Fake Public Sympathy

Fake Public Sympathy.

This isn’t a cunting for those raising donations for food and clothing or medical supplies or even offering up a spare room to a family, done in the right spirit they are worthy causes for a humanitarian crisis.

I’m talking about the sort of cunts who have now changed their avatar on their Facetwat page to the Ukrainian flag, the one who now has it flying on a flagpole outside of his house that I saw whilst driving to work – this cunt had an EU one flying for several years too whilst we were fucking up Brexit. A month ago I doubt they knew what it looked like or could even find Ukraine on a map of Europe.

Did they have pin badges, flags and stickers for Syria (still ongoing) Afghanistan or Iraq? Like the cultish doorstep clapping for the NHS, this is less about showing solidarity and support and more about BEING SEEN to show it, a sort of narcissistic one-upmanship.

As fake as a Jussie Smollett hate crime.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

48 thoughts on “Fake Public Sympathy

  1. It breaks my heart it really does.

    I donated 10p and no one was there to photograph it.

    • You have to leak your intention to donate early so the press can cover your anonymous generosity. That or film yourself crying as you press send on soviet media.

      I offered to donate Katie Price, she’d drink the vodka dry and the cunts might not be so bolshy.

  2. What irks me is the cunts only know what the BBC etc puts in their heads. No understanding of geopolitics, no understanding of recent history.

    This war could have been stopped but it was convenient to have another massive crises once Covid lost it’s fear factor.

    What we are facing with a degree of certainty:

    Food shortages and spiralling food prices.

    Ditto energy.

    A banking crisis.

    It’s not going to be pretty or comfortable.

    The dollar may not be the global reserve currency for much longer. If that happens all western currencies devalue sharply. That’s going to be very painful.

    The US government are already looking into making the dollar into a digital currency. Like bitcoin but not at all like bitcoin. Bitcoin is pretty much untraceable but the digital currency governments are brewing is infinitely traceable down to the last fraction of a penny.

    The central bank will be able to control what you spend and where and on what you spend it on. If you do something they don’t like such as comment on ISAC they will be able to turn your access to money off at a whim. Add that to their desire to control how much energy you can use with quotas and it is a dystopian future. This isn’t 50 years away this is now.

    Back to the cunts who are suddenly Ukrainians at heart, they are cheerleading for the apocalypse with not a fucking clue they are being used to hasten the great reset.

    Geopolitics is the dirtiest game ever played and joe public will never know what Machiavellian reality is being played out behind the mass media propaganda machine.

    What’s next on the road to global government? Nuclear, biological or chemical attacks? A cyber attack on infrastructure? These are all being touted as very possible just now.

    If government learned anything from Covid, it’s that a frightened population will submit to pretty much anything in return for being “safe.”

    Neighbours spying on each other reporting the people next door for even the most minor contraventions of the rules. Covid wasn’t ever that serious, imagine what people will do if told it’s follow the new rules or it’s all over for everyone?

    The herd mentality is a well known fact used by government of all hues.

    You think that it’s all a bit far fetched? Try making a public statement a 6 ft man in a frock is not really a woman and see how you get on.

    I wonder how many of those now loving all things Ukrainian had ‘for the many not the few’ on the soviet media profile picture a while ago?

    Is it time to join the food queues yet?

    • SV@ – Seconded – it saves me putting pretty much exactly the same thing.
      Nothing is as it seems, and we are at the fulcrum of light versus darkness, worldwide.
      As the sheeple argue on farcebook and order their Dominoes and Just Eat.

    • I don’t think that’s far fetched at all. I just think you’re talking shite.
      Tell all the dead people’s families it wasn’t serious.
      Or tell my granddaughter who’s had Covid twice and counting as I runs riot through her school…

  3. Excellent nom LL.
    I have been dog sitting in Whitstable several times a uear for some time now.
    There is a twat who bedecks his home with the current libtard cause – Anti Brexit, that was for several years, then BLM, anti fracking and I expect to see Ukranian flags covering his/hers/they’s house when I go there in a couple of months, assuming we have not been reduced to a pile of radioactive ash.
    Morning all.

  4. The braying idiot who ‘runs’ a local hostelry jumped on Fagbook to announce his forthcoming mercy mission to the Polish border. Now for some context, this overgrown mummy’s boy (yes,really, moved mummy in next door and then proceeds to borrow thousands to support himself) is the type of ICB wanker who started up a cigar club in winter, added a charcuterie and stocks tequila costing 17 a shot in an old market town country pub. That sort of cunt.
    Anyways, after raising thousands of pounds, said ICBW declares himself as convoy leader, the great humanitarian himself on his chariot of hot air taking his munificence Eastwards.
    All well and good you say but what of the cost of van rentals,fuel,accommodation, insurance, carnets etc?
    If he’d just fundraised and left it at that, then there would have been another couple of grand to give to a professional outfit.
    But there’s less social media approval doing that isn’t there?
    So brave,so noble.
    Walks like a cunt,talks like a cunt.

  5. I remember this phenomenon taking a particular hold after the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attacks.

    Every simpleton with a Farcebook profile deciding to change their profile to a faded French tricolour to show solidarity with their fallen French brethren while at the same time being very careful as not to offend adherents of the religious cult which was responsible for the callous mass murder.

    An impressive juggling act of virtue signalling and cuntishness.

    • That was when my short tenure on Arsebook ended. I said something like ‘Never mind with the pathetic flag avatars, how about actually doing something useful and voting for someone who’ll stop bastards like these getting into the fucking country?’

      Cue a wall of ‘How very dare you!’ type shite. One twat said (this is a pet peeve of mine too) ‘I thought you were better than that’ like he had some moral authority.

      My response of ‘If I want to take morals off a bloke who left his wife and kids for a mail order Russian bride, who then left him (and a few of my mates shagged her too) within weeks of getting her visa, I’ll let you know’ didn’t go down well either.

      My final post before deletion, was a glorious, if rather drunken, ‘Enoch was right you fucking puffs’.

      • Faecalbook. Left in 2018. Returned out of boredom during lockdown, lasted 2 weeks and fucked off again.

        Too much virtue signalling and ‘be kind’ bollocks from basic bitch cunts, as well as Facebook itself filling my feed with suggested shite.

  6. What did we have the other day?…….a minutes silence for all the victims of the Chinky Flu. Lest we forget. Just fuck off.

    • Rather abstract flags.

      None depict (for example) an act of felching through a gloryhole in the Skegness foreshore bogs or anything.

  7. Let the 2 minute hate against Russians commence!!!

    We think we’re more enlightened and informed these days due to “soshull meeja”, but not really, it’s all a rouse, a bit like “look over there”, the herd mentality of not wanting to stand out causes this griefjacking cuntfests, remember the photo of the man refusing to do the nàzi salute, you’re as doomed as him if you don’t follow the crowd, sad but true!!!

    • The demonisation of Putin is in full swing. Now every Russian is complicit as every German was a nazi.

      It’s disturbing to see that the same gameplay used to motivate the country during the war still works in 2022.

      Tony Blair is still a respected statesman beloved by the establishment and the MSN, only months ago Blair was being touted as the man to lead the Covid response.

      Can anyone give me a reason why Putins excursion into the Ukraine is less justified than Blair’s entry into Iraq?

      Putin warned for a long time NATO’s move eastward was not going to be tolerated. No I don’t love Putin but I don’t see him any differently than the puppet Biden and his handlers.

      Putin is a dangerous individual and if he’s cornered I sincerely believe he’ll take the world into a full blown war rather than lose power and face those in Russia who have an axe to grind with him.

      • Quite agree with all your points, especially about BLiar.

        The Elite/MSM push the same output they have for millennia probably albeit using different media. It’s made out that this is a new event. No it’s not. Wars and war crimes, the slaughter of innocents, and the exploitation of the masses have been going on forever. Usually instigated by the cunt at the top of the pile.

        I saw a headline the other day that read along the lines of: “things are so bad on the Russian side they are killing their officers”. The inference being that the Russian leadership is so bad this happened. This sort of thing has been happening in wars forever. When the plebs have finally had enough of being pushed into something, and faced perhaps with equally fatal alternatives, they go for the cunts at the top instead. WW1 – shoot your officer in the back to avoid “going over the top”. Vietnam -grenade your officer to avoid operational suicide the next day (Google fragging). Etc, etc.

        Plebeians & Patricians. That’s the real devide and always has been. The difference these days perhaps is the plebs are more easily controlled and don’t recognise this. Useful distractions; LGBT rights, BLM, save the fucking planet (oh, please), etc abound while the cunts at the top lord it more than ever.

        Sometimes the bastards get what they deserve. Benito Mussolini for example.

      • It’s like the thing with ‘rebels’, they are supported by the west if they are the right sort of rebels.
        Look at Syria, the trouble with the Middle East is that unless the fuckers are controlled they just love killing each other.
        All the condemnation of various regimes that ‘we’ don’t like are a necessity otherwise the whole region would like fucking Yemen.
        Anyone who thinks that the peacefuls can ever coexist with western society is deluded, they can’t even get on with themselves.

      • “Moderate rebel” was a favourite buzz-term of the west at one point during the Syrian civil war.

        Obviously trying to soften the folks up back home in the west by using such terminology with a view to funding and arming these blood thirsty religious lunatics while making them sound like nice blokes.

  8. I once worked with a right sanctimonious cunt in a previous workplace. We had a charity collection on the last Friday of each month, and he volunteered to go around the office with the collection bucket, making sure that everyone knew he was doing it, by wearing a sweatshirt with the charity name and logo on it, and shaking the bucket up and down as he walked around the office, loudly asking people for their donation.
    Then when Madeline McCann went missing, he put a large note on his desk saying ‘Help find Madeline McCann’, the sort of thing that some people displayed in their cars, but this cunt had it on his office desk.
    He also let everyone know that he watched the red nose day / children in need bollocks and how much he donated. That just cemented his cuntery, what a tool he was.

    • He probably donated $2000 to the Clinton Foundation’s Help Haiti fund.

  9. Does anyone worry about the Yemenis being bombed to shite? Not really. So why is Ukraine so popular? It’s all contrived ro make putin a bogeyman we can all hate. Whatever you think of him, he’s popular in his own country and has brought some respect back for the russian nation. He’s pro-family, pro-church and anti-immigration. Hence, he’s become a figure of hate for the west.

    • It’s the horrifying Indonesian invasion and genocide in East Timor in 1975. It was barely covered by the mainstream media. Vietnam has received blanket coverage from 1967-75, but East Timor got about two inches of newspaper coverage and zero TV coverage in the west. Australia and USA supported the Indonesian government and military. 185,000 people killed, wounded or captured. Henry Kissinger approved a, “policy of silence” on the war/genocide. For that alone, KIssinger should have been tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity, but this fucker is still help up as a, “great statesmen” and he still advises Presidents, although it’s hard to imagine him on the phone to braindead Biden giving him the idiot’s guide to Realpolitik.

      “I just talked to Dr Kissogram. He’s a German guy who helped us win the Vietcong war in Korea. He said… uh… he said… the point is that Dr Strangelove knows his stuff, so let’s roll…”

  10. The only people I care about is my family and the indigenous people of this country . Everyone else can fuck right off. I’m already paying enough tax that the government splurges on the rest of the world without my say so. People flying a Ukrainian flag and supporting sovereignty while voting labour and remoan are all cunts.

    • ‘The only people I care about is my family and…’ that’s where I stop.

  11. You can add knee bending, rainbow laces and applause for the Ukraine at footy matches.

    They have days for the gays too, so soon we’ll see a minute’s silence for some dead cunt (although they applaud now it seems – seems a bit like ‘listen to me’ or ‘thank fuck the cunt is dead’ to me). Then the gays rainbow laces lecture and applause, followed by the Ukraine shite and then the knee bending.

    Around sometime the next evening, when every cunt has finished with their virtue signalling and forcing their political opinions onto you, they might actually start the bastard game, the fucking dickheads.

    • England have just played recently and I didn’t even know about it until I seen a snippet on the beeb new website this morning.
      Such is my dislike for Southgate, Kane and the rest of these social justice warriors who have hijacked the England shirt – I couldn’t give a fuck if I never seen or heard anything about any of their exploits ever again.
      The thought of witnessing the insufferable pandering and wokery that accompanies these lot before games is vomit inducing and has nothing to do with football but has everything to do with toxic divisive politics.

      The absolute shower of fucking cunts.

  12. My wife is not articulate or ivy league educated but has a good head on her shoulders. She sees bullshit for what it is and has a knack for sizing up a situation in as few.words as possible.
    “Putin is an asshole. Fuck Ukraine.” She said.
    And she’s right. Ukraine would not have been invaded if they had:
    1) Established the most powerful military they could muster.
    2) Let the people be as well armed as they want.
    No invader would dare think of trying to take such a nation no matter the size difference.
    Ukraine is paying the price for years of liberalism, corruption, and having their heads up their asses.
    I don’t think the rest of the world is learning the right lessons on all of this either.
    Ukraine, while bravely doing what they can, is reduced to fleeing to neighboring countries and begging others for help.
    It did NOT have to be this way.

  13. Then there’s cunts that put pictures of Putin flowering over a Ukrainian flag on the top of their website. Virtue Signalling fuckers. Should be shot 😉

  14. Their gearing up for the Oscars tonight. Expext a lot of blue and yellow on show.

  15. Short memories in this country. An illegal invasion of Iraq. Was told not to do it by Putin beforehand. Our Government didn’t listen. Cue hundreds, yes hundreds and thousands of deaths and the rise of ISIS. How we can take the moral high ground with Ukraine just baffles me. I don’t agree with what’s happening in Ukraine but you can’t say we weren’t warned. Putin has wanted this resolved for years but the complete arrogance of the West stopped any meaningful discussions. Whilst the West fucks and ponces about with BLM, LGQRSTU, taking a fucking knee and banging pots and pans, the Russians are quietly seething. The Western Governments have now realised that years of having their heads up their arses with this woke shit has empowered Russia. I can you now that we WILL be dragged into this militarily. When you have that senile cunt Biden spouting for regime change in Russia you know thus will not end well. God help us.

    • You’re absolutely right. Have you also noticed how the endless troubles in Ireland ended pretty quickly once the USA got a taste of what we’d been getting for years all funded by Americans? I’m talking of course about 9/11. Then they shot off on an illegal war (which nobody now mentions) and murdered Saddam Hussein. They followed that up with Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now they intend regime change in Russia after they already forced out the previous Ukrainian Government.
      Does the world learn nothing? The West can’t be trusted and I was born in England. The West just murder, destroy and go to war on a false pretext. Look at what we did to the Middle East and, as a by-product North Africa, resulting with mass immigration into Europe.

  16. That useless p@ki suckdick khunt said he has no room for a Ukrainian refugee, I bet the cunt has lots of spare room but really,as brake as the Ukrainians who would want to live with that stinky p@ki, even pigs would not, I’m sure unkle Terry would find suck dick space in his oven

  17. Agree with loads of the posts , it’s a fact that this could have been resolved in 2014 but fucking no it wasn’t and I wonder why ( cause cunts ruin the world)
    The ruskies will not stop as they slowly turn the cities to dust.

    My own fear is Poland getting dragged in by some stray cunts missile who Russia know nothing about.
    Some devious cunts are at work in this unreal scenario that will affect everyone.

  18. Boris is pumping British anti-tank missiles into Ukraine like they’re going out of fashion.
    Why couldn’t these be used to defend our beaches from the hordes of invaders?
    If Boris and the Tories put 1% of the effort into defending the UK from invasion by hostile foreigners as they have into defending Ukraine maybe our country wouldn’t be as fucked as it is!!!

    • The dinghy invaders are part of the great replacement or “Le Grand Replacement” if you prefer.
      Western governments have absolutely zero intention of halting the invasion of 3rd world detritus while their media propaganda arms actively promote it and all the riches that comes with it while attempting to bury from sight, any negative aspects of that same cultural enrichment.
      If anybody is in any doubt – just turn your telly or radio on.
      Apparently it’s all just another conspiracy theory but unfortunately it all looks pretty fucking real to me.

      Ukraine on the other hand is the perfect chance for cunts to make a bit of money by manufacturing and selling weapons on the back of the misery of innocent people.

      Cunts being cunts basically.
      No change there then.

  19. I’ve told pretty much everyone i’m not playing the media’s game of worshipping Ukraine and demonising Russia. Life isn’t a fucking comic book. I’ve seen blue and gold flying at several stops on local roads.

    Whatevs. You do you. I’ll assume it’s an extreme love of the Bananaman cartoon.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on that one! These cunts are the same as football ‘fans’. Absolute cunts who feel the need to parade their colours! Wankstain cuntards, the lot of them. Told one of my mates who was spouting off he should go and research the Ukraine and it’s political leaders before he makes a bigger cunt of himself and gets a blue & gold tattoo on his forehead.

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