Dine ‘n’ Dash

Family of thieving cunts, i know all restaurants are struggling at the moment, its a fucker when people book tables and dont show up, cunts pull a pube out of their kiesh and then demand a freebee or they leave a bad review.

But the worst are when you have a group of utter cunts in [ suspect a group/ family/s that get lots of negative press anyway] order a load of the most expensive food on the menu, drinks and then leave you restaurant looking like the camp they came from.

Metro Link.

What a bunch of inbred knuckle dragging thieving, lying, cheating fuckwit cunts, its a shame these fuckers breed like the rats that they are….

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

24 thoughts on “Dine ‘n’ Dash

  1. I would let the manager refuse service to any who gave him “that feeling”. It’s not worth it to have a those kids in there. You know damn well it’s going to be miserable for everyone.
    “I’m sorry sir but we can’t accommodate your group right now.”
    “But why? I see plenty of room.”
    “I’m sorry. Please accept our apologies.”
    “No. I want to be seated!”
    “Vinny! Roco! Please show these folks to their car.”

  2. My wife had this problem once. And only once . She had the cunts beaten to a pulp. The way to deal with these cunts is to not show fear and never back down( and also have big Alex on call)

  3. On the odd Saturday night, back in the late 70s, I can remember the chef from the local Chinky chasing non payers up the high street with a meat cleaver, after they had excaped via the gents toilet window. Lol!

  4. Was this the Geldolf family out dining again?

    No, it can’t be. Most of them have killed themselves.

    • Not me of course, but some (allegedly) might say that it’s funny how most of the women in the family died in strange circumstances, but he’s still about.

    • So would you if you was related to Saint Rob, any chance he could marry Greta thundercunt?

      • “Der’s not enuff poîkeys in ‘ere, und oi doesn’t loike it, loike oi didn’t loike Mundays. Waiter, bring me sum more dead pigeon und potato poi.

        Oh, und some bog paper. Oi’ve just shat meself.”

  5. Dirty hands and poikie accents should mean a curt ‘You cannot come in, sorry. Leave or we call the police.”

    Once this utter vermin is in, you’re fucked.

  6. I was out last night. I went outside late, drunk to have a smoke. Two young women came out dolled up. The unmistakable redskin. Wispy hair round the ears.THEY struck up a conversation about OLD stuff, music. I have white hair and look old. One said she liked the old stuff and started to sing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline. I joined in.
    🎶Crazy I’m crazy for lovin’ you🎶
    They went back in. I went for my last brandy at the bar and got sight of their men. Fuck me I thought. Intimidating.

    I keep getting flashbacks. What if one if thfm had come out and seen and heard me singing away with his ‘woif’.
    Oh fuck.

    From past experience I do believe Traveller women will provoke a fight. When their bored. To test their men.

  7. Not many cunts would involve their kids in a scam like this. Pikeys wouldn’t think twice about it. Just part of their education.

  8. Let them order their meals and then ask them to pay up front before serving,a bit like most fast food outlets, that’s the simple solution but what’s really required is The Final Solution , for everyone’s sake, the worst pack of cunts you will witness ever.

  9. I’ve never had a meal in a pub where you didn’t have to pay up front so this cunt needs to change his policy. Restaurants are different but I’ve never seen a filthy gyppo in a proper restaurant. Not the sort of place trash like that tend to honour with their custom.

  10. Possibly the entitled Windsor family taking the queen out for a final dine and dash….probably swiped a few sausage rolls on their way out to put away in the fridge for the funeral tea.

  11. It’s Mother’s Day so Airmiles Andy will be taking the old dear to Pizza Hut in Woking tonight. He knows how to treat a lady.

  12. I know of a family who tried this years ago. The problem is one booked the meal and gave her card details several days before.
    They were ordered to settle the bill before the police were called.

    Not traveller folk, just scummy chav cunts from Havant.

  13. Fucking pie keys, nitemare for any business, resteraunt, pubs, garages, farmers, any fucker with land, metal or a catalytic converter is a target for these inbred, pale, freckly, ginger cunts, they have no marals, no scruples and no fucking honesty.
    Adolf wasn’t wrong about everything, these fuckers really are an example of cunts nobody would miss if they disappeared, especially horses and dogs, they say circle cell was a man made desease by the CIA, surely there can be one that only effects tinker DNA…

  14. poîkeys did this in a small restaurant in The Lizard Point in Cornwall over a year ago. These cunts know full well in would take the old bill over an hour to get there by which time they would be long gone. Gas the cunts, Adolf stylie.

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