Nicola Sturgeon [28]

On International Wimminz Day (8th March for some random reason I don’t know about) Wee Jimmy apologises for the 4000 people ( mostly wimminz) in Jockland who were accused of witchcraft in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Fuck me sideways with a bunch of fucking carrots!! Is this fucking bitch fucking serious? This can’t be real. Tell me I am dreaming this shit. We’re on the edge of WW3 and this moron is crying about cunts who have been dead for fucking centuries! Somebody wake me up from this fucking nightmare for fucks sake!

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

Nicola Sturgeon [14] and the SNP

How many types of a cretinous cunt have you got to be to believe you can have Independence whilst being a member of the EU whilst keeping the currency from the country you’ve just separated from, despite explicit rules that say joining will require adopting the Euro and the B of E saying fuck you.

If and when the sun eventually sets on our once great country, we will look back at the people and groups who sewed the seeds of Britain’s destruction. Many of the offending parties are routinely cunted on this forum and need no introduction. One group, however, takes pride of place in the Champions League of cunts: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the Scottish National Party.

This ‘party’ has the destruction of the Union at its absolute core; indeed the break up of the U.K. is its sole reason for existence. Until a decade ago, it was viewed by sensible Scots and all Englishmen as a party of harmless fruitcakes; part of a bizarre jock landscape that included Nessie, shortbread tins, haggis roaming the glens and See-You-Jimmy hats. What we now have however is an influential group of completely twisted cunts who have convinced around 40% of Scots that their country could thrive if only it shook off the yokes and chains of English control.

These cunts, led by the repulsive fat cunt and Putin-bitch, Salmond, almost destroyed the U.K. in 2014, using their fucking ridiculous ‘White Paper’ as a proposed model of the future. This included little nuggets like North Sea Oil selling at $120 a barrel, when just two months after the vote, it was achieving just $35. A few years on, with the poisoned dwarf Sturgeon in command, the ‘White Paper’ mysteriously has been airbrushed from history, to be replaced by the SNP-funded Growth Commission report: a document written by economically-illiterate cunts FOR economically-illiterate cunts.

Sturgeon agitates for a new independence referendum (that she doesn’t actually want and that her cuntfest of a party will never win) safe in the knowledge that Westminster won’t grant it. She gets to save face and still blame the nasty Toareez for holding Scotland back. She wants to rip Scotland from one Union (that has provided stability over three centuries) and immediately join the EU, where Scotland would be like a pimple on the arse of Europe. What a hypocritical little shite; and what a bunch of unreconstructed cunts. That her fucking husband, Peter Murrell, is also the Chief Executive of the SNP says everything you need to know about the politburo-style management of this bunch of shitpots.

This fuckfest continues unabated and, all the while, Scotland’s economy, police force, education and health service fall apart at the seams.

On the positive side, the wider ‘Yes Movement’ (a gruesome collection of radicals, street-activists, agitators, feminists, anarchists, republicans, Catalan lovers, Trotskyists, tree-hungers, and Braveheart wannabees) is now splintering and turning on the ‘establishment’ SNP. Sturgeon will soon become a figure of hate to the hardline rockets; she will become their Quisling-in-Chief. Watching her discomfort will be one of the few pleasures remaining to the rest of us.

The SNP are a bunch of complete cunts. If Scots vote them in again in 2021, then they deserve all they get.

Cunts, the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

I’m a Scot who , like the majority , know what a cunt Sturgeon has made of things in her last 10 fucking years. All I’d add to your argument is , ( apart from the simple as fuck point of independence cant be achieved by leaving one union and joining a bigger one) , is of economics…. Trade with rest of UK some £42BILLION…trade with EU £12BILLION, so free trade with EU but tarriffs on ROUK ? eh aye , all right then Krankie. The Euro comes with that as well hen.

Some may say , well why did you vote leave in EU ref, if its all economics, but my answer is this, I don’t want to see the sun set on Britain/UK , I want us 4 to thrive together in an open looking , self governing country of shared values and achievements

Heard Farage say on the radio last week ” should we tell the Scots to get lost ” after they vetoed the EU withdrawal bill , I hope the English/Welsh don’t feel that way overall, because thats the real loss if we fell apart now when we’ve faced the fucking Luftwaffe and seen them cunts off

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

Nicola Sturgeon (13)

Nicola Sturgeon – again!

The SNP government has ruled the union jack should no longer be raised for the Queen’s birthday at dozens of public buildings.

It had been hoisted at key official and heritage sites 15 days a year to mark royal birthdays and anniversaries. But a proposed rule change will allow it to be used only once a year, on Remembrance Day.

The rainbow flag – the symbol of the gay community – will be flown for four days a year. FFS! It’s not going to make gays vote for you and it’s going to piss off your core Glaswegian beers swilling hard boy supporters – so serves you right.

Officials wanting to hoist the Union banner were warned they would need Sturgeon’s permission.

The decision, which she has ratified, was last night branded ‘churlish and stupid’.

…which just about sums up our favourite haggis munching cunt

Nominated by Dioclese.

Nicola Sturgeon (12)

Emergency cunting for Nicola Sturgeon.

It seems the net is closing as the world is becoming aware of the child trafficking, rape and prostitution going on in her constituent area of Govanhill in Glasgow right under her nose for god knows how long…

Derelict in her duty and should be out of office immediately.
She preaches the child protection and child poverty issues being her top priority.

Every word from her skinny lips is a potential and likely lie.

Nominated by Basement Bob.

Nicola Sturgeon (11)

Another candidate among the runners and riders for COTY 2017.

I would like go nominate Nicola Sturgeon for a cunting.

She’s a cunt
She’s a vindictive cunt
She’s a fuckwit cunt
She’s an ugly cunt
She’s a Braveheart believing cunt
She’s a poisonous cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a stupid cunt
She’s an ignorant cunt
She’s an English hating cunt
She’s a cunt
She’s a cunt
And she’s a cunt.

And every other cunt that voted for a second referendum is a cunt.

Hang them all.

Nominated by birdman.

That venomous circus act cunt, Wee Burney Sturgeon should be tarred and feathered… The toxic ape-like dwarf is now saying that Madame May’s rejection of a second Scottish Referendum is ‘undemocratic (told you Tess was gunning for Wee Krankie breath!)’…

And the wee witch refusing to accept the democratic results of the 2014 independence referendum and also Brexit isn’t undemocratic in any way?…

Fucking hypocritical shaved monkey, gloryseeking, vindictive, utterly evil corrosive dwarf cunt cunt cunt!

Nominated by Norman.