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Emma Watson… Because she is an actress (for want of a better word!) she now believes she is some sort of oracle… Also, I have seen more meat on a wishbone at Xmas… I’ve seen bigger tits eating birdseed in my back garden..

The Emma Watson overkill on the web is also ridiculous… The way a multitude of Emma Watson fakes (you know the sort!) that surfaced the minute she was 18 years old baffled me… First of all, it’s pretty fucking creepy (did these closet nonces have a clock counting down to her birthday?). Second, what the fuck is so alluring, sexy or great about her anyway? You could put an afghan cot on her and she’d look like a pipe cleaner…. Maybe it’s the ‘posh totty’ thing people go for? Fucked if I know…

Nominated by: Norman

Speaking personally, the non-faked upskirt shot of Emma Watson in see-through knickers held enormous appeal since it proved conclusively she had not succumbed to the repugnant fad for Hollywood waxing. I mean the only reason to display the pre-pubesecnt smooth look is if you’re dating Paul Gadd, surely? And he’s going to be unavailable for the next eight and a half years.

But the essence of the cunting is absolutely correct. Actors should act. Singers should sing. Hearing Emma Watson bang on about feminism (or indeed any cause) is as abhorrent as Geldof telling us to Feed The World or Bono pleading with us to Make Poverty History. Shut the fuck up and get on with doing what you do best while you still can. You don’t earn any extra credibility by talking shit, you just sound like a cunt.

Nominated by: Fred West

13 thoughts on “Emma Watson

  1. Would prefer a little more meat on the filly granted and her fetlocks might not take me weight but I think a Stoke poke definitely is in order. Unless the photo is all Photoshop.

  2. “Harry Potter and the Mysterious New Body Hair”? Can’t wait for Rowling to churn that one out if she gets skint enough.

      • “Harry Potter and the Profitable Franchise” Bet she caves in and writes another one….

      • There’s a whole series of spoof Potter books, for example “Harry Potter Loses His Cherry” and “Harry Potter and the Lords of Yewtree” to name but a few

  3. Harry Potter & The shower of bastards
    Harry Potter & The Plagiarized work of fiction
    Harry Potter & The never ending cash cow
    Harry Potter & The washed up child actors
    Harry Potter can fucking suck my balls, it’s nearly as fucking bad as Twighlight

    I would deffo do Watson up the shit pipe though, just to make her suck it clean and get all the shit from under my forskin

  4. I think the media cunts are trying to market Watson as a new Audrey Hepburn….
    Which is like trying to pass One Direction off as Smokey Robinson & The Miracles…

    Rowling is a massive cunt… the hag is milking the Potter cow dry… The way she feeds ‘revelations’ to the disgusting Potter fanatics is pathetic… These cunts whipped themselves into a frenzy just becuase JK ‘revealed’ that Dubledore was queer… A decrepit ancient 100 old wizard is gay? It doesn’t even add to the (already shit) story… It’s just this silly bitch lapping up the arselicking off the Potter geeks because she knows they hang on every bit of bullshit that comes out of her mouth…

    Maybe she should say ‘A golden prodigy has a fall from grace, becomes a right bastard, and he has a name beginning with V? Yeah, I did nick Vodlermort from Darth Vader….’
    Thieving old witch…..

  5. “War, disease, crime and arse-banditry, Harry Potter novels, distress of nations, perplexity, dribbling gibberish and Iain Duncan-Smith will increase until the Archbishop of Cuntuar seals Emma Watson’s box”. According to the Panacea Society (patent holders of Dr. Melveau’s Portuguese Female Pills), the box is often seen at a lay-by somewhere between Towcester and Daventry.
    Or something like that…

  6. I think she is just doing this feminism campaign so that people could notice her even more. She wants to be more than an ordinary actress. Before this HeforShe bullshit, she was nothing special in people’ s eyes. That bitch needs to be reminded that she is not a philosopher or something. Her speeches and interviews annoy the crap out of me.

  7. Emma is one stuck-up, conceded, two faced, self centered, cunt breath little bitch. My daughter waited 3 hours to get close enough to her at the opening of WWofHP in Orlando to get her autograph. She tried to hand her, her book to sign and Emma was like. (With a bitching attitude) sorry, I have had it today. No more.
    She flipped her head around and fucking left. There were only four more people left in line and she couldn’t sign four more? Well fuck that whore. My daughter cried all night.

  8. Fuck this feminist cunt that think she’s oppressed and fighting for liberation. No more priviledged can you get. She also dates a typical alpha male jock while at the same time whining about masculinity.


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