The SNP [3]

Newly elected SNP MPs at Houses of Parliament, Westminster

The SNP are fucking hypocrites. They insist on having a say in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, but if the UK parliament insisted on having a say on matters that were solely Scottish, they’d be screaming blue murder. I reckon they’re causing trouble on this issue because they’re hoping that if they fuck up an important English/Welsh issue, then the English and Welsh will start to call for Scotland to be kicked out of the Union.

Last Scottish referendum should have been open to all the nations in the Union. Then the SNP would have had their ‘independence’. Even though they wanted to put themselves under the boot of the scum in Brussels. The thing is though, Scots Nats are so thick, they wouldn’t have had a clue how to run their cuntry. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Gerard Butler


I cannot abide that advert with the arch porridge wog cunt Gerard Butler pushing Boss perfume on the telly.

There the cunt is every 5 fucking minutes grunting some tosh and sounding like an adenoidal hippo, I have to hit the mute button sharpish to avoid having to listen to the cunt.

I thought he was OK in 300 though…

Nominated by: Fat Rich

Ewen McGregor

Ewen McGregor is a right cunt! He has the most annoying Cheshire Cat grin, is the shittest actor and ruins every film he is in. I can’t think of any decent films he is in. Even the ones that are funny e.g. Men who stare at goats, he ruins because he is such a cunt!

Somebody once told this cunt he could do accents and based on that assumption that he could act, but he can’t, he is terrible … Plus he is Scottish and was a cunt in that cuntish singing film with Nicole Kidman, and that completely cuntish starwars shit where he tried to emulate Alec Guinneses accent – prime example of his inability to act.

What’s worse is that for some reason he’s revered as a good actor!!?? What the fuck are these people on? He is so incredibly shit, plus he’s got this permanently smug cuntish grin on his face!

Also, the BBC are paid him to ride around the world having a jolly on a motorbike with his pasty, ginger lookalike twat cunt friend!

If he’s not added to the cunt list then you’re all a bunch of cunts!

Nominated by: Kunta Kinte

Take us with you, Scotland


The masses of Twitter fucktards who are using the hashtag ‘Take us with you, Scotland!’ are Judas cunts of the highest order.

Tory government or not, those SNP pigs would never, ever get my vote or support. Any twat form the north of England who has been involved in any tweeted SNP wanking should be put on a ship: it should then be taken into the middle of the Atlantic, and then one our submarines should fucking sink it…

Nominated by : Norman

( errr… aren’t all our submarines based in Scotland? Just askin’ like! )

The SNP [3]

Steve Bell's If … 13.11.2014

The bastard SNP want to make the people of the other three nations believe they represent all Scots. As Fat Alex and Wee Jimmy found out, and as our new Scottish friend Mr FYSST pointed out, they don’t. In a democratic vote, the people of Scotland voted to remain part of the UK. Losing a two horse race by more than 10% is a major defeat.

The vile SNP seem to have a new strategy. Wee Jimmy has sent Fat Alex as her ambassador to London television studios to talk utter bollocks and piss everyone off so much that ordinary people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland vote to boot Scotland out of the Union. And a lot of folks are falling for it.

The racist scum of the SNP are treated with far more respect than the deluded buffoons of UKIP when, in actual fact, Fat Alex and Wee Jimmy spout far more bollocks than Farage and co. These racist twats who think Braveheart was a documentary do not represent the views of ordinary Scottish people.

Nomimated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt