Skeletor Pelosi (8)

Nancy Pelosi

I cannot get Joe’s exact quote but it was something about soldiers inhaling smoke from ‘burn pits’ or something. The govt going to stop this.

Nancy slowly rises (not unlike some ghostly wraith she rises… like smoke herself). She starts rubbing her knuckles together as though trying to make fire. She licks her lips as she rises. She is happy. Joe gets to the ‘burn pits’ bit and she seems ecstatic, rubbing her fists together, a face of glee.

Then she seems to come to herself and slowly sits back down again.

Kamala looking askance I think. Joe totally unaware. Well, he always looks unaware.

Poor Nancy she’s been a politicians since the year of Job.

Time to take the keys away from grandma this time.

Nominated by Miles Plastic‌

44 thoughts on “Skeletor Pelosi (8)

  1. She can certainly open her mouth wide – no doubt to accomodate Ubama’s dick when she was sucking it – and lets face it, if she can open her legs as wide as she can open her mouth, he probably enjoyed her riding reverse cowgirl.

    • Where would she put her colostomy bag whilst riding reverse cowgirl, though? Sorry – not a pleasant image at this time of the morning.

    • Open her legs?? You seen her try to “walk” in those high heels. Another multi millionaire socialist hag.

    • I’m not sure that O’Bumma would have been interested in Piglosi’s favours……..

  2. Poor Nancy.
    There just isn’t enough time in the day for her to use her position to enrich herself through insider trading of Wall St.

    Truly a thing from the pit.

  3. Barry shoeshine and sleepy Joe.
    We’ve all had bad bosses.

    Nancy likes the war poetry of humble popstar Bono,
    Talking about things shes not researched,
    And pandering to the left.

    American politicians and British ones have a lot in common.

    Get a chippy tea you boney old cow,
    You look like something dug up by Howard Carter.

  4. She really is a cartoon badguy, made real👎

    “Old girl Pelosi!!”

    “Yessss!! And I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those pesky, interfering republicans and their pet president!!!!”


  5. She’s both cunt an arsehole passage ripped ,for shit and piss
    Fuck scuttered the illusion that is America
    Dangerous cunt and ill equipped for the reality that is unfolding
    These type of cunts are so moronic , it could be misinterpreted for a forgettable tv sitcom

  6. They had a dream and it was Camelot but they murdered it
    Couldn’t have a Catholic reaching the people
    It made the country sick and has still not recovered
    The murdering cunts made the Kissinger’s of the world have the upper hand and fuck all has changed since .
    Thugs the whole kit and kaboodle

  7. Love the comments : her rubbing her fists together was like a fly with a sugar cube!

  8. This sack of dog shit and Bercow must be the two most unsuitable and unlikely cunts to be Speaker in history. In fact she makes Honest John seem quite fair and reasonable. If you look at her, Uncle Joe and Harris the Cackling Witch (not to mention the fawning media) you can see why Big Vlad and Charlie Chan think they can take the piss. We live in truly dangerous times.

    • It looks like a grey haired Charlie Chan is doing her up the arse in that photo.

  9. Loves blm and accepts their rioting, but would have the entire state police force deployed to her fucking mansion if they started up outside her gaff.

    She’s a ridiculous cunt and makes America look a fucking laughing stock.

    A nasty, spiteful old fucking bag.

  10. I think it’s quite easy to decipher the undertones of the hand rubbing, she’s mimicking sleepy Joe’s bony cock between her knuckles.

  11. We just need her to call Will Smith’s wife ‘baldy’ now.

    I think Willy Boy proved Chris Rock’s point to be honest (Loves black people but hates n words).

    A bit of low impulse control on display right there lol

    • Surprised he wasn’t tasered and had his neck knelt on BLM stylee…

      After the Oscars, Will Smith’s mum phoned him and said:

      “you’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air”

      • That’s what happens when you let the dark keys join in.

        “Don’t be dissin’ my hoe, brother,” is what the Oscars is now reduced to. They’ll be pulling guns, storming the stage and jumping on heads next year.

    • Understandable though. If my mrs had alopecia i’d probably do something quite similar (although i wouldn’t have laughed like big willy)

      Chris Rock is proving himself to be the thing he hates; a ‘Nigga’.

  12. She’s one of these despicable cunts who will lead the west to third world living and ‘culture’, while she fucks off to some private island to live in luxury.

    We must not allow these fucking cunts to get away with that.

  13. American politicians are all corrupt as fuck. Puts our to shame. I have no idea why Americans put up with it.

    • She’s a career politician. There’s a photo of her at age 22 with JFK, for fuck’s sake, that’s how long she has been in this racket. Mega-rich in her own right, husband mega-rich, family mega-rich, lives in a huge mansion in San Francisco, jets into Washington DC every week to preside over the House of Representatives like an anorexic alcoholic Eva Peron. She’s living proof that America is ran by psychopaths masquerading as “liberal humanitarians” who are hell-bent on destroying true freedom and justice for Americans.

  14. Her beloved BLM dumped a pigs head outside one of her mansions, radio silence from that lemon sucking whore.

  15. Her constituency is San Francisco and those morons will keep voting for this power hungry bitch even when she is a severed head floating in a jar. Her best line ever was, “We have to pass the bill for you to find out what’s in it.”
    A legendary cunt.

    • Yeah, that remark was priceless. America stopped being an open society on 9-11-2001. Patriot Act will never be rescinded, it will be amplified this decade. “Hate speech” laws will shut down open discourse and criticism of government. But there will be a backlash never before seen. The hubris of the elite will be their undoing.

  16. Well I can see Pelosi on the right (not her normal position) but who is the Corpse Bride on the left?

  17. Don’t knock Nancy, she’s a Wall Street Wizard! Never lost a nickel on the stock market. It’s like she has inside info on what to trade on, isn’t it?

  18. One can but hope this Banshee gets a bad batch of baby’s blood or a dodgy liver in her biannual organ replacement from Soros. Say hello to Nic and Elena for me, you dessicated trout.

  19. He’s an obnoxious fruitcake cunt, but Alex Jones is right.
    These people MUST be lizards.

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