Nicola Sturgeon [14] and the SNP

How many types of a cretinous cunt have you got to be to believe you can have Independence whilst being a member of the EU whilst keeping the currency from the country you’ve just separated from, despite explicit rules that say joining will require adopting the Euro and the B of E saying fuck you.

If and when the sun eventually sets on our once great country, we will look back at the people and groups who sewed the seeds of Britain’s destruction. Many of the offending parties are routinely cunted on this forum and need no introduction. One group, however, takes pride of place in the Champions League of cunts: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the Scottish National Party.

This ‘party’ has the destruction of the Union at its absolute core; indeed the break up of the U.K. is its sole reason for existence. Until a decade ago, it was viewed by sensible Scots and all Englishmen as a party of harmless fruitcakes; part of a bizarre jock landscape that included Nessie, shortbread tins, haggis roaming the glens and See-You-Jimmy hats. What we now have however is an influential group of completely twisted cunts who have convinced around 40% of Scots that their country could thrive if only it shook off the yokes and chains of English control.

These cunts, led by the repulsive fat cunt and Putin-bitch, Salmond, almost destroyed the U.K. in 2014, using their fucking ridiculous ‘White Paper’ as a proposed model of the future. This included little nuggets like North Sea Oil selling at $120 a barrel, when just two months after the vote, it was achieving just $35. A few years on, with the poisoned dwarf Sturgeon in command, the ‘White Paper’ mysteriously has been airbrushed from history, to be replaced by the SNP-funded Growth Commission report: a document written by economically-illiterate cunts FOR economically-illiterate cunts.

Sturgeon agitates for a new independence referendum (that she doesn’t actually want and that her cuntfest of a party will never win) safe in the knowledge that Westminster won’t grant it. She gets to save face and still blame the nasty Toareez for holding Scotland back. She wants to rip Scotland from one Union (that has provided stability over three centuries) and immediately join the EU, where Scotland would be like a pimple on the arse of Europe. What a hypocritical little shite; and what a bunch of unreconstructed cunts. That her fucking husband, Peter Murrell, is also the Chief Executive of the SNP says everything you need to know about the politburo-style management of this bunch of shitpots.

This fuckfest continues unabated and, all the while, Scotland’s economy, police force, education and health service fall apart at the seams.

On the positive side, the wider ‘Yes Movement’ (a gruesome collection of radicals, street-activists, agitators, feminists, anarchists, republicans, Catalan lovers, Trotskyists, tree-hungers, and Braveheart wannabees) is now splintering and turning on the ‘establishment’ SNP. Sturgeon will soon become a figure of hate to the hardline rockets; she will become their Quisling-in-Chief. Watching her discomfort will be one of the few pleasures remaining to the rest of us.

The SNP are a bunch of complete cunts. If Scots vote them in again in 2021, then they deserve all they get.

Cunts, the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

I’m a Scot who , like the majority , know what a cunt Sturgeon has made of things in her last 10 fucking years. All I’d add to your argument is , ( apart from the simple as fuck point of independence cant be achieved by leaving one union and joining a bigger one) , is of economics…. Trade with rest of UK some £42BILLION…trade with EU £12BILLION, so free trade with EU but tarriffs on ROUK ? eh aye , all right then Krankie. The Euro comes with that as well hen.

Some may say , well why did you vote leave in EU ref, if its all economics, but my answer is this, I don’t want to see the sun set on Britain/UK , I want us 4 to thrive together in an open looking , self governing country of shared values and achievements

Heard Farage say on the radio last week ” should we tell the Scots to get lost ” after they vetoed the EU withdrawal bill , I hope the English/Welsh don’t feel that way overall, because thats the real loss if we fell apart now when we’ve faced the fucking Luftwaffe and seen them cunts off

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

Joanna Cherry

Need to cunt SNP cunt Joanna Cherry. She actually had the brass neck (and with no hint of irony) to say during the Brexit Bill debate that “this bill has been railroaded through this house with scant regard for democratic process”
For fucks sake what was the process on 23 June 2016 ? The biggest democratic process the country has ever seen but apparently not democratic enough for this cunt.
Oh, I forgot, it only counts if they get the answer they want.
Absolute cunt.

Nominated by Johnson

The Parliamentary SNP


I think the Parliamentary SNP have to be cunted, just for their miserable attitude and complete inability to put politics to one side for just a few minutes. I think we can all agree that Cameron is a monumental cunt. But yesterday was his last day as Prime Minister, and that meant he would no longer be in a position to fuck things up for those of us who were NOT born into wealth and privilege. It was a day to be happy, and to wish him well for the future. Even if we didn’t really mean it. It’s just polite, and done partly out of respect for the office of Prime Minister.

Even Corbyn managed to surprise me, by showing that he really does have a sense of humour. I almost liked him. The SNP however were a different story. Rather than platitudes, that miserable cunt Angus Robertson, face like a bulldog licking shit off a nettle smeared in Marmite, chose to put a downer on the occasion. “The Prime Minister’s legacy”, McMisery announced, “will be destroying the Union with Brexit”. It wasn’t those EXACT words. He was such a dour cunt, I wasn’t listening properly.

Even as Cameron made his way out of the commons, with ALL other MP’s, including Watson and Corbyn, clapping, those wretched Scottish cock lickers couldn’t summon the manners to join in. They were a fucking disgrace. Even Skinner managed to grit his teeth and join in the applause. And Skinner is the ULTIMATE graceless cunt!

Now I know that not all Scots are nasty, ill-mannered, braindead, charmless, inbred, fuckwit, Sturgeon clit kissers. Some are even nice people. But their representatives in Westminster most certainly are ill mannered, braindead, etcetera, etcetera. Thirty minutes. That’s the length of time they had to be polite. Thirty minutes to pretend they didn’t despise Cameron. Thirty minutes out of their whole lives. But they couldn’t even manage that. Which just shows that they even suck at being politicians.

If the Scots ever vote to break up the British Union, they will deserve everything that happens to Scotland. Because the McFannyfarts who soiled the Commons with their presence yesterday, are the McFannyfarts who will be running Scotland. And they will NOT do a good job. The SNP are nasty, small minded, ignorant, England hating shit eaters. They’re not politicians. They barely even qualify as human.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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The SNP [3]

Newly elected SNP MPs at Houses of Parliament, Westminster

The SNP are fucking hypocrites. They insist on having a say in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, but if the UK parliament insisted on having a say on matters that were solely Scottish, they’d be screaming blue murder. I reckon they’re causing trouble on this issue because they’re hoping that if they fuck up an important English/Welsh issue, then the English and Welsh will start to call for Scotland to be kicked out of the Union.

Last Scottish referendum should have been open to all the nations in the Union. Then the SNP would have had their ‘independence’. Even though they wanted to put themselves under the boot of the scum in Brussels. The thing is though, Scots Nats are so thick, they wouldn’t have had a clue how to run their cuntry. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Twatman and Robin’

osborne fox

Bugger me, now we start to see the true cut orf the jib orf the first outright Tory majority government for twenty three years. True blue at last? All I see is a red mist rising. Democracy? Under Cameron and Osborne we have a job share dictatorship. There is no cabinet government, just a secret stitch-up by two silver spoon lower ranks cunts. Duncan Smith’s frenzied self abuse during the announcement orf the Minimum Wage by Osborne was evidently a genuine reaction because it was news to him and the rest orf the Government tossers. Shot Labour’s prize fox with that move no doubt but I have absolutely no intention orf paying the inbred deviants that toil upon my a land a ha’penny more. Would destroy at a stroke a delicate rural economy that has relied for generations upon dependency and exploitation.

Inland Revenue given the strongest powers in the Western World to go and directly plunder the bank accounts orf honest hard working punters whom they allege owe a spot orf back tax. Despite massive trails that they would scupper this, the cunts have unleashed the overpaid blood suckers orf the bastard BBC. Any poor old bugger omitting to pay the draconian licence fee for the 24 hour unmitigated shite that passes for alleged programming these days will be committing a criminal offence and clapped up in the chokey at a time when prison suicides and assaults have reached an all time high due to tight arse Osborne’s cutbacks. Must declare me interest here, have never paid this despicable tax upon the culture orf the nation and at my age this has been legal for a good few years.

Once again the shite arsed SNP have proved to be first rate cunts representing a third rate race and shot me fucking fox. Cameron had been forced by his rural constituency to introduce a dodge whereby hunting returns to the countryside (not that it ever really left you bleeding heart liberal cunts) only for the Quisling cunt to lose his bottle in double quick time and withdraw the bill amendment in the face orf the SNP threatening to vote against the proposition which applied to England only. “English Votes for English Laws!” There’s more prospect of yours truly shagging Prince Charlie’s missus that that ever happening.

For the avoidance orf doubt let me state that your humble servant does not ride to hounds. Me old arse is now grown too heavy in the saddle and what with me haemorrhoids….takes a younger man.
Make no qualms about the sport. Spot orf bloodlust and savagery has been an Englishman’s birth right for many generations. Pleasure to watch a pair orf well trained hounds in action. Once the terrier men have flushed oit old Reynard, lead hound will nip in and grab his nose while number two takes a good old grip orf his bollocks. Then they do their best to pull foxy apart while some orf the older dogs come in and rip oit his guts. Don’t ‘alf steam on a cold and frosty morning. Blood spattered all over and old Reynard still making a game orf it. Old Reynard does himself no favours screaming away, only gets the dogs blood up. In come the terrier men and despatch him with a few whacks orf their shovels while the dogs finish pulling him apart. Then I like to get in and cut oit his liver before any other bugger gets to it.

Foxes liver? Highly prized in our circles. Dried and powdered down makes a profoundly effective laxative. Many is the cunt that has wandered in to our parts and been offered an extra topping orn his pizza in the pub. Half the village will look on waiting for the outsider cunt to erupt in a monstrous Vesuvius orf shite. Who would deny us our simple country pleasures?

Also you bleeding heart liberal cunts fail to appreciate the social function orf the occasion. The terrier men would be doing life in Strangeways if it were not for the distraction and gainful employ afforded by the hunt.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke