Prince Harry Hewitt [13]

Do we actually give a fuck?

Prince Harry Hewitt moaning again, oh Lord, give me peace.

Harry Invictus Games Promo Video Link

Can’t come to England, for his Grandads memorial service because he doesn’t feel safe?

Quite fucking right, I’m sure there’s plenty who would like to have a go, you whining, ungrateful turd!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

Seconded by: Mikdys

IMO it’ll be great if this cunt never comes back to England again ever. It would be even better if MSM reports of him whingeing were blocked from all English internet servers as well. Is this technically possible? How much would it cost? Can we get funds raised on gofundme before they try to misappropriate them? Questions…

64 thoughts on “Prince Harry Hewitt [13]

  1. Mystic Harold predicts that the Prodigal Son shalt return in years to come.
    With bowed head and much hand wringing.

    • There’ll be no bowed head and hand-wringing…it’ll all be presented as the brave,clever People’s Prince having a Demascus moment and seeing off the wicked witch who had so cruelly entrapped Hero Harry.

      • He’s in an existential abyss. He should just go full mentalist and start doing a never-ending livestream on YouTube where he rants about his mother’s murder, just nukes all his bridges, calls out the elite. That would be epic, a huge success. If you can’t create, then destroy. But he has kids. Maybe he should just be a good dad, isn’t that enough in life?

      • You’re probably right Dick.
        It will be presented as something heroic.
        He’ll no doubt have a book published as well.

  2. Absolutely vile ‘Cunt of all Cunts’! Bunker Harry, the hero! Listen you little cuntard, some of us know the disgusting truth about you. If you have the brass neck to show up at Invictus I hope you get pelted with shit and boo’ed out of the place. I feel sorry for HM having a pathetic cunt like you in her family.

  3. I would welcome his presence at the Big Greeks memorial as long as he comes here aboard a Rusty old Dan Air DC10 piloted by a pissed up Ch!nk who’s missus has just bined him for the local Gypo.!

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