Lip Sync Battle

Another piece of total cuntery from TV exec cunts…. Lip Sync Battle…

This is where Hollywood cunts like Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon Cunt mime to classic songs in a celebrity miming face off…. They fucking mime to a hit record and try to outdo each other… And this is television entertainment?!

Needless to say, the look at me cunts go completely over the top and act like Janis Joplin with a red hot poker up her arse, or Tom Jones or Mick Jagger on triple strength viagra…

Basically it’s an ego wank and more publicity for these Tinsletown cunts, doing something a chimpanzee wouldn’t have too much trouble with… I defy anyone to look at this clip and not think ‘Cunts..’

Nominated by: Norman

6 thoughts on “Lip Sync Battle

  1. Can I be the first to cunt the new Royal parasite?

    Fucking Royals, they invaded my birthday two years ago and now they’ve annexed my son’s birthday. Cunts.

    • So theres confusion on what to call it, and probably who after. Why dont the just call it Scrouging Cunt, alas after all of them.

  2. Is she lip syncing? Or is it some weird…air cock sucking”? Or Jimmy Hoffa’s just fallen out of her cunt.

  3. Pity it wasn’t a boy as they could have named it after its great Uncle Andrews friend Jeffrey.

  4. Tom Cruise doing Lip Sync Battle…
    It’s hard to imagine higher (or is it lower?) level of cuntitude….

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