Apsana Begum and the Housing Problem

Apsana Begum ( no relation to the fragrant Shamima) is a bit of a cunt.

Daily Express

She has a record for attacking the current Conservative Party, stating that they have “no solutions to the housing crisis”

Strangely enough, I can find nothing that indicates her solution. However, she does live in a council owned, 1 bedroom flat in Tower Hamlets, an area where 23k people are on the waiting list.

This despite her earning an MPs salary plus London weighting allowance.
This by itself takes her income over £90k pa. She also can claim back expenses.

It may interest you to know that the average income amongst those waiting for social housing is £30k, and the upper income limit, per household, for social housing is £90k, which Ms. Begum is already exceeding.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

51 thoughts on “Apsana Begum and the Housing Problem

  1. There is a very simple answer to the housing crisis.. but Asperger Belgium won’t like it..

    It involves all her freeloading ilk and deportation..
    Think how much cleaner the air would be..

  2. “No solutions to the housing crisis”?
    The cabinet of ISAC has a solution.
    March every sponging illegal darkıe onto Hercules/A400M at gunpoint, fly them back over whatever 3rd world shithole they originated from and force them all out at 5000 ft with a self-opening parachute and some rations.
    England could be cleared out within a year.
    Problem solved.

    • The costs for fumigating the vacated properties would be eye watering Thomas.
      Be worth every penny though.

    • Easy enough to round them up. The next time there is a pro-Palestinian March in London stick some container lorries in Piccadilly Circus and kettle them into them, lock the doors and then take them to the nearest airport. We can then fuck them off to that land of free and fair elections, Pakistan.

  3. I suppose she will want that “waiting list” reviewed to give priority to “deserving cases”, such as newly arrived migrants!

    But then again why should migrants have to rough it in council homes and pay rent etc. when they can continue to live-it-up in our hotels for years on end!

    Now there’s a thought! Why not move all those people on the waiting list into the really posh hotels in London? You know, the 4 and 5 star jobs the rich, the celebs and the middle class hand-wringing crowd visit to unwind after a hard day’s virtue signalling!

    Let’s try some inclusion in those places and see how the rich cunts react to a family of 12 in the adjacent hotel room to theirs!

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Grenfell tower still standing?

    I understand it was only some 100 odd units but hey…it’s a start.

  5. Newham Council, very close by.
    35 year’s ago…….

    My mother in law’s marriage broke up and she found herself asking for accommodation.

    She was offered a high rise flat.

    She asked if there was any houses available and was told by the páki woman housing officer that they keep the houses ‘for their own’.

    My mother in law was black.
    Windrush generation.

      • Perhaps you should identify as a black, disabled, transwoman refugee fleeing from war-torn Dover coast.

    • Good Morning AC, It would be around then that the BNP or NF , I forget which, were elected to Newham council to a national outcry. I worked on my own and was invited to lunch on Fridays by a customer with about half a dozen machinist ladies in Barking. I walked in the day afterwards and asked the girls who had been naughty and voted National Front? They replied we all did, we all have families who are looking for council housing and been on the list for years. The only houses the council are building have 5 bedrooms, specifically for the sub-continent incomers. All decent people just fed up to the back teeth with being treated like foreigners in their own country.

  6. This cunt sums up in one smelly, dumpy package all that is wrong with the Labour Party – self-absorbed, entitled , dishonest, smug, condescending, hypocritical halfwits, a party that pits mudslimes before it’s own people, and females before men. Also, of course she is an ardent Jew hater and pro Palestine areslicker.

  7. Mass immigration has fucked every aspect of our country..

    You name it it’s been fucked:


    The health”care” system

    Welfare benefits


    Near 4 decades of disgusting savages being waved in by lying unaccountable Cunts.

    Housing crisis?

    Full Oven.

    • Morning UT, where I work is literally in the middle of nowhere in Oxfordshire and if I pop to the local village shop, you even see darkıes in this little village.
      It’s disgraceful, the way they’ve been spread out on purpose by the authorities.
      Hopefully, they’re not made to feel welcome in the slightest.
      Troublingly though, some of the villagers are displying ‘Liberal Democrat’ placards outside their cottages! 🤮

      • Morning Thomas.

        The social engineering by local and national politicians to dump immo rubbish all over the country is yet another disgrace.

        Oh and the Liberal Democrats should be shot.


    • Oh and that doesn’t include the immense amount of crime we’ve allowed in plus the vast sums we spend preventing Muslim terrorism every year.


  8. 745 000 net migration last year alone. Nope, i can’t think of a solution to the housing crisis. A real head scratcher that one.

  9. I visited the east coast earlier this month. The towns are fucking overflowing with fat Romanian wasters, and sundry criminal filth. They hang around in clumps of eight or more outside the shops intimidating the old ladies – who seem just about the only people who have not got the fuck out already. The solution to the housing crisis would be to chuck the lot in the north sea. This in a constituency represented by that smug Tory cunt Brandon Lewis ffs. And they think people will vote for them again this year. The Tories are traitorous cunts plain and simple.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • Living in the ancient Kingdom of Anglia, I can attest to this. Where they haven’t already infiltrated, vast swathes of prime agricultural land are being bulldozed to build housing estates on the outskirts of market towns. There isn’t a housing crisis, there’s a population crisis. And given that younger English generations are having fewer babies, it ain’t the native population that is the cause, it’s the invaders. I could weep at seeing our ancestral land being concreted over to accommodate this mostly illegal, alien, barbaric, belligerent species.

  10. Roll on WWlll…..bet the Austrian corporal wishes he was around today and looking over the channel I’m sure he wouldn’t have hesitated over frogmarching across looking at the dross that occupies the Islands today…..mein gott vot has happened vinston…🇵🇰 ⤴️ 🇬🇧 ⤵️

  11. Plenty of rooms at Buck House and Sandringham, I believe.

    And why doesn’t that cunt, Justin Welby dip into the £10bn the CoE has stashed away in various investments, donations and assets!

  12. Never see muzzies females gobbing off in muzzies countries…

    Perhaps she should be condemning muzzies male paedophile rapist’s who drug/rape/assault white children….!

  13. Point of order.
    The statement that this parasite is no relation to Shamima Begum is a very bold one.
    Considering her ilk are well known for fucking their cousins (or closer relatives when they aren’t fucking 12 year old white girls) there is every chance they are related.
    Judging by the sense of entitlement and total lack of awareness in both, I’d say it’s an odds on certainty.

  14. Another one of New Labours Elite who thinks the housing rules don’t apply to to them If she’s earning 90k plus buy your own place what a fucking Hypocrite
    Also ask Rochdale’s Labour Candidate about his comments on Hamas attacks on Israel and the bit about Israel Intelligence Service allowing Hamas to attack Israel so they could attack Gaza.Same old rubbish from Labour Friends of Palestine 👎👎

    • Well done George, for spotting the towering hypocrisy.

      Also, she got into a bit of trouble in 2021, when she was accused of using her position as a council housing officer to help people queue jump, what a fucking surprised, then, that’s she’s housed in a council flat.

      What a happy coincidence. Also there was some talk about her pushing through fraudulent claims. Insufficient evidence, but shit stick, and stinks.

      How the fuck is this an MP?

      • Agree totally mate an absolute insult calling this thing an MP 👎👎
        The old adage of you can kid some people some of the time but not all of the time Labour think we are complete fools Queue jumping you say now there’s a surprise these parasites need deporting the lot of them 👍👍

  15. This is what happens when you allow your country to be a third world shithole.

    Hows the accommodation in the home shithole you cunt?

  16. I’m flabbergasted that someone on £90k a year qualifies for a council flat.

    If the UK wasn’t infested with stinky cloth-head upstarts then the ‘housing crisis’ would no longer be a crisis.

    I bet her flat stinks of stale curry farts.

  17. Housing benefit payments have increased by118% over the last 10 years in tower hamlets . I wonder if the local mp has a answer to what has caused this rapid rise and what she is going to do about it

  18. She is a member of the ‘They are all fiddling cunts’ brigade, more commonly known as Muslims.

    Just another cunt with a stupid scarf on her head.

  19. I am seriously thinking about requesting to join the Westboro Baptist Church as bizarrely they are emerging as a beacon of sanity

  20. A towel-wearing labour MP and friend of Mo who is a hypocrite?

    Just call labour the Immigration Party as most of their MPs appear to be of foreign heritage. Rather than supporting the working classes, they seem intent on fucking them over as eagerly as the Tory scum. They’ve practically eradicated the working class and are now destroying the middle class through taxation and inflation.

    Soon the LibLabCons will have created the Neo-fuedal paradise for their corporate sponsors, with every cunt not in the clerical political media professions inside the M25 living in a state or bank-owned habitation module alongside a hotel full of dinghy pilots, feeding on Huel paste and limited to electric/pedal powered transport and 3 kilowatt/hours electricity per module per day, force fed soma and feelies (already fucking happening through anti-depressants, opioids and drivel on TV).

  21. The Tories and Labour are in for a shock next election. They’re so arrogant and out of touch with how totally and utterly fucked off the normal white working class citizen is. Treated with disdain and contempt, more concerned with riff raff, dregs and rubbish landing on our beaches. The Reform Party will surprise them, I can’t fucking wait.

    • Nor can I, I just hope they can put enough candidates up, let’s give the Complaint Parties are right shock!

      I can hardly wait for my four yearly visit, from my Labour MP, with her pencil already ticking her ‘vote for me’ box, when I say, no I won’t be voting Labour. Here’s a pencil erasure, I think you may need it!

  22. The infestation of Dickie Dakis in Britain is worse than a dose of Colarado Beetle.

    They don’t just infest our hospitals with their fucking noise and their smells, these vermin are everywhere. I put with three of them with their loud phones, loud farting, loud chattering and Bollywood crap only yesterday in the renal unit (and all but one of the staff ‘don’t like to’ tell them to shut up). And the day before that, I saw three security blokes attempting to deal with a dirty curry cunt who was robbing from a charity shop, A charity shop, for fuck’s sake. The Daki did the classic ‘No talky English’ bullshit. But when the security lads persisted, the cunt became aggressive and loud. Needless to say, the soft twats then let him go. But he did nick the stuff. They love it here, because they get away with anything and they know it. They are like living pieces of shit You import Third World, you fucking get Third World….

  23. 2 reasons for the council housing shortage.
    1. Immigration
    2. Rules to get one but no rules for when you lose it. No fucker should be still living in a council house when they hit UK average income.

  24. Is this Nog even worth looking up ?
    Perhaps, if they’re swinging from a lamppost.
    Lazy racism alert, I can’t be arsed with these shitstain hypocrites , oh well.

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