14 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova [2]

  1. Just watched her press statement video…ahahahaha…”i’ve been taking a medicine prescribed by my ‘family’ doctor for 10 YEARS”

    Medicine for 10 FUCKING YEARS! 10 years of cheating you sneaky cunt! I hope all her winnings are confiscated and she is stripped of all her titles and has to fuck off to turkey whoring like the swarms of other russian women.

  2. I know this is very childish of me but I had to laugh when I saw the name of the former president of the World Anti-Doping Authority, he’s called Dick Pound, tee-hee, snigger snigger.

    • That’s nothing. There used to be a South Korean at the UN called Bum Suk.

  3. I trust that her manager and none of her coaching staff knew about this either…

  4. Why did she need to take a drug for heart problems ?

    Sport is inherently corrupt, we should all fuck off and play pooh sticks, but someone will be pissing in the stream upriver

  5. She was on that stuff for ten years? She’d give Keith Richards a run for his money….
    I’m also amazed that she was never pulled up for all that screaming and noisy bollocks.. Nobody else does it and it reeked of gamesmanship… She sounded like she was having a (rather difficult) shit…Maybe she thinks the eyelash fluttering and hand on heart cobblers will make the judges go easy on her? They’re not to be trusted, these Russian typos, you know…

  6. Tennis does have alot of cunts
    Tim henman, grumpy Scottish cunt andy murray,mcenroe cunt and of course the williams sisters

    Why do the cunts have to grunt when playing?

    Sharapova should get her tits out

    • Tennis and cunts go hand in hand… Boris Becker was/is an arrogant Kraut cunt… Martina Neverhadherlegova was a boring carpet munching cunt… Andre Agassi was a posing cunt… And that Daily Mail pin-up, Laura Robson is a useless cunt…

      Sharapova’s ‘people’ will no doubt have a bunch of dodgy cunts already on the case: ready to hand out the odd stuffed envelope and all that… Mind you, maybe the Ivans will hang her out to dry, as she’s practically a plastic Yank and that won’t go down too well in the motherland…

  7. What about the ‘Planet of the Apes’ sisters? Those cunts have roids on toast for breakfast.

  8. Memphis Depay is a cunt… He has a cunt’s name and he is a cunt of a player… Depay is an absolute shambles, a sack of shit and a complete fraud… He’s just Jermaine Pennant with a fat arse…. Useless cunt…

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