Craig Callaway and the Art of Voter Fraud

In a previous nomination we here at the Cuntster Institute for Advanced Cuntological Studies, introduced you to the term Bridgeporting.

For a quick refresher, Bridgeport is the name of a Connecticut City where voter fraud is so rampant that the practice of stuffing the ballot box has become synonymous with the name of that city.

Of course as the MSM is quick to point out, voter fraud of that magnitude is extremely rate.

Allow me to introduce you to the recently indicted Craig Calloway. Like the Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, Callaway is a Democrat who has been elected to Municipal Office. Like Joe, Craig is a convicted felon. Like Joe, Craig is involved in an absentee/mail-in ballot stuffing scandal. Like Joe he has been doing this for years. And like Joe his activities (and those of his underlings) are well known to the authorities.

In fact, so well known are Craig’s activities that the first paragraph of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s story about his indictment says:

“Craig Callaway, an Atlantic City political operative whose efforts at voter wrangling have bedevilled opponents for decades and also been credited with the election of multiple public officials…”

That’s right. He’s been stealing elections for DECADES!

Of course the MSM is quick to point out that even though he was a Democrat elected as City Council President of Atlantic City, New Jersey, he as committed fraud on behalf of both Democrats and Republicans.

As proof, they offer up the name Jeff Van Drew a Republican Congressman from New Jersey who allegedly retained Callaway’s services (and whose office denies any knowledge of voter fraud).


But what they neglect to tell you is that Van Drew was elected as a Democrat and switched parties after some local Democrat intra-party fighting threatened his seat and support. So technically, (and probably legally they are correct. But the omission is misleading.

At any rate there you have it. Another clear cut, prima facia case of Democratic voter fraud, which we all know doesn’t happen.

So the next time some dumb cunt tells you there is no such thing as voter fraud in America, tell them; yes there is voter fraud…it’s been going on for decades…and the powers that be are well aware of it.

Then cite these 2 cases…Bridgeport Connecticut and Atlantic City New Jersey.

And believe me, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Inquirer

Nominated by: General Cuntster

34 thoughts on “Craig Callaway and the Art of Voter Fraud

  1. Old cab has put on some timber..

    Looks like ballot boxes aren’t the only thing he is stuffing..

    Hi-de hi-de hi-de-hi ” where is my slice of pie”
    Hey-de hey-de hey-de hey “gonna stuff my face all day”

  2. Demoncrats cling onto the antiquated notion that their ‘party’, like the UK’s Labour still represent family values and the small guy.
    Of course Bidens vote was rigged, it’s the biggest open secret there is.
    How does the saying go ? You get what you deserve, or in a better case scenario:

  3. The Russian Presidential Election is being held from 15th to 17th March this year.
    The result will be announced on 14th March.

  4. The States loves very lengthy prison sentences..

    Give these dirty Cunts 500 years each..

    Might give their type pause for thought..quick before they are nominated to run on Kamalas Golden Ticket to the White House..

    Because Donald cannot be allowed to win,its just too upsetting..and just too “populist”.

    Democracy is Fucked.

    Thank you General.

  5. The Democrats try to paint themselves as whiter than white (can I still say that?). But we all know they’re probably just as unscrupulous, duplicitous and outright lying cunts as the GOP.

    Vote rigging and ballot box stuffing is not a new phenomenon obviously, but it all depends on who you can trust to keep a lid on things. Get the press onside, and you’re almost home!

    I recall a big deal about “hanging chads” (incompletely punched paper ballots), during the Bush Vs Gore campaign back in the early 2000s. And the big hoo-ha that caused relating to possible vote rigging, or deliberate miscounting.(my understanding of American voting/counting is a little vague to be honest)

    But my interest in American politics kicked off in the late 70s and the film “All The President’s Men” with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, two Washington Post reports peeling the lid of the Watergate scandal in the early 70s. Before then I always thought the American voting system was water tight and open democracy reigned supreme in the States. But clearly I was mistaken, big time.

    And as Theodore Roosevelt (and later on, Charles Colson) is quoted as saying “When you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

    Such is the murky world of American politics and the entire voting system!

    • As someone who has no love for the Republicans (and another Establishment, RINO, Uniparty nomination in the pipeline), the Democrats are far worse (or far better depending on your point of view) at Voter fraud that the Republicans who by comparison are rank amateurs.

      Machine politics and voter fraud have been a staple of American politics in big cities for many decades now. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit and Chicago (where Al Capone is alleged to have said; vote early and vote often) have an extensive history of rigging elections.

      And “hanging chads” you mentioned were just a smokescreen thrown up by the Democrats to obscure the fact that they lost. The real issue in the Florida case you mentioned was that there were constant recounts.

      The State was called…that call was reversed…and then called again with that call reversed.

      The Democrats wanted and got constant recounts but Bush kept winning. Finally, the Republicans went to court to stop the recounts and the Florida State Supreme Court…who were ALL Democrats ruled that the Dems could keep counting until they got the result they wanted.


      The US Supreme Court said no. You can recount the votes within the parameters of State law, but outside those parameters and by the election certification deadline the final tally must stand.

      What Nixon did in Watergate, paled in insignificance to what today’s Democrats are up to. And I would caution you about taking the film version of events as the gospel truth.

      The liberal media hated Nixon with a purple passion and was going to get by hook or by crook…not unlike Trump.

      “All the Presidents Men” is liberal Hollywood propaganda justifying that goal. It doesn’t mean Nixon didn’t break the law, It just means the story is a little…shall we say slanted in one direction.

      • So Donald Trump was telling the truth! Well I’m convinced. And there was me thinking he was the biggest lying twat in the western hemisphere. Who’d have thought it?

      • Ooooh … General, that’s your chances fucked!
        You’re never gonna get offered a job at the BBC !!

      • Hey Allan,

        The “biggest lying twat in the western hemisphere” is a distinction long held by Tony Blair.

        Trump was right and so was Dinesh D’Souza.

      • Actually I stand corrected…

        Blair is the biggest lying twat in the Western World NOT the Western Hemisphere.

        That distinction is held by Bill Clinton.

      • Actually Boris Johnson is the biggest lying twat in the Western World.
        A distinction he shares with Donald Trump,
        Who memorably referred to Johnson as “British Trump”, lol.

  6. Shocking. And still the majority aren’t with it, they still believe the msm. They are in their comfort zone. When it gets uncomfortable for them it will be too late

  7. Vote rigging is the more acceptable way of the deep state getting what it wants in the US. I fear for Trump as it becomes clear that his return to The White House will be nailed on come November’s vote. Trigger fingers will get itchy deep down in the swamp. The Department of Defence has most to lose, and has form, allegedly.

    • There is a genuine fear whispered in certain circles that the Deep State will have to kill Trump to stop him.

      They are trying to keep him off the ballot in a few States but the US Supreme Court is going to spank them for their childish and illegal behavior.

      The cases against him are falling apart in Georgia, Washington and Florida. The New York cases will be overturned on appeal.

      As of today…Trump is an easy winner…no matter what the MSM and their bullshit polls tell you.

      Huey Long, George Wallace, Theodore Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, FDR, Bobby Kennedy were all shot or shot at as candidates.

      • Hello, General. The deep state has already overplayed its hand in its attempts to derail The Donald’s re-election campaign, as your summary illustrates. All they seem to have done is enraged decent and fair minded Americans. Combine them with the traditional Trump voters (ie those who still believe in the old values) and it doesn’t take a genius to predict the outcome on 5 November…

        We know the UK General election will result in a win for the left
        whatever the winning party. So I am pinning my hopes on Trump and his peace agenda as are many over on this side of the pond.

  8. A sobering, though not unexpected tale from the States.

    As a long-standing follower of the JFK saga, it’s depressing to study the antics of his father ‘Soapy Joe’ and the Mob in swinging the vote for John F in crucial electoral districts in the 1960 election. That cunt LBJ also had his hands dirty in elections in Texas in the 50s.

    Indeed, do we not get the term ‘gerrymandering’ from goings-on in early 19th century American politics?

    There have probably always been corrupt bastards trying to fiddle elections in the USA in one form or another. I’m no expert at all, but I think that assumption is as sound as a pound.

    Evening all.

  9. Voting, on the day, in person, with proof of who the fuck you are!

    What’s the point of a ‘democracy’ when voter fraud can decide an election, may as well have Putin, one man all the votes 😂

    Our next GE, the white vote, the Muslim vote and the black vote, the second and third will have a disproportionate number of postal votes init.

  10. I recall way back in 1992 the arrival of Ross Perot – an independent running in the 1992 US election. I believe he was a multi-billionaire and wanted to change the face of American politics from the usual two juggernauts. Regrettably he did’t get very far and soon dropped out of the 1992 race.

    I think he then tried his hand again 4 years late as a 3rd Party Candidate. But again he got beat big time. He felt both Repubs and Dems teamed up to oust him in some dirty war, but it was never proved.

    Must be so difficult for a Third Party to even get a foot in the door with American politics, although I guess having the media and a shitload of money can help I guess.

    Just like over here we have the same old two-party cunts say the same old two-party shite. And yes we do have a third party in the LibDumbs but they’re the kind of party that you run over in your car and find your tyre is covered in evil smelling shit that you just can’t scrape off – That’s the LibDumbs!

    • All true Techno, At least the Lib dems didn’t want to ban beards like he did.

    • The SNP are currently the third party in UK Westminster politics.
      The LibDumbs trail a poor fourth.
      Soon to be overtaken by Reform at the coming general election.
      Good evening.

      • Indeed, and that’s another cunting in itself!

        The SNP’s influence in Westminster politics that affects the entire UK, while also having influence back up in Edinburgh’s Scottish Parliament Building for Scottish matters.

        The LibDembs on the other hand have this annoying ability to create a coalition with parties that have no overall control due to insufficient seats. They’re like leeches sucking on the life blood of British politics and have total fucking morons as leaders!

      • The good news is the SNP will be decimated at the upcoming GE.
        The bad news is that the only party to benefit (to the tune of 50 odd seats) will be Labour.

  11. American voter fraud will soon be a thing of the past. The Donald will put an immediate end to such shenanigans in November because he’ll win so bigly he’ll be able to declare the United States a Monarchy on Day One. No more elections, fraudulent or otherwise. Big Don will wipe the floor with whatever is left of dementia Joe. Even the Islamists have withdrawn their support for Biden now, thanks to Benny’s peccadilloes in Gaza. It’ll be even more spectacular if Kennedy runs on the Libertarian ticket, thereby splitting the communist vote. The only way the Demoncrats stand half a chance now is if they persuade Biden to stand down. Quietly kill him if necessary, how hard can it be? Then put up a halfway credible candidate – isn’t there even one left leaning Reality Show type creep who the American public would vote for in their droves? Let’s hope not, for all our sakes.

    • How does a libertarian candidate split communists?

      They’re opposites in economic terms.

  12. The cunts cannot take sleepy Joe to court for holding secrets since he is old with a bad memory. Yet he is fit to lead the leader of the free world into destruction

  13. An interesting table here which monitors corruption ratings world wide. How why and when the assessments took place is very open to question. However Old Blighty does not do too well with France (For FS) just above us and Barbados just below. I cannot imagine that the Covid Scandals have done our recent ratings much good.

  14. The UK has its very own State synonymous with voter fraud. The established Islamic State is in full flow in its preparation for its take over.. Yay! The Joys of enrichment.

  15. I recall Marion Barry, mayor of Washington DC for around 3 or 4 terms back in the 80s and 90s I think.

    He was hugely controversial, not least for his womanising, accusations of corruption, vote rigging, political misdemeanours, malfeasance and hypocrisies. And most famously of all, being video taped in an FBI sting for using crack cocaine, for which he was jailed for 6 months back in 1991/2.

    He was praised as a great mayor during his reign. He even had an avenue named after him in 2023 in honour of his “work” helping black people out of poverty (and this despite his known hedonism, drug taking, boozing and acting like a complete twat in his private life).

    Just goes to show: you can be a complete and utter corrupt, two-faced cunt in politics (especially if you’re black), but you still come through that shit-filled sewer smelling of roses!

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