Theresa May [4]

Maggie May - or may not...

Maggie May – or may not…

So the Tory tossers thought they would get another Margaret Thatcher as leader by electing the old dobbin in kitten heels, Theresa May. No chance cunters. She don’t look a like leader, she don’t talk like a leader and by God she don’t walk like a leader. Exploded in embarrassment the other night as the old round shouldered tart teetered orn her kitten heels following her belly doine the corridors orf Brussels. This is supposed to be an ambassador for British fashion? Fuck me.

Supposed to be there to put the British point orf view re fucking orf and the Euro Cunts refused to talk and gave her fifteen minutes at one am after a long dinner and piss-up. Orn top orf that indignity before the bash even started the Euro Cunts, odious froggie dwarf Holland, shite pants Schultz and garlic arsed Tusk (pronounced Toooosk cunts) went oit orf their way to tell her to fuck orf in front orf the BBC News cameras. Even some Lithuanian slapper in a Myra Hindley syrup had a go.

Bugger me. Would Mrs T have stood for that? No fan orf the lady but she did have a nice line in putting Johnny Foreigner in his place. She pulled orf a take no prisoners re-negotiation.
Orf course the continentals have always despised Her Majesty’s Sovereign Realm but we did have armed forces to keep them polite. All gorn to some dodgy scrapyard in India now but we do have a few aging nukes left. Lets drop ‘em orn the EU while they are still in date and we can yet afford a few gallons orf fuel.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

The EU Army


Can I cunt the creation of a huge new German, sorry, I mean EU army?

What you will have with an EU army, if you get to the bones of it, is an army with the combined military power of Italy, France and Germany, to name the main players but including 20 odd others extra.

It is not needed due to NATO, so you have to look at why the cunts want it.

The Germans rule the eu.
The Germans will be in control of this army.
It will be an enormous structure to rival the US military in time.
It will have laws enabling its deployment at short notice, or it would be useless.

So what you have in essence is a huge military force in Central Europe, controlled by the Germans and yet under an EU flag and so isn’t answerable to German Parliament. This can be deployed by unelected EU officials on paper, so the people have no control.

By Germany having financial control over the EU, they now have bought the loyalty of the rest of the EU. They have conquered Europe by financial means.

The EU would like to expand fully into Russian territory. Hence the mess in Ukraine.

Germany-expanding into Russia.
Ring any bells?
Take your seats for round 3.

Just think about the republic army in the shit 2000’s Star Wars trilogy. Turned into storm troopers didn’t they?

That’s the EU.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

Jean-Claude Juncker

jean claude juncker full size getty

Jean-Claude Juncker is a cunt! President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has been accused of intimidation for warning British voters that “deserters will not be welcomed with open arms”. Sounds like intimidation to me too…

Now, however, he has used an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde to offer stark views on the matter, saying: “If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences.” Hmm sounds like a threat and the strength of the comments are all the more surprising given the fact that to date the European Commission has been careful not to undermine the UK referendum campaign.

Once again we see that the EU is held together only by blackmail, bribery, manipulation and threats. Well Done Juncker you goat fucking bellend!

Nominated by: TitSlapper

The EU Referendum


The EU referendum deserves a good cunting.

Much like the Scottish referendum, the result has already been decided, of course the public will vote to stay in the EU.

Democracy is a fucking load of shit, the illusion of choice but the decision is already decided.
There is no way in hell Britain will be ALLOWED to get out of the EU, it is all part of the step to world governance (EU under the guise of free trade, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement etc)

If the EU referendum vote turns out to be NO I will insert a pineapple in my arse and film it for isacunt whilst Mrs Boaby shits on my face!

Nominated by: Boaby

Britain Stronger in Europe

stronger in europe

Project Fear has been rolled out again with the lies and spin being put out by arch cunt Stuart Rose over at ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’

And if that’s not enough, the cheeky cunts have the audacity to send out unsolicited emails explaining how important the decision will be and how it’s even more important that we donate £10 (or more) to the fighting fund to keep the UK in the rotten cuntfest that is the Fourth Reich.

The bastards in the Reich get £1.91 a day off me already through my taxes and now BSE want me to give them money so they can carry on taking more money off me.

It’s a monumental piss take. I want my £1.91 back!

Nominated by: Dioclese