immigrant in France currently jumping higher than any Olympic hopeful trying to get onto the top of a lorry bound for England.

    And there are scores of North Africans rowing like fuck across the Mediterranean trying not to drown on the way.

    The Olympics can suck my fat one for being a waste of time, waste of money and a total cunt magnet.

  2. Thats the other thing that pisses me off how much some of these cunts get payed way too well I wish i took more interest in sports cause i could just sprain my ankle and then take a payday, there’s too much politics in footy nowadays also theres too much Sepp Blatter.

    • a full cooked sepp platter is what I ate for my breakfast this morning

  3. If this mercenary little shitehawk, Sterling, signs for Manchester City, he would fit in nicely… More hired guns than a hitman’s convention…. But over 50 million for the little twat? The price of about 48 Cantonas or 16 Roy Keanes…. The game is fucked and the world has gone mad…

    And that cunt Jack Wilshere needs a fucking slap too….

  4. what a useless piece of shit is Sterling. £50million – the cunt isn’t worth £50. The twat embodies allthat is wrong with English football. Over hyped, over rated and over paid. he will never be any good as long as he has a hole in his big pussy arse.
    oh and doing the dirty on his new girlfriend is par for the course for i was going to say braindead idiot but that implies he has a brain at all. I wish the arrogant little fucker a great big fall

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