Theresa May [4]

Maggie May - or may not...

Maggie May – or may not…

So the Tory tossers thought they would get another Margaret Thatcher as leader by electing the old dobbin in kitten heels, Theresa May. No chance cunters. She don’t look a like leader, she don’t talk like a leader and by God she don’t walk like a leader. Exploded in embarrassment the other night as the old round shouldered tart teetered orn her kitten heels following her belly doine the corridors orf Brussels. This is supposed to be an ambassador for British fashion? Fuck me.

Supposed to be there to put the British point orf view re fucking orf and the Euro Cunts refused to talk and gave her fifteen minutes at one am after a long dinner and piss-up. Orn top orf that indignity before the bash even started the Euro Cunts, odious froggie dwarf Holland, shite pants Schultz and garlic arsed Tusk (pronounced Toooosk cunts) went oit orf their way to tell her to fuck orf in front orf the BBC News cameras. Even some Lithuanian slapper in a Myra Hindley syrup had a go.

Bugger me. Would Mrs T have stood for that? No fan orf the lady but she did have a nice line in putting Johnny Foreigner in his place. She pulled orf a take no prisoners re-negotiation.
Orf course the continentals have always despised Her Majesty’s Sovereign Realm but we did have armed forces to keep them polite. All gorn to some dodgy scrapyard in India now but we do have a few aging nukes left. Lets drop ‘em orn the EU while they are still in date and we can yet afford a few gallons orf fuel.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

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  1. No hang on, I’ve got it. It’s the replacement for Angus Scrimm in the next “Phantasm” horror movie…

  2. On the other hand folks;the Johnny foreigners are just pissed that we”re leaving them;and why should our Theresa make an effort to impress the cunts now eh?…….Baaaaaaaaaaah

  3. I am really loathed to ask this question because one of my comedy heroes died last night, but did anyone have Jimmy Perry in the dead pool. I am really hoping not. Sad day end of an era as far as I am concerned.

    • I can confirm that he wasn’t nominated in this pool. Did yo see the dramatised documentary “The Dad’s Army Story”? Quite entertaining and interesting how it all came about in the end. That Arthur Lowe was a right cunt!

      Classic comedy and – despite many opinions to the contrary – I liked the film as well.

      • Yes I did see the drama doc I thought it was excellent I actually own it on DVD 🙂 I loved the original film it was superb, but I started watching the modern one and I am afraid it just didn’t cut it with me. Bill Neighy as wilson was rubbish and Toby Jones was dreadful I gave it my best shot but as soon as Catherine zeeta skeeta jones arrived I had to switch off I detest her intensely and she ruined it for me.
        I often watch Dad’s Army on DVD. Why don’t the BBC make quality comedy anymore…..OH yes inclusive and racial equality that’s why. CUNTS.

      • I have also read John Le Measure’s auto biography and the one Joan wrote about him and I have read the book about Arthur Low and Godfrey’s Ghost written by Arnold Ridley’s son. all good reads.

  4. Are you disgusted by the way Britain is letting in any wog cunt who can make it to Calais and claim to be under 18? Thank it all on Baron Alfred Dubs. He is the ungrateful Czech cunt who has bashed a huge hole in the dam keeping Johny in their rightful place on the other side of the channel.

    “Why ungrateful?” You may ask. Well, the cunt was given safe haven by Britain in 1939 at the age of 6 when he was brought from Prague to London to escape the Nazis. Now he is repaying that kindness with an act of national sabotage that will see areas of Britain turn into Moga-fucking-dishu.

    How did he do it? He organized a rebellion in the House of Lords to defeat the Governments’ new immigration bill thus blocking its passage onto the statute books. In order for the Government to get its bill through it had to accept an amendment proposed by Dubs which would compel the Government to take in any “child” from anywhere and without the requirement of having family in UK so long as it is deemed to be in the “child’s” best interest.

    The government should have invoked the Parliament act and forced through the legislation, but it didn’t. So Britain is now legally obliged to take in any number of the fuckers and there is nothing that you or I can do about it because of some decrepit unelected foreign cunt. Thats got to get him nominated as cunt of the year.

    Sir Limpy, next time you are in the House enjoying the fine port and Stilton, if you should happen to spot the cunt chin him for me, would you? Theres a good chap.

  5. ​Just looking at the news, and had to laugh out loud at this silly fat teenage cunt, especially when they had to send for a stronger crane to lift her into a reinforced ambulance. How the fuck can something shovel down 13,000 calories a day is beyond me. I expect we’re supposed to feel sorry for her, and say how brave she is. The fat cunt.

    • She should be left on a beach for the gulls.
      I like to keep fit, but there are sometimes i don’t workout as much as i should. But when i feel one bit of weight gain , i cut out the crisps and get off my arse.
      What I’m saying is, how can you gain that much weight and keep going.
      As soon as you cant wash or wipe your arse, maybe start skipping the pizza.
      How much money does it cost to put that much weight on ?.
      Disgusting shameless animal…….

      PS. I don’t workout for vanity reasons. Its that when i turned 40 , i realised that someday i might have a son in law whom i might have to give a few slaps and these young tuffs are getting bigger…..

    • She’s quite the cutie.No fear of wearing her out….although I wouldn’t really fancy her squatting over my face, I must admit.

      • Dick, you need to contact Help For Pervo’s. The mere thought of that squatting over me face, and just after I’ve had me dinner, is just too horrible. Otherwise I enjoy your exploits and with some envy over your quest for unusual women.

  6. I would like to cunt the popularist meejah again for their disparity of reporting incidents on TV, websites and papers.

    Today it was announced by them all that “Damon Smith” (along with a rake of photographs) was responsible for “plotting” a terror attack on the London Underground and has been nicked.

    Damon Smith is a cunt and a Columbine style loner (so probably a sociopath) and deserves to be arrested for being a cunt.

    However, Smith was “plotting” and yet we have his face and name emblazoned all over the shop. Again I have no issue with this whatsoever, however…

    Why is it that when our “peaceful” friends are caught “doing” (murdering a US lady over here on holiday) they are Norwegian. And when other “peaceful” cunts are “plotting” they’re French Nationals. And not one name mentioned or photograph shown, why?

    The Norwegian cunt who did the stabbing, if he ever was named, it was so far removed from the incident itself that it never registered and if they did show a picture of the cunt (no doubt for 0.5 seconds) I couldn’t pick him out of a line up of 1 person! In six months time if you asked me to pick out Damon Smith I’d have no fucking problem having been bombarded with his mugshot continually for 10mins!

    So meejah cunts, I have no issue with you naming and shaming cunts, you go for it BUT please make sure you name and shame ALL cunts and don’t shy from that task if they’re a bit “peaceful”! They’re always banging on about equality so please feel free to treat those cunts equally when naming and shaming, YOU CUNTS!

    • Speaking of nonces This peaceful 20 yr old child who violently raped a boy and the court is gonna throw the case out if the boy can’t prove it wtf? He didn’t even do nuffin

      How in the hell was this Iraqi supposed to know that the 10-year-old boy didn’t want to be raped in his arsehole??? and just because there has been a massive increase in rapes and violent attacks among elderly and children from these peaceful refugees doesn’t mean these 30 yr old innocent children are all violent, you darn racist biggots

      • “Sexual emergency” now I have heard the lot !
        What about having a wank you cunt, no, you go ahead and basically abduct a 10 year old and bugger him despite accepting that was illegal everywhere in the world according to your own evidence.
        These people – I use the word loosely – have no morals and take what they want when they want it and bollocks to the rest of us.
        And this is a dot on the card: I would like to bet that there will be a queue of do gooders making excuses for the pervert bastard.
        What do you say about this Cunterbatch, Allen, Abbott etc.
        Get braced for more of this. Cologne was the tip of the iceberg.

    • She, Merkle , killery cliton and wee jimmy krankie Sturgeon all look the same to me, I reckon there is a factory churning them out somewhere.

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