Iain Duncan Smith [2]


Iain Duncan Smith is ripe for a fresh cunting over his latest notion of rebranding the term “zero hours contracts”.

It would appear that the (failed) fuckwit cannot grasp the concept that dressing up what is in effect, a retrograde employment strategy and prone to abuses by employers who do not have to offer the security of employment to workers. Calling it “flexible working” or, as that vile hag Esther Mc Vey termed it “Enabling hours contracts”, is like polishing a turd.

What this useless waste of space appears not to understand, is that anyone on a zero hours contract will find it very difficult to get a mortgage, a loan or any other facility that requires a secure job.
Redolent of the days of piece work, but there again, a return to the workhouses has always been the dream of the Tory party

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9 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith [2]

  1. IDS is a stain on this country’s conscience. He should be nowhere near the government, him and his £39 paid-on-expenses breakfasts.

    When he is gone from politics he will be remembered as the man who fucked up this country’s social security system, victimised the disabled, and spread fear and insecurity to thousands.

    All Tories are cunts, and IDS is a Tory par excellence.

  2. This cunt, his head moulded from a wet turd, is the biggest serial failure of the lot. Why did he leave a cushy number in the army back in `81, when there were three million on the dole ? Fiddling the mess accounts ? Caught buggering another soldier and had to resign ‘ for the honour of the regiment ‘ ? Or was he just as rubbish at soldiering as everything else. Twatted around in middle management, getting the archer until he fixed his lips on the teat as MP for Chingford and married some inbred lord`

  3. lords daughter. So useless as Tory leader he had to be replaced by Michael Fucking Howard and now the worthless bastard is venting a lifetime of uselessness on the vulnerable. Even Gideon Osborne reckons he`s useless: proof that a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  4. Duncan Smith should be covered in beef paste and then thrown into a lake of starving alligators…

    While McVey should be gangbanged to death by ISIS..

  5. Kiss are cunts…

    Their music is mediocre at best but it’s not like they (or their fans apparently) care… Kiss are in it for the money and pussy… Kiss is a franchise and Gene Simmons is probably the only so-called rock star to be open about the only true motive why he’s part of it: business…. I applaud Mr. Simmons for his honesty but he’s still a ridiculous cunt..Equally stupid as his music are his so-called political views…

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