The EU Army


Can I cunt the creation of a huge new German, sorry, I mean EU army?

What you will have with an EU army, if you get to the bones of it, is an army with the combined military power of Italy, France and Germany, to name the main players but including 20 odd others extra.

It is not needed due to NATO, so you have to look at why the cunts want it.

The Germans rule the eu.
The Germans will be in control of this army.
It will be an enormous structure to rival the US military in time.
It will have laws enabling its deployment at short notice, or it would be useless.

So what you have in essence is a huge military force in Central Europe, controlled by the Germans and yet under an EU flag and so isn’t answerable to German Parliament. This can be deployed by unelected EU officials on paper, so the people have no control.

By Germany having financial control over the EU, they now have bought the loyalty of the rest of the EU. They have conquered Europe by financial means.

The EU would like to expand fully into Russian territory. Hence the mess in Ukraine.

Germany-expanding into Russia.
Ring any bells?
Take your seats for round 3.

Just think about the republic army in the shit 2000’s Star Wars trilogy. Turned into storm troopers didn’t they?

That’s the EU.

Nominated by: Lord Ferrigno

28 thoughts on “The EU Army

  1. They want an army because Juncker et. al. are bricking it that the penny will drop to the other EU countries who realise that the EU is just a bag of shite which exists purely to keep the greedy former bankers at the top and the pointless MEPs dipped in gravy on the way to a federal state that no one wants. So they need an army to defend themselves when the masses descend Bastille style on their ivory tower in Brussels.

    If it had just remained as the EEC and was all about trade no one would’ve given a fuck and remaining wouldn’t have been an issue but once some unelected quango cunts start to lord it over sovereign states, well it’s time for the gloves to come off.

    • Exactly!
      Fuck the EU superstate and bureaucracy, good job we didn’t accept the Euro like the Irish did and look how good their economy is now lol

      • The fundimental problem with an EU army would be that if governed by the EU they would be very inefective off its own soil, think of the EU directives on right to life ect, be very difficult to operate under those terms, even harsh words could be banned.

  2. There was some EU cunt on the news the other day, he was something to do with immigration and was saying what a great success the EU immigration policy was. Obviously a delusional cunt.

    Anyway, what really struck me about the interview was when he was asked about Yugoslavia’s rejection of the immigrant quota. He said words to the effect that Europe had seen the results of nationalism in the past and we should learn those lessons from history. He went onto say that Europe could either become more united or else war would break out.

    Firstly, that is a false choice. War is not the inevitable outcome of the EU not becoming a supranational dictatorship.

    Secondly it tells of an EU ellite who will use an army to impose its will on any member state which refuses to comply with their edicts and use the excuse of fighting nationalism which they will conflate with facism.

    It looks like we got out just in time.

    • But we aren’t out are we, May and the EU are just stalling with all this ‘hard Brext’ ‘Soft Brexit’ fucking bullshit, they will just string it along until ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ starts and the retdarded mind-controlled public will forget all about it.

      We have already seen the BBC pushing all these ‘Marmitegate’ stories and apocalyptic stories about rising food and drink prices,
      Typical stalling and fear based bullshit to get the plebs to beg to stay in the EU.

      Article 50 my arse

  3. Airport expansion is a cunt,

    The population is growing, with all these cunts coming in and all you old cunts still hanging around. So they have to expand Heathrow or some other Airport, now next time your taking off think of the poor cunts under you having to listen to your fucking Plane flying over their £300,000 + houses whilst having their Foie Gras on toast. Yeah your all excited going on holiday aren’t you, yet you don’t care about the people underneath you, so this is a cunting for the whinging rich cunts who live under the flight path, the cunts on the planes and the cunts who are expanding the Airport(s). Ps Gatwick is a fucking shithole. The whole thing is a cunt.

    • They should make all planes in the mould of the RAF Harrier Jet, you wouldn’t need a runway and you can have an Airport on the Pub car park. I’m a clever cunt.

  4. I can’t wait for the Tiger III to come rumbling out of the VW/Audi factories in it’s hundreds. Let’s see Clarkson review that bastard…

      • I bet modern German tanks have those fucking eye-aching LED running lights on them. And just drive around tailgating every cunt…

  5. Sometimes evil cunts slip through our net on account of receiving insufficient publicity for their cuntitude. Hopefully I can prevent a particularly nasty cunt from getting away with it with my nomination of Montana County District Judge John McKeon.

    A 40 year old defendant admitted raping his 12 year old daughter multiple times and his scumbag lawyers managed to negotiate a plea agreement of 25 years in prison in exchange for their client’s guilty plea. Now the judge could have ignored this and still imposed the minimum sentence for incestuous rape (100 years PLUS a fine of $50,000).

    However, this being Judge John McKeon, a cunt of unparalleled magnitude, he did indeed choose to ignore the 25 year sentence of the plea agreement, instead sentencing the rapist scum to… sixty days. Yup, sixty days. Not sixty years, sixty DAYS (of which the rapist cunt will serve just 43).

    At the very least, both judge and defendant should be stripped of their trousers and pants and immediately dropped into whichever maximum security unit houses America’s most dangerous sex offenders.

    • Fuck America, you can get 300 years for murder, but just 60 days for child-rape.
      The home of the free, the land of the brave, allegedly

  6. Alfred Robens, aka Lord Robens, Baron Robens of Woldingham is a dead cunt and for all that is still a cunt. The bloody Mancunian died of pneumonia in Surrey (“To Chertsey my noble Lord!”). He should have been buried in slag heap slurry like the 116 children and 28 adults at Pantglas primary school in Aberfan. Not forgotten. Cunt.

  7. The BBC are still cunts.
    Never mind the ‘so called’ Isis shit, every time these scum are named. In case using ‘Islamic’ offends – hence the ‘so called’ bit.
    But the pits was yesterday on the Today programme. Some moslem cunt was wheeled out to explain why the governments anti radicalisation policy was oppressive or whatever. (we are being victimised) Humphreys was interviewing so I looked forward to a good old Humphries kebabing of the cunt when he made the usual claims – moslems not terrorists, killing of MP was terrorism, moslems peace loving, nothing to do with us, terrorists take many forms etc etc. – You know the words by heart now. And every one a self serving lie.
    But no. Humphries was strangely compliant with this barrage of untruthful shit. Failed to challenge in his usual combative style.
    I can only conclude that there is a BBC directive to bend over backwards to give a platform to this rubbish and that serious challenges are deemed Islamophobic.
    We are continuing to nurture the viper in our midst when we should be recognising it for what it is and our public broadcaster should be warning of the dangers.
    The BBC are a set of trendy cunts. They should make Corbyn Director General and be done with.

  8. All very sinister stuff, I suspect it’s more for population control of their subject populace. They will be able to deploy Poles to put down riots in Greece and Greeks to put down riots in France etc

    Won’t be long before they will be carting folk off to “correctional facilities” for speaking ill of the EU

      • Luckily we’ll be out before the cunts know what civil unrest is!

        Hopefully the ordinary folk of the residual EU states (who let’s face it couldn’t give a shit about the EU either – with possible exception of Belgium who have a lot to gain by this nouveau fascist state in terms of employment, etc.) decide to have a bit of uncivil unrest.

        The only cunts you see spouting off about the EU, immigration, etc., are the politicos or the joe public fucktard snowflakes which extol that mantra courtesy of the EU meejah collaborators such as the Al-Be-Be-Cerah.

        When you look at news channels hosted on YouTube (where free speech still has a modicum of exposure), when those teams interview French, German, Italian and Greek bods you get the odd one being in favour of the EU but the vast majority despise the cunts and are as concerned as we are (especially the Germans and Swedes) about the amount of power the EU has, immigration and Frau Merkels betrayal of her own people (and EU nations in general).

        That view is diametrically opposed to the view presented by the EU collaborator meejah where *everyone* loves the EU. Tell you now, if they held an EU wide vote on in or out I bet the cunts would get the shock of their lives – hence why they need an EU army and an EU Stasi to make sure dissenters are suppressed. And as a product of East Germany I’m sure Frau Merkel knows how to put a good Stasi together!

        So when ordinary folk’s views are being suppressed/oppressed will the likes of the Byron Burger SJW cunts and Lily Allen be campaigning on their behalf? No because they will be the EU pandering trustee ilk with a special armband who, with a mere point of a finger, can have some cunt frog marched off the street never to be seen again.

        That’s where this EU army is heading, to silence dissenters, and fuck all to do with keeping peace or protecting borders. Utter EU cunts!

      • Protecting borders? The combined navies effort in the med, which was supposed to be putting an end to people trafficking, is operating as a free ferry service to any cunt who can float ten yards from Libya. Part of the problem, not the solution. The eu army would probably recruit heavily from the flotsam, as they wouldn’t give a rats arse about shooting dissenting Europeans……

      • Hey I’m just saying what they claim they’ll use the army for even though Darth Juncker quite obviously has other plans, the cunt!

        DA, DA, DA, DAR, DI-DA, DAR, DI-DA.
        DEE, DEE, DEE, DAR, DI-DA, DAR, DI-DA!

  9. Only one nation has been asked if they want in or out and they voted out. The worlds media react like people are delusional or racist for wanting out , yet nobody is asking the José bloggs or the Jan Smiths of Europe what way they would vote.
    In pretty sure the results would be the same throughout Europe, but i wouldn’t bet on the powers that be letting the racist little plebs votes count.
    All we need is a Europe where no one goes to war against each other coz no cuntry will be interfering in another cuntries way of life ,and just have an aagreement that we’re all chums without unelected super cunts swanning around like Caesar, ready to bash anyone who stands up for themselves.
    Being pro exit ( brexit is a shit word made up media cunts) should not make us pariahs ,this is our world , and as long as we don’t hurt or hold back good people , we should all be free to do what we want. Wasn’t that what Chuck Yeager saved us for…….

  10. It must seem obvious to anybody that wants to see that the krauts have had two goes at european domination by force. That didn’t work so they turned to economic means. Lo and behold the EU comes along and they grab their chance of jumping into the drivers seat and pointing it in the direction they want to go.
    I have been saying this for 30 years but am always met with a smile and “oh , you just don’t like foreigners” . Look at the facts of history you cunts. It’s happening. The krauts have an inbuilt need to be in control by whatever means.
    If anybody thinks the EU army is going to be anything but jerry controlled they are living in dreamland.
    Leave these cunts behind at the first opportunity. Invoke Article 50 today before we are dragged into this fuck up in the making.

  11. Of course they need an EU Army, how else can they expect to control and neat EU citizens into silent submission.

  12. I’d like to give a fucking cunting to cancer tonight after finding and my friend and father in law has terminal cancer. Another of my great grumpy miserable cunts who are gonna be taken away from me. Sorry fellow cunts for the heavy subject but cancer is a good, especially when it happens to people who don’t deserve it, people with common sense fews and like a good cunting. I’m gonna get pist now, good health all fellow grumpy cunts, keep up the cunting!!

  13. The last time someone tried for a big European army was in the late 1930s and they really fucked it up. Could you imagine an army led by the likes of cunts Juncker, Merkel, Tusk and co. We the first thing they would do is invade the UK so the divisions from eastern europe (poland, romania etc) could all sign on for their unemployment cheque and free healthcare and then try to attack Russia but end up attacking pissy italy instead because its closer and the french cunts are all cunting cowards. They are all a bunch of pointless parasitic cunts who should have been drowned at birth.

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