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  1. “Don’t like Brexit? Fuck off back to Guyana then – because it’s fuck all to do with you!”

    Amen brother, I’ll happily pay for the cunts airfare

    • I’ll go halfies mate! Sooner we’re shot of treacherous cunts like this – who we’ve welcomed in and have allowed to become successful – the better.

      Which reminds me Ms Miller, why did you choose the UK and London to base yourself and your business instead of say Tehran, Riyadh or some shithole in your native South America?

      Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, you ungrateful cunt!

    • Cultural appropriation good sir you have to be a muzzie if you wanna do that, its like one of those carnival rides you must be this tall to ride

      Lol just kidding of course King Henry wasn’t too fond of talking heads either….

  2. That cunt Bernie Grant was from Guyana…Ab anglophone try in south America but is actually more like jamaica being majority afro Caribbean and south Asian…tbe capital Geortown a dirty hole notorious for being full of cheap Columbian coke…

  3. I still find the Jo Cox situation disturbing, something is still amiss and has become an even bigger soap with ex Coronation Street actress Tracy Brabin taking over the reins. As for Brendan Cox he is still a cunt of high magnitude

    • To quote Chris Spivey…That was a fucking crisis actor play.
      Not a word about this bullshit in almost 8 months.
      Jo Cox murder is about as real as the ISIS, ISIL, & Syria threat.

    • Google Brendan (sux six) Cox now and read his tweets from the last couple of days . the cox is calling anybody against him haters and i think also congratulating lineker .

      The way these lefty “liberal” cunts get to win an argument with bit of name calling is very childish and very fucking annoying. It used to be you’re a racist or you right wing scum,but this new one “haters” has really got me hating the cunts more than i thought i ever could………

      • Is this the Brendan Cox who resigned from the charity Save The Children after allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards women. Of course he denied all allegations.

  4. Another cunt I’ve never heard of, so had to look her up and found this quote ” my SOUTH AMERICAN background has given me a very strong matriarchal outlook “.
    Since when did GREAT BRITAIN need advice from some fucking backward ,corrupt,third world Diego cuntry ……

    Still root it though……….

    • actually guyana is nothing like shitty south american diego countries: it’s actually far worse – a wog’s shanty town a bit of bkack africa in the americas…its more like kingston jamaica’s slums or lagos nigeria.

      • A very strong matriarchal outlook has worked fucking wonders for South America, hasn’t it? 119th most corrupt country out of 167 and 157th GDP out of 190. I think you can keep your matriarchal outlook, thank you very much.

      • Was just telling the missus the exact same thing before I read your post, cuntbox.
        I’m also pretty sure their is still some class of slave trade going on there. The place really is like stepping back in time to a world of plantation masters.

        Ps . if Va -Gina wants to help, maybe help the poor working people of the UK who are going hungry, being evicted and basically being left behind……….

        pps. Rod Stewart is a cunt for telling Cliff Richard that he is a true rock’n’roller, and for telling him to sue the “bastards” and for being Rod Stewart……….. And Cliff is also a super duper mega cunt anyway…….

  5. What the fucks going on? First there’s that bow-legged cunt lily allen apologising on my behalf to those imigrunt cunts, the cunt. Now there’s this rubber-lipped clawey-handed cunt trying to undo what more that 50% of this once great country want. Mind your own fucking business you interfering black cunt, and fuck off. You cunt.

  6. jo cox. so if she wasn’t just the victim of a random nutter what exactly do the conspiracy theorists think really did happen then?

    • One of the peacefull folk stabs an elderly lady to death and injure several others on a busy Londonistan street and the BBC report it as a mental health issue.

      A nutter kills a female MP and it is the work of a far right wing brexit supporter.

  7. The ‘child’ that Lily Allen (Cunt) apologised to has been reunited with his father in the UK. The father had entered the UK illegally eleven years ago and claimed asylum because he feared for his life if he returned to Afghanistan. After seven years he was given leave to stay and then promptly went back to Afghanistan for a three month holiday. The cunt still can’t speak English and communicates through an interpreter.
    I wonder how long it will be until the rest of the family arrive CUNTS.

  8. TitSlapper, I would like to apologise to pugs all over the world for comparing them to that ugly black cunt Gina “smelly snatch” Miller

  9. Ain’t she a fine example of globalism, raping our country, screwing the natives and wanting to write the rules.

    Off fuck home

  10. The bitch is an anti democratic cunt who should keep her ugly beak out of a proper countrys business.
    Coming from a fly blown shithole does not give you the right to try and subvert the will of 17m people so fuck off back there.
    The cunt says she is matriarchal, well, she may be boss in her own house but stick to that you cunt and stop trying to tell us what to do.

  11. The interfering cunt comes from a banana republic where democracy is entirely absent. I admire her consistency. Now fuck off you attention seeking lawyer scumbag.

  12. So for her business interests, this meddlesome cunt uses her wealth to fuck over the will of the majority of our country. This ‘woman’ is a shit stain. What a vile self serving cunt.

  13. Tough fucking shit! Go and live in eu country if you don’t like one, we are independent now, we don’t need to hold the Mammy and Daddy of the EUs hand to cross the road, we are a grown up country!

  14. Another no good cunt. Fuck her, piece of shit! Britain voted to leave so it could be Great Britain again, who the fuck is she or any of the other complaining cunts to derail that now. Don’t like it, then fuck off somewhere else. Stop Brexit now and face the wrath of the of hard working British people motherfuckers!

  15. How the fuck in hell was that ugly bitch ever a model. The only modelling she could do is on a fucking anorexia advert. Get yourself to fuck over in euro fuckin land where you can ponce round all fucking day with your like minded liberal pussy friends. Shower o fuckin weak cunts. Get a fucking pan o scouse down ya. Cunts

  16. Gina Miller is a total fuckwit, she married into millions of pounds, but the poor dear was worried that due to Brexit her investor friends might lose some money. Well what ever happens in the financial markets, this cunt will still be living in total luxury. Miller has no sense of human decency, unlike the majority of the British people. If she is so worried about her savings, then just fuck off somewhere else. What a cunt of the highest magnitude!

  17. Miller sells herself off as self made ?? No your not!! She married an extremely Rich man
    And a champion of the people?? She FUCKIIN isn’t !!!
    A rich spoiled 1st rate cunt is probably closer to the truth, ” remain reform review ” she squarked on the marr show, a lovely little soundbite probably written by one of her legal team, when farage asked her if she didn’t understand what No in referendum vote meant she was lost for words. The only people this odious twat represents is the corporate elites who make fortunes from the single market. A pseudo intellectual money backed gob shite!! Go fuck yourself, you phoney self serving Cunt…..

  18. I see the strident self serving cunt is at it again, she is looking at taking the government to court again, this time she wants the House of Lords involved in Brexit legislation, the reason is the conservatives don’t have a majority!, infact I’m pretty sure the lords is full of liberal ( strange name for the CUNTS) democrats, so in effect Brexit would simply get bogged down and never passed…. The arrogance of miller is staggering, apparently she’s being democratic?? And we should all be thanking her, or is she maybe just protecting her business interests in Europe?? And this has nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with greed and utter disregard for the will of the people…
    utter Cunt!! Let’s hope there’s some karma for this bitch!!!

  19. Gina Miller you dumb cunt.
    Yes she has now slowed the whole process down, congrats you bungle cunt wiff.
    This cunt has the cheek to go on Tv and moan about being abused by the public whilst having police escort from brexit wanting tax payers.
    Gina Miller you scabby attention seeking cunt fart, go back under your rock.
    Is Gina Miller doing all this because of the worry of not being fully British and being sent back to the shit hole aids infested backward cuntry where she belongs ?
    Britian don’t need you and never will you fucking waste of skin.

    Gina Miller is a cunt.

  20. Although I agree with most what your all are saying about Gina Miller but I find it disrespectful bringing Jamaica into this argument she do not come from Jamaica yes you have poor areas in Jamaica but so do have in England, so if have a strong feeling about good so be it but just leave Jamaica out of the argument no need

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