Peter Gabriel and Sting


Peter gabriel and Sting are a couple of cunts!

The thick as a brick cunts are at it again but this time the bellends are gonna tour together for some easy money. The last thing people want to hear is Gabriel’s “Biko” we all know anti-apartheid is a huge lie cause Africa is worse then ever under black rule. Plus only chavs and poofs want to hear Sting’s “Desert Rose” for the thousandth time.

Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD festival is the dumbest piece of shite that he’s ever done and proves Gabriel has turned into a world music cuckold. Stop being a bloody bellend Peter and reform Genesis! at best you got 10 decent solo songs the rest is dog shit that no one wants to hear.

Also, Sting, apologise to your band members from Police. You’re not the genius you think you are your solo work is also shite. I hope the Rock Paper Scissors Tour is a huge failure and you both fall off the stage!

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    • Really ? I mean it has a few good tracks namely Intruder, GWF and I don’t remember but the rest is crap his 1st album is his best IMO

      • I don’t need help from the music press but…

        In 1989, the album was ranked No. 45 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “100 Greatest Albums of the 80’s”.
        In 2000, Q magazine placed the album at No. 53 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.
        In 2006, Q placed the album at No. 29 in its list of “40 Best Albums of the ’80s”.

        Work of fucking art, and pisses all over sting’s solo cancer.

      • “I don’t need help from the music press but…” but you do and you did. Popularity doesn’t equal quality I know thats subjective but His work with genesis shits all over his solo album wankoffs. His solo shite is too political and his shirtlifting crap with sledgehammer a dumb song bout his cock.

      • Oh dear, you really are a lost cause and that is why I rarely reply to you. Please stop posting, it’s embarrassing how literally you take a reply.

      • “that is why I rarely reply to you. Please stop posting, it’s embarrassing how literally you take a reply.”
        Well then don’t Reply to me you’re not doing me any favors and who’s embarrassed? I’ll reply as much as I bloody like if you were embarrassed then good

      • I like Gabriel’s solo work and I think Genesis were poorer without him… The 1980 album and ‘So’ were my favourites for different reasons… The 1980 album was an artist at work, pure and simple… Arguably 1980’s best album (alongside Joy Division’s ‘Closer’)… ‘So’ was more commercial, but Gabriel (like Steve Winwood) had the suss to embrace the MTV generation and he did it while still being his own man…

      • ‘So’ didn’t do it for me really, far more commercial like you say although Don’t give up stood out, him and Kate have tremendous voices.

        1980 Peter Gabriel was the one, each track so well done lyrically and sound-wise, he couldn’t really beat it. Plus the artist production line up was right up there.

      • I get what you mean about ‘So…’ It was a little too commercial, but I liked the way Gabriel adapted to the 80s and the video age and he did it with some style… Steve Winwood was another who did it with some class… While most other artists from their generation who tried to be trendy in the 80s (Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, The Monkees (sans Nesmith), Elton John, Jefferson Airplane/Starship) all ended up looking and sounding like twats…

      • How literally I take a reply? lol Are you mental we were talking bout peter gabriel then you spazzed out at me for having a different opinion . All because I thought his album was shite, nice one spaz way to keep the ball rolling again

      • Eh, fuck me what are you on about Dio! Are you trying to create an internet utopia where everyone is polite and gets on, carry on like that and you can add yourself to the hunt a nazi list mate ffs.

        The other cunt is a trollymong pure and simple and obviously needs reminding of it now and then when his mongness reaches cringeworthy limits 😉

      • No – we’re just not here to wind each other up.
        I told you this before. I shouldn’t have repeat myself.

        Final warning.

      • I wouldn’t apologize for this he spazzed out at me for no reason,its really childish in my opinion we were just talking bout music FFS. It would be different if I spazzed out at him but I didn’t.

        He also keeps calling me a trolleymong, Who’s childish? I never outright insult him like that the word doesn’t even make sense technically. Its comprised of trolleymog: a sexually promiscuous women . Proof that he gets his slang from the streetsor something . “Final warning.” Surely its the final final warning. Look I don’t care one way

      • “My advice? Don’t rise to it” Gee thanks but I wasn’t going to keep quiet about it he spazzed out for no reason. I was thinking about it the other day just thinking if he misread it or misinterpreted it but his out burst was baffling. I didn’t know he was such a big peter gabriel fan.

  1. Peter should at least sing his old songs he owes his faithful fans that much(At least sting belts out a few police songs) thankfully peter has the dumb fans who put up with his world music shite.

  2. Even though Peter made very watered down diarrhea music in the 80’s at least his videos looked great visually but is that illuminati allegiance at 1:12 96 tears 🙁 goyim . He copyed the clay animation from Zappa obviously, but with this video he is pandering to the mtv crowd he’s definitely whoring himself here for some $. He’s trying to sound like stevie wonder and prince a far cry from lamb lies down on broadway

  3. String –
    IN A FUNKY but chic little Parisian cafe called the Piano Vache (rough translation: Soft Cow), Julian Cope faces a roomful of French journalists and puckers his lips into a circle in imitation of – well – an asshole. Nobody seems outraged. “What’s ‘loose’ in French?” he enquires. “Decontracter? Like when your asshole is puckering like that, yeah? Decontracter. Well, I’m loose. I’m The White Asshole – what’s ‘asshole’ in French? The White Asshole is finally decontracter!”
    What a massive elephantine cunt.

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