Lily Allen [3]


Lily Allen is a CUNT

If she is so fucking moved to tears by the Calais Migrants, then why does she not get her fucking chequebook out and feed them/clothe them.

Because she is a publicity seeking cunt who could not give a fucking shit about them, it’s all
PR to show the media how empathetic she is.

Fucking spastic cunt of a whore with less musicality than Westlife and about as much empathy as all the cunts who get on the BBC Children In Need bandwagon

Nominated by: Boaby

Dear Gypo and Pikey cunts,

I would like to sincerely apologise on behalf of Lilly Allen and the derogatory comments she made about you and your way of life.

No this does not mean that I want you anywhere near my town, schools or playing fields, for you to shit on, destroy and terrorise.

Nor does it mean that I want my driveway doing with 1/2 an inch of tarmac you nicked from your road-digger cunt cousins (who are all getting smashed in the pub at 3pm even though Balfours charge HM Gov to 5pm).

Personally I agree with everything she said I just thought I’d repay her cuntishness for apologising on my behalf to the cunts in the Calais Jungle when I actually hope they *are* living in sub-human conditions so that they get fed up with winter coming and fuck off back to where they come from! Economic migrant cunts!

The thing is that the two-faced twit will probably apologise herself within 24hrs and will no doubt dedicate her next album to your plight of being a bunch of workshy thieving cunts.

She’ll probably donate 10% of her total sales to some bollocks charity to do with your lot – so make sure you spend that £10.57 wisely, it’ll be good for a couple of bottles of Glens Vodka.

Best regards,


Nominated by: Rebel without a Cunt!

How fucking dare this arrogant cunt apologise on my behalf! I have absolutely fuck all to apologise for – other than that this fucking arsehole lives in the same country as me and wastes our oxygen!

Fuck off to Syria, you daft cow!

Nominated by: Dioclese

37 thoughts on “Lily Allen [3]

  1. Generation snowflake, of which Lily the musical mong is emblematic need a cunting. The milenial generation have been given their own way first by parents who have spared the rod and a society based upon instant gratification of any and all desires. This has led to a generation who think they can stamp their little feet and shed a few crocodile tears and they will get their own way. And the fucking spazmatron ( copyright Norman 2016 ) is absolutely correct. What a pile of cunt.

  2. The sheer level of narcissim that this stupid talentless bitch has to believe she is qualified to speak on behalf of her country is staggering even by luvvie standards.Keith should have used a condom.

    • Of course Keith himself was an absent father cunt. This explains the virtue signalling and general cuntishness surrounding these irresponsible mong cunts.

    • Just another celeb nuisance .Theyre rich n famous they get up when they like. live n holiday when n where they like n work when they like even if they dont need to.So while most of us who cant do these things and have to work are forced to rub shoulders with these thieving wog cunts. so cut her some slack she cant help being a spoiled little cunt who if it wasnt for dad another cunt shed be working at morrisons on the checkout.

  3. Omfg just had my dinner and clicked on ere and whose pic should appear before me fucking lily allens its made me bring back me dinner this has got to be one of the biggest cunt to walk this earth she knocks me a fucking sick this cunt fuck needs to be tied to a post in the thames and be left to let the water take its course this diatribe of a life form should be spared no mercy what a complete and utter cunt she be.

    • At least it was only her spazmo fizzog in the pic (as if that isn’t bad enough)… Because her tits are horrendous… The rest of her really is as ugly as her face…

  4. The funny thing is the spaztard Allan just happened to find the mutant hellspawn kid of some exTaliban cannon fodder that plopped illegally out the back of an HGV in MY country and now lives on welfare, paid through MY taxes.

    So fuck right off Lily, you total fucking nonentity. Its dumb fuck leftard cunts like you that will be held personally responsible when your illegal pets go on a raping rampage or blow themselves and a theatre audience to smithereens. Just remember that, because we fucking will!

    Equally amusing is that the dopey shitcunt likens anyone who dares disagree with her publicity stunt to future generations of Germans apologising for the Nazis.

    Well guess what snowflake, Germany and the rest of Europe is about to vote for Adolf Hitler MKII because of shitwits like you and your cultural marxist ideals.

    Now, fuck off poppet and don’t ever open your piehole in public again.

    Leave that to the adults. You cunt!

    • The hope of her,and cunty leftards like her keeping her gob shut is almost nil.
      When her rapeugee friends go on the rampage she will make excuses and say it’s because they were not welcomed properly. Any apology from her to the rest of us at that stage ? No chance.
      She is a colossal cunt who needs to get back in the news. Roll out the racist card – the same as you Linaker you big eared cunt – and you will get headlines.
      Is she taking anybody in from Calais. Fucking fat chance of that either. NIMBY.
      Well not in mine or anybody elses either. They can all fuck off to their third world shitholes and fuck goats or whatever it is they pass the time with. Oh, and take Allen, Linaker et al with you.

    • Yep I stayed in an F1 Hotel nr silvertown in essex once and there were resident cunt east european bastards there all courtesy of the taxpayer and they were running up n down the corridors all night shouting.Dear government I dont want these fuckheads here ok and furthermore i dont want to pay for it either.

      • Oh and when this country UK finally slides below the festering pool of shit that it floats on where will we go whos going to help us fucking nobody thats who.

    • All joking aside ,who goes out like that, she’s a mother for fucks sake.
      I think I’ll keep that pic and look at it every now and again just to remember her cunt , eh i mean that she’s a cunt………….fuck i like that picture ,the misses might be growing a landing strip now ……I’m confused…….

  5. I’d like to apologise (tears rolling down my cheeks) for not castrating Keith Allen with a rusty hacksaw before he had a chance to father the publicity-seeking bitch. I promise you all,hand on heart,that when I complete my time-machine, I’ll not neglect my duties when it comes to time-travel/sadistic murder.
    Must admit though that Mr Abbott,Oliver,Fry,Evans,Cameron,Blair,Brown,DeGaulle,and Ross will probably get priority attention.

  6. Course goes without saying this little Welsh pikey tart doesn’t give a wank about an English kid going without food and shelter.

  7. well I am going to give a big thumbs up to President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines who has told the EU to “Fuck off”

  8. Simon Danczuk MP is massive cunt who never learns his lesson.

    He’s been caught once again sending explicit pictures and videos of himself to young women. And when one of the women in question gave them to Popbitch who obligingly posted this image of his ‘Cum Face’ online –

    – Danczuk announced he was seeking advice to see whether he could take action under the Revenge Porn laws! Revenge Porn?? You wish! What a sad and deluded dirty old cunt.

    • Jesus fucking Christ, Fred!!!

      I don’t know what is more disturbing.

      The fact that I have seen the chubby chipmunk shagging old perv’s cum face, or the fact that you knew where to find it.

  9. Duterte is a fucking phsyco , but any politician who calls Ballsack Obummer a “son of a whore” has a special place in my heart……….

  10. Lily fucking who? Short lived career over? Go get some free publicity weeping over parasites.

    Fuck of to Nigeria, you’ll love it.

  11. I didn’t think it would be easy to top Charlotte church for being a total fuckwit but Lilly the tucking retard takes the cake, she is a relentless,gobshite,retarded,inbred,mediavwhoring ,slapper… fact the only thing she seems any good at is passing everyone off……. what a total count, needs a good kick in the snatch followed by a Glasgow kiss the cunt

    • Has she fuck.
      Last news on this was that she would “100% consider” taking one of these cunts in.
      Note “consider”.
      I will vote for Corbyn before she opens her doors to a rapeugee.

  12. Did anyone see the programme on BBC1 about body image this evening?. Bloody funny it was – Anne Robinson (an obvious cunt for starters) met a woman who wears a.burqa and veil outside the home “because then you don’t get judged on your appearance” then Anne puts on a burqa and veil and they both trot off down to the town centre to ask passers by what they think about appearances. And nearly every fucker they tried to speak to ran away!.I think poor old cunt BBC has cunted itself this time!

    • In fairness they probably sussed it was Anne Robinson who looks like she was dragged out of an Egyptian tomb these days and legged it in case the burqa slipped.

      I have no objection to ugly women wearing burqas or Muslim women for that matter. Just as long as they stay at home and don’t come here.

  13. Give a man a fish, and he will eat for the day, but give a mong a microphone, and you’ll never hear the end of it.
    If she wants to apologise for anything, how about her terrible music, the mockney hag.

  14. When the first tranche of atrocities caused by these “children” can no longer be covered up as being a bit “Norwegian” by the Al-Be-Be-Cerah news network, et. al., I hope the Sun or Daily Mail does a full page, front page labelling said atrocity with the tag line: “Where are your tears now Lily!”

    If they choose to add “You Cunt!” on the end of it, all the better. Snowflake, SJW, won’t affect YOU of they do come over, cunt!

  15. What we need is a Lilly rumble in the jungle so she can experience the rapeugies first hand, some were saying they had gone a long time without sex and that’s why they rape little boys so I’m sure they would be desperate enough for some dummy stuffing with Lilly the retard

    • I think leaving her with the rapeugies, without any camera crew to protect her, alone in the Jungle for a week, would be a great idea. And then afterwards the BBC could do a documentary on ‘arse retightening’, after she’s had about 300 of the dirty fuckers arse rape her every night.

  16. Typical, none of the media outlets covering this event bother to investigate whether Lily was on her bad week when she visited. Looks hormonal to me.

  17. hopefully lilly the mong will look at is a cunt and will be in tears when she reads the shit storm she has created and the general opinion the world has to say about the cunt

  18. I have some good news,a Syrian doctor who has been illegaly shat out of a truck in Cardiff was dissatisfied with his accomadation and is going back to allepo….Cardiff city 1 immigrant nil-fuck off home you cunt and take lilly the mongo with you

  19. Lily Allen needs to do this country a huge service and just fuck right off and never come back. That would be a bonus.

  20. To think I was a fan of this stupid cow!!!! What an idiot I was! If wish she would go and live in one of the areas Tommy is talking about, but she is too scared and arrogant! If she loves them so much why doesn’t she buy a large house and invite them to live with her. Never buy her stuff again!

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