Dawn Queva and the BBC (110)

This piece of shit BBC employee, allegedly called Jews “Nazis” and white people “parasites” and “mutant invader species”

She is also have allegedly said that the UK is “bigoted and racist” and that white Europeans are “melanin-recessive parasites”

Queva is a scheduling controller for BBC 3, and has previously worked for Disney and UKTV.

Her bigoted comments were allegedly posted on her Facebook page.

The BBC is “investigating”

If any of this is true, then the BBC really should be brough to account, and Queva arrested for hate crimes. Had this person been white you can bet your bottom dollar the MSM would have been turning this into front page news.

It also brings into question the BBCs vetting process for new employees. Moreover, it would seem that Jewish employees at the BBC are decidedly unhappy with some of the news reporting regarding the Gaza/Israel conflict by the corporation, and how the likes of Gary Lineker can indirectly support Palestine while still in the employ of the so-called impartial BBC!

We await the BBC’s findings on Queva, although I suspect the apologists will be crawling out of their cowpats preparing to defend this alleged racist by calling her critics racists!

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And W.C. Boggs has an opinion on Queva 

This charmer is a senior BBC executive (well, as senior as BBC 3 can get), who, I assume has sucked a few dicks to get where she is today. She has a problem with Jews – a very serious problem:

Daily Mail

She continues however to be employed by the BBC. The BBC really are hypocrites. Just a few weeks ago I read that the BBC were not renewing the contract of a white twenty-something male actor, because he had a car crash and was with a young lady who was not his wife (he apparently doesn’t have a wife). I daresay if he had been driving his car with a brown hatter beside him that would have been alright.

The license fee goes up this year to support scum like Queva

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  1. ‘Ms Queva also allegedly described white people as ‘barbaric’ and ‘bloodthirsty’…
    HaHaHa, really!
    What goes on in Londonabad, The Dark Continent and anywhere this sub species live will prove the opposite.

  2. Who’s rattled Dawn’s cage?!
    Talk about a chip on your shoulder.

    All ni9no9s seem to hate the Jews.

    Dunno what that’s about?
    Or care.

    But she certainly needs more fresh fruit in her diet.

    Katanga ya moody cunt.

    • Maybe it’s because Jews have been persecuted for longer and subject to actual attempts at extermination, rather than pretending slavery is genocide.

      • Maybe CP?
        I’ve no idea how the simian mind works.

        History seems to get them very upset and prone to asking for money.

        Although they don’t seem to hold a grudge against the Arab slave traders?

        They moaned about segregation,
        That stopped
        Still couldn’t stop moaning,
        They cried about apartheid
        That stopped
        Still crying.

        No pleasing them.
        Only time they smile is in Kentucky fried chicken

  3. Gorilla vulva, feed her to the crocodiles.
    It would need something with a strong stomach, to chew on that manky cunt.
    I don’t know why anyone pays licence fee any more, but some silly cunts must be still paying it.

    • If this girl sucked dicks to get where she is today, the question is, were any of them circumcised? I think we should be told.

  4. Well, time is short so I won’t mince my words, and simply say “OH, DO FUCKOFF, YOU IRRITATING N*GNOG CUNT”. There, I’ve said it!

  5. High powered Dark Keys always seem to have a problem with white folk and this Country in General
    My advise is if you don’t like Blighty fuck off to the place your ancestors came from sharpish Dawn Butler Mk2 BBC makes me despair employing these people who want to voice their opinions shut the fuck up

  6. She can fuck off to Qatar and work for Al Jizz as their chief correspondent in anti Jewish hatred.

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