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I would like to offer a follow the science cunting for the American Newspaper, USA Today for naming Dr. Rachel Levine as it’s Woman of the Year.

Dr Levine is the Biden Puppetcy’s Assistant Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. Before joining the fraudulent administration the “good” Doctor held the same position in the Commonwealth (state) of Pennsylvania.

Dr Levine is also the Head of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps…a uniformed, quasi military organization tasked with enforcing the governments Health dictatorial health mandates on the public. In accordance with such a powerful position, Dr. Levine has been promoted to the rank of Admiral in the US Navy.

In recognition of these achievements “America’s Newspaper” has named Dr. Levine Woman of the Year. There’s just one problem. She…or rather it…is a man.

Dr. Rachel Levine was born Richard Leland Levine. At some point in it’s life, this degenerate creep decided to identify as a woman and at that point became a hero to the Far Left, Liberal Media and Progressive Elites that are so determined to ruin America and undermine it’s traditional Western values.

In it’s continuing attempt to normalize degeneracy, USA Today not only named it Woman of the Year but also wrote a glowing piece about it and it’s so called achievements.

The link is here:

So there we have it. A biological man is an American Newspaper’s Woman of the year.

The Great Reset is in full swing and USA Today wants you to follow the science right into the degenerate new normal of the Brave New World Order.

Fucking cunts!

Nominated by: General Cuntster

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  1. Jesus H. No matter what it identifies as imagine waking up beside it and it demands that you oblige it. Such things are nightmares made ont.

  2. Fortunately, it’s only one paper that has named it as woman of the year.
    I’m guessing it’s Admiral title is the US equivalent of an OBE.

  3. I’m sure the Navy is full of qwars . A reach around while manning the guns to the death. This twat is not an Admiral. He’s a qwar.

  4. Rank of admiral and never done a single day in the armed forces!! Bidens American is a fucking swamp and this creature is quite possibly the biggest TURD in it …..

  5. I’ve said it before, but why the fuck is it that every gender bender in the west looks like Eddie Hitler off of Bottom, in drag? I’ve not seen one convincing cross breed. Out here, they are so convincing that you don’t even know until you’re playing with their amazing tits and sucking their co………! Erm, so a mate of mine was telling me. I’ve said too much!

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