Nicola Sturgeon [14] and the SNP

How many types of a cretinous cunt have you got to be to believe you can have Independence whilst being a member of the EU whilst keeping the currency from the country you’ve just separated from, despite explicit rules that say joining will require adopting the Euro and the B of E saying fuck you.

If and when the sun eventually sets on our once great country, we will look back at the people and groups who sewed the seeds of Britain’s destruction. Many of the offending parties are routinely cunted on this forum and need no introduction. One group, however, takes pride of place in the Champions League of cunts: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you the Scottish National Party.

This ‘party’ has the destruction of the Union at its absolute core; indeed the break up of the U.K. is its sole reason for existence. Until a decade ago, it was viewed by sensible Scots and all Englishmen as a party of harmless fruitcakes; part of a bizarre jock landscape that included Nessie, shortbread tins, haggis roaming the glens and See-You-Jimmy hats. What we now have however is an influential group of completely twisted cunts who have convinced around 40% of Scots that their country could thrive if only it shook off the yokes and chains of English control.

These cunts, led by the repulsive fat cunt and Putin-bitch, Salmond, almost destroyed the U.K. in 2014, using their fucking ridiculous ‘White Paper’ as a proposed model of the future. This included little nuggets like North Sea Oil selling at $120 a barrel, when just two months after the vote, it was achieving just $35. A few years on, with the poisoned dwarf Sturgeon in command, the ‘White Paper’ mysteriously has been airbrushed from history, to be replaced by the SNP-funded Growth Commission report: a document written by economically-illiterate cunts FOR economically-illiterate cunts.

Sturgeon agitates for a new independence referendum (that she doesn’t actually want and that her cuntfest of a party will never win) safe in the knowledge that Westminster won’t grant it. She gets to save face and still blame the nasty Toareez for holding Scotland back. She wants to rip Scotland from one Union (that has provided stability over three centuries) and immediately join the EU, where Scotland would be like a pimple on the arse of Europe. What a hypocritical little shite; and what a bunch of unreconstructed cunts. That her fucking husband, Peter Murrell, is also the Chief Executive of the SNP says everything you need to know about the politburo-style management of this bunch of shitpots.

This fuckfest continues unabated and, all the while, Scotland’s economy, police force, education and health service fall apart at the seams.

On the positive side, the wider ‘Yes Movement’ (a gruesome collection of radicals, street-activists, agitators, feminists, anarchists, republicans, Catalan lovers, Trotskyists, tree-hungers, and Braveheart wannabees) is now splintering and turning on the ‘establishment’ SNP. Sturgeon will soon become a figure of hate to the hardline rockets; she will become their Quisling-in-Chief. Watching her discomfort will be one of the few pleasures remaining to the rest of us.

The SNP are a bunch of complete cunts. If Scots vote them in again in 2021, then they deserve all they get.

Cunts, the fucking lot of them.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

I’m a Scot who , like the majority , know what a cunt Sturgeon has made of things in her last 10 fucking years. All I’d add to your argument is , ( apart from the simple as fuck point of independence cant be achieved by leaving one union and joining a bigger one) , is of economics…. Trade with rest of UK some £42BILLION…trade with EU £12BILLION, so free trade with EU but tarriffs on ROUK ? eh aye , all right then Krankie. The Euro comes with that as well hen.

Some may say , well why did you vote leave in EU ref, if its all economics, but my answer is this, I don’t want to see the sun set on Britain/UK , I want us 4 to thrive together in an open looking , self governing country of shared values and achievements

Heard Farage say on the radio last week ” should we tell the Scots to get lost ” after they vetoed the EU withdrawal bill , I hope the English/Welsh don’t feel that way overall, because thats the real loss if we fell apart now when we’ve faced the fucking Luftwaffe and seen them cunts off

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood

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  1. A good cunting…….however, would it not be simpler to re—name this site “”?

    • Ha! I’d love to see admin do that, if only to piss off all her supporters who would obliviously come here thinking its a Nicola Krankie fansite.

  2. Top notch cunting McCuntface & Cuntwood, of the ‘Scotch Nazi Party’, as they’re known at Creampuff Towers.

    Several Honourable Cunters here are Scots, I know. My thoughts and prayers go out to you…

  3. The “ cunting “ is factually correct !
    The SNP are loathsome !
    Nicola Sturgeon ( unlike Soapy tit wank Salmond) is a crafty devious wee Cunt ( lawyer so no surprise there )
    She will stab you in the front never mind the back
    No words can really express how much of an omnishambles our country is in
    Is it any wonder though that sane normal Scots treat the snp as 100% bunglecunts
    In the words of Mr Fiddler
    FUCK THUM !!!!

  4. There is no fucking logic in any of her arguments. She wants Scottish “independence” with the EU. How does that work then&

    A typical fucking woman.

    Surplus to requirements by Scotland, as the majority of the electorate wish to remain as part of the UK.

    In any case you will not be permitted to negotiate personal EU entry terms, and who in their right tiny mind would want to join such a failing shite institution anyway?

    Only the Ginger Minger and her whinging deluded party.

    Just fuck off you stupid cunts, we don’t want or need you.

    • Scotland wouldn’t qualify to join the EU. They have too high a budget deficit.

      To join, deficit must be no higher than 3%. Scotland’s deficit is around three times that much.

      However Barnier, Druncker & Tusk Associates might be prepared to bend the rules… just to snub UK, ha! ha!

      • Totally agree Ruff Tuff on both points.

        According to THEIR rules they don’t qualify but that didn’t stop them letting in Greece, Portugal and Italy……… and fuck me look how beholden they are now to the Germans…..

        Don’t get me wrong, I like the Germans, my best mate lives there and his kids are German UK dual nationals but the EU is a fucking German stitch up/ take over of Europe.

        All of the above mentioned countries have national assets mortgaged to the EU bank which is propped up by Germany so it’s not such a leap of faith to believe the rules could be bent again in lieu of North Sea Oil.

  5. Can she not see the hypocrisy in her own argument? She wants to leave what she sees as a bureaucratic superstate, for a much larger, actually bureaucracy superstate. Either she’s too stupid to see that hypocrisy or she’s deliberately choosing to ignore it in order to manipulate the Scottish people for her own benefit – I suspect its the latter.

  6. I have a question for our Scottish friends. Well, not so much a question more a request for a comment.
    We know, from the 2014 vote, that the majority of Jocks want to remain in the Union. My theory is that these same people, more or less, voted remain because the U.K. government told them to and were showing their solidarity with the U.K.
    (a) am I on to something?
    (b) am I talking bollocks?
    (c) it’s far more complicated than i’m making out
    (d) don’t fucking know

    Any comment would be appreciated, even if it’s (d)

    • (e) they were too fucking drunk to know what the fuck was going on so just but an x randomly on the paper and went to the offy for some more tennants supers…


      • I wonder, if Scottie ever gets independence, will they have tins of lager with those disappering/reappearing nudie women on?
        Can you imagine being a wee bit bladdered, and being faced with a gorgeous, pouting Sturgeon ?

    • I for one think not. The idea of independence within Europe is built into the SNP’s terms and conditions and has done for decades. (see the SNP’s Constitution and my boring monologue below). The SNP would have made the same recommendation

    • Hi Freddie

      I think c is nearer the point. I voted remain in UK in 2014 and leave eu in 2016. I believe us 4 are better off without that corrupt undemocratic unelected unwanted unholy alliance of shit. Now the reason the eu results from Scotland is always expressed as a fraction/ percentage is because it looks better for remain. 68% to 32% looks better than 1.6millon v 1.2million.
      Now I’m not denying that’s a significant majority but it hides us 1.2million pissed of Scots who have no representation up here from the media and news fake or otherwise.
      We heard the same remain rhetoric that all you did but still gave the cunts the V sign.
      The fact that at least 400,000 of her own support voted brexit must haunt the coo. So many fractured opinions north of the border…i prayed for a Dunkirk spirit but got Gallipoli instead.

      Please check my facts on numbers of vote it’s been ages since I looked

  7. Wee Jimmy Fuckwitt seems to believe that Scotland can sand on its own two feet by exporting shortbreads, kilts, smoked salmond (sic), wobbly accordions, tam-o-shanters and see-you-Jimmy hats. Oh, yes and oil, which is arguably not all theirs to claim.

    The woman is not only spiteful and greedy, but fucking nuts to boot.

    The Scottish people deserve far better than this hateful Braveheart. There is nothing more foolish than someone who is driven by their own spite and hatred. I just hope the cunt is voted out come the next Jock elections.

  8. Trouble is, the SNP’s boom came far too late. I was (though English) a member of the SNP for a while during the Thatcher years. Independence would have been doable then, in theory: North Sea oil hitting peak production ( with relatively cheap development costs) – the model would have been to establish a sovereign wealth fund on the back of state-licensed oil, a la Norway, and laugh all the way to the RBS, which was then a proper bank. With Westminster in charge, treating the oil as a limitless source of pocket money, and pre-devolution, it was an understandable aspiration. Within Europe, probably on a similar basis to rUK, and accessing the same markets. And still under the Crown.

    The SNP was going through its socialist routine at the time, trying also to woo the Lowlands’ Labour voters who had yet to become thoroughly pissed off with the subsequent Blair disaster. (Hence its attraction for me, but I have repented).

    This was too dependent on oil to last, and the SNP have had nothing approaching an economic policy since the oil bubble burst, and ever more difficult reserves had to be explored at higher cost. Write off fiscal credibility, then, and resort to Braveheartism. Which was hugely successful, but Braveheartism doesn’t sit well with the practicalities of devolved government. For one thing, claymore manufacture is in something of a decline, and for another a political class emerges, and it has its own agenda, which is to maximise its own comfort.

    I left Scotland just after Blair wiped out its Tory MP’s – I’ll give the bastard that – on a wave of populist emotion, which he is at liberty to deny if he dares. (I left to find work. Boring old economics again.) Blair handed the SNP devolution, the levers of Scottish power and , rather later, every reason never to vote Labour again. Even he realises he was a cunt, in retrospect.

    The Independence revival is fragmenting, as Cunty states. The Bravehearts are at odds with the professional politicians. And that’s what happens to movements which pass their sell-by. Would Scotland be better off out of the UK? No. In no way.

    It’s fashionable to disparage Salmond, btw. But before he started crawling to people like Trump and Putin, he was possibly the most astute pol in the Union. His successor isn’t in the same league.

    • You sound a bit ideologically conflicted… go and relax with a fried snack.

      • Not conflicted at all, in fact. If it works economically (and I say it doesn’t, now), it’s in the Scots’ interest to explore it. I’m not living there now and I don’t have a dog in the fight. Strikes me the conflict is in the minds of those who (a) take a dim view of the Scots (as long as you don’t pontificate at them in an English accent, inducing Reverse Krankie Syndrome, they’re fine) and simultaneously (b) want them to stay in the UK.

        As to the fried snack, in England it would have to be chiggun, wouldn’t it?

  9. Nicola “I smell fish” Sturgeon? A sour cunt from a sour race orf misbegotten cunts. Only point in the old hack’s favour is, YT has heard, when liquored up orn Irn Bru cocktails, it plays a mean game orf fanny ping pong – but then Yours Truly would not normally expect to catch a dose orf clap playing ping pong.

  10. To be fair she seems matey with Jamie Oliver. So cant be all bad.

  11. Scotland’s scag deficit alone would bankrupt them in a week.
    I don’t mind Jocks, but the Krankies make them hard to love.

  12. Something about her really agitates my piss. Salmond, who looks like a goomba from super mario, equally vexes my piss.. and some genius gave him a slot on LBC!

  13. Fuck the jocks, if they want to leave the Union then let them.

    Hadrian had the right idea, perhaps put 10p on Jock income tax and rebuild the wall.

    Whingeing bastards the lot of them, I have never met a jock that I liked, miserable, dour, know everything cunts, worse than Yorkshiremen.

    Why the fuck England wanted to incorporate Jockland into the Union remains a mystery to me, lets face it 1600 years or so before some Roman cunt divided it off from civilisation at great cost and for good reason.

    Untrustworthy accents, can’t understand half of what they say and massive chip on their shoulder cunts. Sturgeon being a prime example.

    So be gone Jockland, paint yourselves blue and shout incoherently at the EU demanding to be let in, see how far that gets you.


    • Oh yes, I forgot, they can have Newcastle-upon-Tyne as a going away present and the Welsh can have Liverpool when they decide to fuck off.

      • How ironic Mr Squint… Dick makes a comment critical of scotchland and he has a chip on the shoulder problem… Nothing like the SNP and their assembled crowd of dross then??

      • If you read my earlier post Heinz yous know I’m no snp ant English poster.

        As for the chip I was simply pointing out Dicks post as a bit funny as he said us Scots all have one and he rants a bit in the post. Criticise scotland and us jocks all you like mate no huff here ! But id rather stick it out with you cunts until the feeling isn’t mutual like

      • If it is ‘The hammer of the Scots’ then that would be welcome.

        One thing that Scotland can be proud of is inventing toothpaste, well it must have been invented there because if invented anywhere else it would have been called teethpaste.

        Enough brevity, if cunts elect cunts like Sturgeon then expect the tyranny of the majority, her and her band have had their day, jock people don’t want to leave and sturgeon and her nationalist ilk will disappear sooner rather than later.

    • Now you see Dick that’s exactly what Sturgeon and her sycophantic gravy train English hating party of Nazi shitbags want you to think.

      They are beyond divisive.

      When all the so called Scottish Labour Big Beasts got the chance to stuff their snouts and pockets on the Westminster gravy train they left behind a power vacuum that the slimey odious slug Jabba Salmond filled by blaming The Tory’s and Westminster for all of Scotland’s woes.

      The Referendum was and still is highly divisive and it’s easy to think that all Scots are moaning and or ungrateful of the Union and that’s because generally the only voices and faces we see and hear in the media come from the Scottish Nazi Party. However patriotism is alive and kicking in Scotland, you only need to attend an Auld Firm game at Ibrox to witness that.

      • The referendum wasnt just “highly divisive ” in Pictland… it was highly divisive in England ( I dont care what the Welsh Clinons think ) as we dont get the luxury of a vote on the Union, but do get the nonour of funding the rantings of the Picts courtesy of the Barnett formula. Thats all fair and balanced isnt it???

  14. No problem.. have your vote and sod off… But as we are all bound in the same Union then surely citizens in England should have their say.. ( I dont care whether the welsh have a say or not.. thats up to them.. ) As the English effectively subsidise Pictland that would seem fair and equitable…

    • Well my and cunty have tried patiently to explain that many many Scots can’t stand her Heinz and were pretty much for sticking with the rest if UK but I have to say it only goes so far with the sod off / subsidised shite. During the 2014 referendum it was pretty much established we have major wealth producing cities from finance in Edinburgh to Aberdeen oil industry never mind the fucking Clyde building your ships like. I’m with the UK but taking crap like that no thanks

      • Well, dont take it then..
        Out of interest the clyde builds next to sod all, aberdeen is in decline, and much of edinburgh is financed by England.
        My point is that if the Picts get a vote, its sort of democratic other Union members should too. I would vote to be rid of Scotchland, a dull vexatious bore.
        No offence, but I have been listening to crap since 2014 with no right of blowback…

      • This is getting a bit bitter, isn’t it? Granted the Clyde’s an industrial spectre, Aberdeen’s dependent on diminishing oil, etc, who made the policies which led to this? Who decided we shouldn’t make steel any more…any of us…but we should instead rely on financial services based preferentially in London? What afflicts Scotland equally afflicts the Northeast, South Wales, even Yorkshire to some extent.

        Re England getting a vote on Scottish independence, fine. If they don’t want us and we don’t want them, so be it. But are you seriously suggesting that we vote to overturn their *democratic* decision to stay in the Union?

        Apologies to Scottish cunters for sticking my nose in, but I spent half my life ‘up there’, and enjoyed it. Thanks.

      • I think it got bitter when the only outlook to be heard in the debate was that of the thug like SNP… strangely, nationalism these days is to be abhorred as small minded and parochial if you read the chattering media and watch the Al-bbc, so fly an English flag and you are either a fascist or a football thug, but north of the border such nationalism is to be applauded it seems as part of “national identity”.. all a bit double standards really… But of course we dont get a say, so thats OK isnt it….???

      • No Heinz it’s not OK that we don’t get our say but that’s why ISAC is a thriving ‘community’.

        Fuck I hate that term.

        You absolutely nail the contradiction on its head, Nationalism is fine when it’s purportrated by a so called oppressed minority (that’s actually the majority in Parliamentary terms) but when it eminates from a so called ‘majority group’ ie White British Males it’s Fascism.

        But this is a problem the Left has created for itself.

        Any subject it doesn’t like gets shouted down as racist whilst any minority cause is to be applauded regardless of how repugnant.

        Anyway can everyone just calm down.

      • The left spend a lot of time and energy manufacturing oppression where none previously existed. It’s known as drumming up trade. Without it there would be no reason for the left’s existence.

        For the left, dependence culture rules. Like starvation in Africa has kept Oxfam rolling for the last 60 years.

      • So fuck those cities now that they are in decline ? but it was all right when they were booming and contributing to our pooled national GDP ? but now because of pooled government and devolved decisions leading to decline in anufacturing/oil/gas….. its fuck off ?

        As I said , you were pushing at an open door, Most Scots on this fine site are on our English cousin’s side but as komodo says maybe if its fuck off both ways then weve really cunted the whole thing in 70 years. Oh and by the way I dont measure us British by GDP , that’s just cunt , I measure it on what I see around me and what we have as shared history and standards

        Komodo , no issues with anyone sticking their nose in , free open debate and no harm no offense on my part mate

  15. Following the Yes/No referendum of 2014 the Scottish Nazis rode a wave of optimism.

    This was reflected in the 2015 GE result where the SNP could have fielded a dead plant in pretty much any seat and win.

    And they did.

    Bathing in their electoral success Sour Tits and Jabba proudly proclaimed the Tory’s were finished in Scotland. Btw that the Conservative and Unionist Party.

    Emboldened by the result wee sour tits agitated for another referendum believing she had the Scottish electorate behind her.

    So campaigning on an Independence ticket in the 2017 election wee sour tits thought it was a given.

    However Ruth Davidson the leader of the ‘finished’ Scottish Conservative party campaigned on a ticket of NO to another Referendum.

    The result speaks for itself. The SNP went from almost complete domination of Hollyrood to just about hanging on to a majority as the Conservatives went from 1 seat to 15.

    Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    It’s simply wrong to believe all Scots are moaning English hating Barnett Formula scroungers that don’t love or value the Union.

    • Ok Buddy.. thats a fair comment, and i will step down from my soapbox.. I think a lot of my comments are not so much about the Independence debate, but the exclusion of other Union members from it, but that probably has more to do with the media and the likes of the Al-bbc. I did massively resent the exclusion of any kind of informed opinion from England in the debate..
      Your point is well taken…

  16. Here CUNT Heinz and Dick fuckwit I don’t give a fuck what you think fucking narrow minded CUNTS ! Do one
    Who’s got the most snackbars
    Who’s got the most Africans
    Who’s a bunch of cunts
    You fucking lot down south so fuck the 2 of you
    By the way I’m scottish voted leave EU AND VOTED stay in the union
    GSTQ 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Fuck Off and have a deep fried snack you Thick Cunt..
      The point you pointedly miss is that Cunts like you DEMAND the right to be heard and have your say but no one else gets a say.. listen to yourselves, you sound like a gang of Thugs ..
      FYI you Cunt, I cant “Do One” as I live here… Get the Idea Now??

  17. All got a bit heated there folks…keep it gentlemanly.

    The problem with Scotland is that it’s one big paradox. I’m moving to the Highlands this year because I love the place – low population, few blambos, few sand people, great countryside and old fashioned values.

    The quality of life is fantastic. This is partly due to the largess of the Barnett formula. Anyone living in Scotland knows that yet the Scottish Nazi Party continually seeks to bite the hand that feeds it whilst making a complete hash of running public services. And the continual grievance mongering of the Nazis just pisses off English tax payers.

    It’s a mystery to me why a segment of the Scottish electorate still vote for the Krankies. I know the competition is not great, but the penny must drop soon.

    The cunt Salmond promised that the last referendum would be once in a generation. He and his SS henchmen tried every tactic – 16 year old voters, intimidation, nutty economics professors – to persuade a yes vote. But failed.

    Sturgeon, like all those cunty remoaners, forgets that the plebs have had their say. Hopefully, they will finally relegate the ginger witch to being a z list celeb like Salmond.

  18. Well put, Sarn’ Major. Wise decision, and I’d go back myself if I could afford to…though I think I’d want a winter break where the nights are a bit shorter nowadays.
    Putting me firmly in the category of soft southern white settler, I fear.

    Looks as if the Krankies have peaked, but the peak has been prolonged by confusion of independence and EU-Remain issues, I think. But after a sufficient trial period, the SNP has been shown to be no more use than Westminster parties, so decline is on the cards now.

  19. The thing I just can’t get my head around is the Jocks ( SNP ) want Independence by leaving Britain, but are desperate to join another union the eu. How the fuck is that Independence ??? The eu will soon make the join the single currency and all the freebies and sweeteners they get from Westminster will end. I can only imagine that the greater Scottish public are not that thick , are they ????

  20. Agree Richard , I have mates living in Leath and they all detest the SNP.

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