Iain Duncan Smith [2]


Iain Duncan Smith is ripe for a fresh cunting over his latest notion of rebranding the term “zero hours contracts”.

It would appear that the (failed) fuckwit cannot grasp the concept that dressing up what is in effect, a retrograde employment strategy and prone to abuses by employers who do not have to offer the security of employment to workers. Calling it “flexible working” or, as that vile hag Esther Mc Vey termed it “Enabling hours contracts”, is like polishing a turd.

What this useless waste of space appears not to understand, is that anyone on a zero hours contract will find it very difficult to get a mortgage, a loan or any other facility that requires a secure job.
Redolent of the days of piece work, but there again, a return to the workhouses has always been the dream of the Tory party

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Ian Duncan Smith


Iain duncan smith is such a cunt even the rest of the cunt party hate him.

He likes kicking the small man, the poor and the disabled. A real piss taking cunt living in a mansion custom designed for Hitler type cunts with built in gas chambers as a bathroom.

I thought it was impossible to out cunt Hague but he’s somehow managed it. What a fascist, disgusting piece of shit.

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