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Chuck Yeager, The Right Stuff.

Chuck Yeager is a typical Septic, i.e. a massive, ignorant cunt.

He’s recently been mouthing off via twitter about how “ungrateful” people in the UK are for the Americans “saving” us in WW2. The silly old cunt seems to want us to come bowing and scraping for them being bombed into the war by the Japanese in late ’41, by which time the Nazis had already abandoned their plans to invade Britain.

I suppose we shouldn’t be too hard on the Septics being ignorant of history, but it’s still infuriating to read a yank’s ill-informed outpourings on the net.

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain

Chuck Yeager needs a cunting. Yep, the ‘hero’ Second World War pilot who went on to break the sound barrier. The Mail is running a story in which he shows what a nasty, ignorant little prick he is.

Apparently, the British are ‘nasty and arrogant’. Oh and ungrateful, because we don’t keep falling on our knees to thank him for saving Britain during the war. Yes, he actually thinks that the US won the Second World War all by its lonesome. Something that NONE of the American half of my family think. Or any of my American friends. He forgets to mention that the US only joined the war because the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and killed Americans. If that hadn’t happened, the US would have stayed out of it.

Anyway, a big FUCK YOU to Chuck Yeager. Go suck your daddy’s cock, you nasty, arrogant cunt!

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. The Yanks didn’t really give a fuck about Hitler taking over Europe. They could deal with him. What they really didn’t want is for Soviet Russia to take Europe.

    The Germans invades Russia on 22nd June 1941 in an operation designated Barbarossa. It all went swimmingly at first, the Bosch employing their blitzkrieg tactics which had worked so well against the rest of mainland Europe. However, the German offensive stalled at Moscow in early October 1941. Although the actual battle for Moscow lasted until January 1942, German forces were severely depleted and experiencing debilitating logistical problems by the end of October 1941and it was more or less over by 5th December 1941 when the Soviets launched a counter offensive.

    The Yanks joined WW2 2 days later on 7th December 1941.

    It isn’t disputed that the Nips attacked Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941 and that following the attack they didn’t have any option but to join WW2. But its open to question whether they would have concentrated on a war in the pacific and not bothered with Europe if the Russians had not defeated the Germans at Moscow.

    • The Normandy d day landing were all about stopping Stalin getting to the Atlantic.If the Americans hadn’t set up a second western front Soviet troops would have been welcomed into France by the PCF (French communist party) which at the time were a big power.

    • This would be the same Yanks whom, despite being the only nuclear power, agreed at Yalta to hand over all of Eastern and Central Europe to the USSR, despite Russias forces having been smashed by Germany and the combined British Imperial and US forces being in excellent shape. This would be the same Yanks who supplied the USSR sufficiently to prevent their collapse. This would be the same Yanks who pulled the rug from under Chaing Kai Shek’s government and allowed the nearly destroyed Communists to take over China. I sometimes wonder if the true power of US statecraft isn’t the ability of people to concoct far-reaching plans from the actual daily incompetence of their civil service.

  2. The only thing the septics charged in the first years of the war was extra interest on the money they “lent”. After buying up many British companies and assets at knock down prices. They are still up to their thieving ways demanding “technology transfer” (AKA handing over commercial secrets) whenever they deign to buy anything and then claiming they “invented” it.

    • I met a Yank once who claimed an American invented the steam engine in the 16th century. And he was an engineer.

  3. Gary Lineker needs to be cunted right now…

    First of all, his ‘legendary’ (so he says) status as a footballer… Goalhanger who took the glory, but did very little teamwork… Fucked off and left his ‘beloved’ Leicester City for a big money move to Everton (who were champions at the time), then fucked off to Barcelona for another big pay day… Played briefly for Tottingham, but then fucked off again for a load of cash (some Japanese joke club called Grandpa’s Eight or something)… What integrity the man has, eh?…

    A goody goody arselick on the pitch and a sanctimonious twat off it… I recall Lineker’s ‘horror’ at Eric Cantona after the Selhurst incident… If that gobshite, Simmons, had verbally abused Lineker, old goody gumdrops would have responded quietly ‘Steady on! There’ no need for that, old chap…’ Lineker openly condemned Cantona, but sang the praises of his ‘mate’ erstwhile pisspot and wifebeater, Gazza… As I said, Lineker is man of standards… Didn’t slag King Eric to his face, mind you…

    Such standards also applied to how he treated his wife… Old Mr Nice Guy dropped his rather nice wife, Michelle, for younger underwear model, Danielle Bux (I bet she fucking does!)… Lovely bloke…

    Now this paragon of virtue is looking down on all the working class riff-raff of Britain and calling them ‘racis’ for daring to have misgivings over the’child refugees’ from the Calais Shithole… Well, being concerned about potential rape, murder, terrorism, and economic and welfare queue jumping is not racist, Mister Arselick… This cunt also has the breathtaking arrogance to spell out the definition of the word ‘racist’ to (what he sees as) the ignorant peasants… What a complete cunt…

    And Lineker will never be as good as Bobby Charlton or Jimmy Greaves as long as I have a hole in my arse…

    • I remember when he won the golden boot for six goals at Mexico 86. I was only eleven ,but knew the cunt poached everyone of them from within 6 yards.
      As a young england and Leicester fan i should have been over the moon , but I just thought “jammy bastard”…………..

      • He’s a monumental cunt, never scored a goal from further out than the 6 yard box, most were offside too.
        Jug-eared, bbc money siphoning prick

      • Was a goalhanging stuffy cunt… No Bobby Charlton style heatseekers or Sparky Hughes scissor kicks from ‘Lin-acre’ (as Micky Channon used to say)… And one (fucking one!) trophy (FA Cup with Spurs, 1991) is certainly no match for Cantona’s heroics (and that includes decking that gobshite Palace cunt!)…

      • the only reason they won that was cause pissed up Gazza got sent off, they would have lost otherwise

      • What I hate about the smug jug eared cunt is he thinks he is so funny…The twat always has to make a ‘witty’ or ‘sarcastic’ remark when doing his shit on Match Of The Day… Like so many modern TV presenter cunts, Lineker thinks he is some sort of comedian… Give me the late, great Brian Moore any time… A proper football presenter who didn’t try and turn ‘The Big Match’ into a fucking comedy show…

        In the 80s, I always thought Alan Smith was the better Foxes player anyway…

    • Add this cunt to the ever lengthening list of cunts who preach to the rest of us. No surprise he is employed and paid by the ABBC.
      I wonder what their reaction would have been if one of their presenters had opined the alternative view that the jungle residents should not be allowed in. Fuck me, outrage, marches, number one item on the news that said presenter had been summarily sacked.
      What about balance ?
      Fucking forget it. All one way propaganda.
      Lineker was a cunt, is a cunt and always will be a cunt. He can fuck off and die of overeating of crisps.

    • Nail on the head about Linekers virtue signalling. All an effort to compensate and distract from the fact he was an utter shit to his first wife and family. A proper cunt in other words.

      • I heard a rumour he used to funnel Cheese & Onion Crisps up her arse before getting her to shit them out in to his mouth whilst wanking over his Walkers paycheque.

  4. The evil little cunts who slaughtered mother and daughter , Elizabeth and Katie Edwards need to be named .
    Having read the awful description of what those two thoughtless evil cunts done to a family in their sleep has me feeling sick to my stomach.
    The courts treating them with kid gloves is disgusting , no robes or wigs and addressing them with their first names.
    When someone commits such a terrible crime , their age should not protect them from being named.
    I hope they get whats coming to them ,but the sad thing is that the sick cunts probably couldn’t give a fuck..
    Dirty evil cunts………

      • This is one of the few times a hand over to Isis would be considered acceptable. Seeing some of the recent head sawing parties they have conducted on cunts who have done alot less, it would be a great watch.

    • I heard of this case driving into work on BBC 3 Counties Radio.

      When I heard what they did I thought: “Fuck me, really!?!”

      Then they brought on a lady who was the organiser (or main bod) of “Mothers Against Violence” (or some such shite) and I was thinking: “Aye, aye I can see where this apologist, ADHD claiming cunt will be going.” and the libbo presenter (a stand in for Jonathan Vernon Smith) was expecting it to go that way too (hence the airtime being afforded to her).

      However, much to my amazement, she said they should be named and should never be released from jail.

      The Al-Be-Be-Cerah talk show host was very obviously taken aback and had no real questions for her as he was expecting her to go down the libbo “Well not their fault, too young to know, need help…” path but didn’t, and therefore I would like to nominate that lady for an un-cunting.

  5. My US grandpa has always despised Yeager. “Everyone sees him as a hero”, he’s said more than once. “In that he flew a plane faster than anyone had before, yeah, it was pretty brave. Hero? No. The real heroes were the guys who had the brains to build the plane that he fucking flew”. And as Clarkson pointed out in an interview with Yeager a few years back, a lot of the technology in that plane, was British. A fact that apparently sent him ape shit.

  6. Fuck the old cunt.
    You could bungee-strap me onto a ballistic missile and I’d reach 15000mph. Be worth it just to shut the wanker up.

  7. I would like to point out to “Chuck” that we paid every penny of lend lease back to the Americans, even the stuff we then shipped to the Russians.

    The Canadian wrote off all the stuff they sent us after WW2, not the Yanks, we had to pay it back till about the 1990’s.

    Of course the Germans got a clean slate and nothing to pay back. Don’t seem fair does it ?

    • The Germans have been paying the Jews Billions and still are to this day.
      Jews, the only people more fucking self righteous than the bloody Yanks

  8. Chucky the fucky arrogant ignorant cunt of an arsehole. To me he disrespects all those decent men and women that fought in the war, those who gave there lives for freedom and those that survived, the badly injured and for those who came back whose lives were drastically changed. I respect and salute the servicemen and offer my thanks to them for putting their lives on the line, as for Chuck Yeager he can fuck off and have a good read of some decent war material to see exactly what them best forces in the world were doing, Chucky you are a cunt

  9. Gingers, your comments pre suppose that the cunt can actually read. If he can any yank history will be airbrushed of anything other than they won the war, yanks invented everything etc.
    Yeager is a cunt.

  10. Yeager sounds like a kraut to me. The yanks took so long to enter the war because they supported the krauts and Roosevelt nearly did not get support orf the British side through Congress. Ultimately it cost Churchill an arm and a leg plus both bollocks. In the end Yank participation came down to money. We had to pay for everything and give up to them a lot orf our overseas territories and concessions. It was the start orf our massive balance orf payments deficit.

  11. Good point Johnson, think I was giving the yank cunt too much credit believing he could read, the old fart. Wonder if he could read what is written on the soles of my boots

  12. Americans are pratts when it comes to nicknames and names in general.
    A friend of a friend claims adamantly to have been at a meeting and was introduced to an American bloke called Richard Size…….could you keep a straight face?

  13. It’s generally accepted that the attack on Pearl Harbour prompted the Yanks to get off their stupid fat arses and join in. So they lost a bunch of boats and personnel in that attack, but 2 fucking nukes as retaliation? Talk about a serious fucking over reaction. The only nation ever to use nuclear weaponry in open warfare and targeted at population centres. Lovely. And don’t get me fucking started on their friendly fire shenanigans every time their trigger happy cunts bother to show up. I have a nephew in the British Army who’s done exercises with Yanks and even he says their rules of engagement are fucking mental and that they’re cunts.

    • “but 2 fucking nukes as retaliation?” Yeah,yeah but they were democracy nukes weren’t they? We were freeing them and giving them democracy and stuff, ‘merica fuck yeah….

      Just joking of course the nuclear bomb as retaliation is disgusting and completely overkill you just can’t justify that. Its true american military has the biggest fuckups ever. Either it being accidentally blowing up a hospital or school, killing allies (friendly fire) or overthrowing a country and destroying everything even though they went their to “free” it. Dumb Yank Bastards!

    • Should have been at least three nukes on those bastards. Talk to anyone who served or was close to someone who fought the Japs.
      Pity they didn’t have them to clear out Berlin and the other big cities and Moscow etc. would have saved a lot of time and allied lives.
      And ask yourselves this question. If there was no Hitler and the Yanks were being overwhelmed by the Nips ,would we have had support in this country to go between 3 and 5 thousand miles to help them? Sure we would. Not.
      Germany lost the war because the idiot hitler took on the unknown strength of Russia and by the end of 1942 the war was effectively lost. But do you think the Russians would have stopped in Berlin ,the hell they would, who was going to stop them going all the way through Holland Belgium and france?
      Certainly not us. Americans made lots of mistakes but we couldn’t have mounted an attack on Margate without american aid ,let alone an invasion of Europe.

      Who the fucking hell said that America should come to anyone’s help anyway , fuck off ,we wouldn’t because we fucking couldn’t.
      But let us not let the facts get in the way of pointless cunting.

      • Japs are vicious,disgusting psychopaths who should have been wiped off the face of the globe.

      • Dad’s mate Les spent three days on a raft I’m the Pacific to be picked up by the Japs. “I wish they’d a fuckin left me there” were his words. Harry the father in law was also captured. They were cruel bastards he said. He never ate rice again after 4 years of it as the only food they got.

    • The yanks area indeed a bunch of low intellect yeehaw blue on blue experts. The fuckwitted movie Top Gun sums the cunts up to a tee. So does ‘Team America’ an absolute belter on the murcans.

  14. My late father-in-law was a Royal Marine Commando during WW2;serving in the Adriatic and the Med,he said the Yanks were crap soldiers and almost gave away his squadrons positions to the enemy on many occasions due to their crap soldiering…….Fact!……………Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  15. The Yanks are not just fucking crap soldiers ….. some may even consider each and every one of them a massive liability. Speaking from experience I have had the misfortune to have been deployed with the U.S.M.C Anglico (laser range finding) during the 2003 deployment to Iraq and I have never in my life seen such a fucking comedy of errors, it was an absolute abortion. These fucking retard cunts were so fucking abysmally shocking at their job it was scary.
    Not only were they a bunch of shit cunts at their jobs but as people as well, I have never in my life had the misfortune to be surrounded by so many Whiney cowardly fucking snowflakes.
    Fuck America its soft as shit!!!!

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