Prince Harry Hewitt [13]

Do we actually give a fuck?

Prince Harry Hewitt moaning again, oh Lord, give me peace.

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Can’t come to England, for his Grandads memorial service because he doesn’t feel safe?

Quite fucking right, I’m sure there’s plenty who would like to have a go, you whining, ungrateful turd!

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

Seconded by: Mikdys

IMO it’ll be great if this cunt never comes back to England again ever. It would be even better if MSM reports of him whingeing were blocked from all English internet servers as well. Is this technically possible? How much would it cost? Can we get funds raised on gofundme before they try to misappropriate them? Questions…

64 thoughts on “Prince Harry Hewitt [13]

  1. What’s the likelihood his bitch of a wife gives him a jolly substantial pegging once in a while to remind him who’s boss?

  2. Edward and Wallis.
    Trashy toff and trash feeding off a trashy toff.
    We were well rid of these pair, and they are not welcome.

  3. Harry Halfwit likes to play dress up when left on his own and learn a new language. I wonder if he can say “lazy stupid entitled freeloading scrounger” in Dutch.

  4. Fuck me, he lives in California, which has more guns and nutters per square foot than anywhere on the planet and he’s worried about his safety over here? Who does he think is going to have a pop at him? Only the Peacefuls who he loves so much anyway. And how come it’s safe for him in Holland but not in his own country? The truth is the grasping cunt knows his new book is going to throw his family under the bus so he doesn’t want to face them. What a massive cunt.

  5. I hope he does go back to England. We have enough woke, spoiled, opinionated, pussy whipped, soy boys over here without importing more.
    He should go to the middle east and hitch a ride with the camel turds on a rubber dinghy.
    His moral lectures are nauseating and his wife needs a good slap.
    May her menopause be a long, living hell for her and her prince of cunt.

  6. I’d forgotten all about this half arsed, half witted, half blood, prince of bell end.
    Why does he have to do something to get back into the limelight? I thought they wanted privacy? Well that’s fine, show the rest of the UK the same courtesy.

    • The only time I ever give this arse a moment’s thought is when he inevitably shows up here, and that thought is a brief ‘what a twat’.

      • I missed out his other half whilst I was ranting.
        The half and half. Except she can’t possibly be half white, that would make her privileged. No she has to be black and so hard done to.

  7. Harry and Me-gain should visit the White House…

    Biden: Ladies, gentlemen and transjengas, we are pleased to welcome the King and Princess of England to the White Castle. They now live in Hollywood because the Royal family in London was being racist to them and the papa nazis tried to photograph their mixed-race babies all the time and that’s how his mother ended up dead, isn’t it? So a warm welcome to Prince Larry and… uh… she was on that show about that lawyer who had no license, kinda like me that guy! That bar exam was tough, I only passed it because I told the professor my Corn Pop story and he got the message. I need to go poop now, where’s Jill?

  8. Once her majesty pops off the rest of them can fuck off.

    These cunts are on par with Katie Price at the moment.

    • Imagine if in the midst of this insanity, Liz bit the big one? The media would be in a right fucking quandary. How can you flip from the death of the most famous, admired, beloved person of the last 100 years to the grim images and reports of warfare? Sophie’s Choice on steroids.

  9. He’s not welcome over here anyway. Even Royal fans (mostly old ladies who buy all that souvenir tat) don’t like the cunt. He’s not the first bloke who has made a cunt of himself over a piece of pussy and he won’t be the last. You only get one family Harry boy, fame and money hungry old slappers are ten a penny.

  10. He will be begging to come back to blighty once that attention seeking bitch of a wife gets tired of him and takes him for everything he’s got.
    He will probably be so skint that he will have to go to the British embassy to ask for his airplane fare back

  11. The man is an insufferable Cunt.

    An idiot who gained his position in life merely by falling out of a particular slag’s cunt. He is too stupid to realise that everything that he has is unearned and undeserved. How dare he lecture people on how to live their lives when he knows nothing of real life and has been raised to believe that through an accident of birth,he somehow is better than “ordinary” people?
    He was helped through school exams,probably received special help to qualify as a helicopter pilot…now he apparently believes that he is some kind of guru who can advise people that if they don’t like their job…just jack it in…brilliant idea if you happen to be a multi-millionaire who has never had to go short short in your life…probably not so brilliant for anyone who isn’t.

    I detest him and hope that Megan takes every Penny and ditches the pathetic piece of shit.

    I’m not exactly wild on the rest of the parasitic Windsor clan either…bunch of Cunts.

    • I think Halfwit just sat in the helicopter going “Brumm brummmm brummm” and they passed him.

      I saw you requested to take in a refugee, Dick , and asked for the “Ukrainian Gemma Arterton” but due to a Home Office fuck up got the Ukrainian Gemma Collins.

      • Evening,LL.

        I’d chuck that malingering old Trout out of Buckingham Palace and send the fuckers there.

  12. He will be back in England as soon as the whore fucks of with a camel fucker. Can garantee it 100%

  13. Hewitt jr has apparently taken umbrage this week at a joke by his chum posh “comedian ‘ Jack Whitehall.

    Whitehall jokingly called him ginger nuts which upset this strawberry blonde leech.

    Thin skinned as they come,
    Easily upset, drama queen.

    Your mum was a whore😁
    And so is your wife.

    • Well they say that blokes tend to marry birds who are just like their mothers don’t they? There’s certainly a case to be made here although I would argue that Sparkletits is a lot smarter than the People’s Princess. Lucky for her Hewitt inherited his mother’s brains.

  14. The papers are bored with them any way it’s old news now. They are private citizens. They can put their two pence worth and get elected like anyone else. I might listen to Harry if he talks sense against this rechid media, however his wife is literally a Woopie Goldberg the II. She knows what she has married into and is using it as a platform.

    More on topic, which wanker asked William to apologise for Slavery! It had nothing to do with the Royal Family.

    You can comprehend slavery if you haven’t been through it yourself. literally half this country is living on the breadline, that has nothing to do with Royalty. If you work for a cunt employer who wants to make a peice a string as long as you want, why you taking it out on the Royal Family? He has nothing to do with it.

    I am a royalist and I wish the best for Jamaican people if they go independent. However, I don’t feel the island would be the same and will turn into a tip. They have people coming from all over the world paying to come to their island and this is the warm welcome that a future king deservers let alone a tourist.

    • Fucking charities. Fucking cunts. The Hewitts don’t give a fuck. As long as they’ve scored their virtue signalling points that’s a result.

      • It’s spent on Guns now. Thank fuck the Americans have the 2nd amendment. People don’t want people dictating others lives.

  15. What his latest little hissy fit is about, is the fact that the British police cannot be bought or hired.

    As a private citizen, he can pay for his own minders. The only problem is they won’t be tooled up.

    Had he not pissed off most of the country, they wouldn’t need to be tooled up because nobody would give a shit about an ex prince.

    • BLM rioters – sorry, I mean, ACTIVISTS, would surely sign up to be his minders?

  16. From 3rd in line to the throne-to living in a grief hole in smogsville.
    He must now lay awake at night, in a cold sweat, with the slow realisation that he has been taken for a ride.

    The fucking stupid cunt.

    • Seldom has the saying ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure ‘ been more appropriate.

  17. Anything he does or says is wrong. There he was in that orange outfit thinking he’s doing something great whilst we all think he’s ridiculous. Please make it stop!

  18. I’d send him down the Falls Road wearing that outfit. See what sort of welcome he gets.

  19. Useless out of touch cunt struck idiot.

    Many of us (including me) have been cunt struck before. I had a stunner who was a massive trouble maker. Her own family disowned her and my family couldn’t stand her. I didn’t even speak to my own family for about 2 years because of her…until I realised she was a fucking cunt.

    I was a young man (early 20s) and my family forgave me, but I’m still angry with myself for those lost years

    He’s much older and in a position where his fuck ups mean less (he’s set for life, no matter what).

    I’d love a chat with the cunt but I know how being cunt struck works.

    He’s fucked as he’s old enough to know better and has kids to his tart now.

    As a former betting man, I predict a messy and embarrassing divorce and Harry topping himself (or trying to).

    You heard it here first.

  20. Ive just seen a documentary about his family member,
    Edward Vlll and wallace Simpson ( Homers mother).

    It was about captured Nazi papers at the end of WW2,
    Implicating Eddies treachery to the UK.

    He spent a lot of time with german agents and leaked them information.
    Information that put allied soldiers in jeopardy.

    A traitor.
    No two ways about it.

    He advised Hitler to bomb the UK to subjugate us.
    Then he could be installed as a puppet king.

    And his behaviour was a lot like Hewitt jrs.
    Selfish entitled ignorant stupid
    Lacking in awareness
    Self absorbed
    Out of touch

    He should of hung really.
    Being a royal he escaped justice.
    It would of upset the bootlickers.

    • ….but,but…you must really hate this Country if you don’t blindly kiss the arses of the “Windsor” family.

      What’s bred in the bone comes put in the flesh…the whole lot of them are exactly the same…bunch of krauts who would sell this Country out at the drop of a hat if they thought that their leeching was threatened.

      • You’re right DF.

        I used to be a royalist. Comes from being in a forces family, I suppose (parents and grandparents on both sides all ex forces).
        But now?

        We’ll, I see them as nothing but entitled grasping cunts who’ve done nothing but encourage (key word that) the transformation of our country into a fucking third world shithole.

        Oh yes, we’re not quite there yet…but we’re fucking full steam ahead.

        Those vast tracks you have? I wish you well, when those dark key hoardes come-a-knockin for muh reparations.

        Release the hounds and hope for the best.

      • In all honesty Dick,
        I was quite shocked.
        And very disgusted.

        I knew Edward & Simpson had been feted, wined and dined by Hitler and the nazis.
        Id read about him and the royals sympathies pre war.

        But to actively support them against your own country during war?!!!

        To me no greater crime,

        Ive no time for any of the parasites, and the argument that that somehow makes us unpatriotic doesn’t hold water.

        Ive never leaked secrets to a enemy of this country.

      • She looked a right dirty bitch though, that Mrs Simpson. Gave me the ‘orn. Looked like she took a fist and would have a wet fanny, ready to go, 24/7.

        Remember my Gran being a big fan of that TV series when I was a nipper (Edward and Mrs Simpson I think it was called). I was only a little un’, but I recall her saying it was a great love story, as he left all the trappings of royalty for the woman he loved.

        My gran was ace, I just now suspect (just slightly mind you) that she may have been an Adolf fan.

        Might explain some of my views, anyway 🙂

      • I really can’t understand why people are prepared to bow and scrape to a bunch of stupid,entitled,spoiled,arrogant buffoons…. they are a fool’s idea of what defines “Britishness”


  21. Remember when Halfwit Harry was being interviewed in Afghanistan? The alarm goes off and he scrambles to his helicopter.

    Looking back, what a load of fucking bollocks that was.

    I remember at the time having this, ‘That’s bullshit’ feeling running up my spine.

    I’d still shag his missus though. Fine looking woman. But like Phil the Greek said, ‘She’s good for a fuck but don’t marry the tart.’ (or something like that anyway.)

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