Blame it on Brexit

Remember ‘Blame it on the boogie’ by the Jacksons? Well now we have ‘Blame it on the Brexit’.

Post triggering of Article 50 we have a surge in hate crimes against Brexit. All over Europe anti-Brexit feeling has boiled over to vitriolic hate and it has even been linked to climate change by Al Bore.

Everyone in the MSM, zleb land and tired old, has been, cunt politicians and their slippery advisors have been turbo charged into mass Brexit hysteria.

Only at the weekend we heard of Spain being giving rights to block Gibraltar leaving the E.U.  This is an obvious distraction technique whistled up by the Pavlovian dogs of the E.U management aka ‘International Socialist Party’  – sounds like a name Adolf would have been proud of – to weigh down the Brexit negotiations. Also, Alastair Scumball, a man usually depressed, became manic depressed on national TV,  as he suffered a psychotic episode with Nigel of the Farage. Scumball really should keep taking the meds but seriously up the dosage.

Then, a young Kurdish asylum seeker is given a serious beating by ‘racist pro-Brexit scum’.  The MSM were quick to blame Brexit as the cause of this hate crime, before anything was known about it’s perpetrators.

Lard arse M.P,  Dining About – On Fried Chicken,  even stated there is ‘widespread’  hate crime occurring against foreigners, as if it is an everyday occurrence. So, the knee jerk reaction to this crime was that evil white, ‘scum’ put this teenager in intensive care.

Err….hold the front page ……it would seem not. Instead, we have black yoof from the local boozer – a hangout for Zambians – who would seem to be responsible. The mug shots of three more people the police are looking for are clearly black. Whoops…..

So with this new information, is this a hate crime or not?  Does it change with the colour of the perpetrators?  It shouldn’t do, should it? Yet, the MSM have feverishly diluted this story, now the colour of the attackers is known. We are of course waiting for an apology from Dining About, once she has finished eating. There is a chance she is feeling embarrassed at jumping the gun and getting it wrong. Although, since she is a serial offender in the long running drama of playing the victim, we may have a long wait.

The best of the worst, from Ms About, was sending her son  to a private school while talking up the wonderful state school system and simultaneously slagging off the private school system. Hardly, principled behaviour from a politician. So we strongly recommend she stick with what she is good at….eating….and leave politics and social commentary to some other ‘experts’. Hypocrisy always leaves a bad taste in the mouth, unlike fried chicken it would seem.

The biggest hate crime of the moment seems to be against Brexit and Brexiteers. Will anyone be charged? Maybe the police would like to investigate?  Of course not, Brexit is not a person and neither it seems are Brexiteers to the likes of the MSM, politicians and the mouthy zlebs.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

111 thoughts on “Blame it on Brexit

  1. Yeah, here’s one….some cunt from “Relate” was on the radio the other day saying they had been flooded with calls from couples arguing about brexit. So brexit equals more divorces. That means more single parent families on benefits which means more broken families. That means more children failing at school and more youth unemployment (bring in the immigrants) That means more crime and more prisons……fuck me, this is going to cost a fucking fortune. YOU SEE!… didn’t know what you were voting for did you? Come on Tony, come and rescue us from ourselves. All is forgiven!

    • and our Tone isn’t shagging his Cherie anymore – isn’t he “on to” Windy Dung ?

  2. Brexit certainly gets blamed for everything. Has anyone noticed how Remoaners are both emotional and illogical with their complaints? Doomed, doomed, we’re all doomed.
    Anyway with Blair, Farron, Clegg, Branson, Geldof, Heseltine, Clarke ,Campbell, the Krankies etc on their side the argument couldn’t be more shallow.
    And I’m sure EU manufacturing and agriculture will certainly want to lose the UK as a market as a means of punishing us. Bollocks.

  3. I’m also sick to death of these anti Brexit cunts and their propensity for blaming everything bad on us leaving the EU (cunts). I literally laughed out loud when I saw the CCTV photos of the three African blacks (cunts) wanted for slapping the poor Kurdish refugee (also a cunt). If this was a country in Africa (it does look that way, sometimes), the Kurd (still a Kunt) would have been arrested for inflicting damage on the hands and feet of the fine, outstanding black citizens (still cunts) and for bleeding on their clothing. Africa is a shithole – I’m hoping North Korea get the ICBM guidance system wrong and nuke everything south of the Mediterranean.

  4. I know black people who originate from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya and I can tell you they are among the biggest racists I have ever met. Top of their hate list are Ghanaians, Nigerians and Somalians. The women from these countries all have “dirty pussies” apparently. Next come West Indians and then Arabs. They like British whites because they compare them with African whites whom they call “Boers”. ( They probably have other names for them which they don’t say in front of me) The Boer has an inbred arrogance and sense of superiority over blacks which they don’t find over here. I wouldn’t be too complacent though. One of them told me that when he saw “Zulu Dawn” in Zimbabwe the whole fucking cinema got up and cheered when the Zulus overran our boys on Isandhlwana and kicked fuck out of them.

    • I lived and worked in S Africa. The blacks are extremely xenophobic and the killing of Somalis etc goes on every day. (Reading is an eye opener for anyone unfamiliar with the cunts) What really gets them is that refugees come in with fuck all and within weeks have set up businesses which the locals are incapable of doing. Even the drug trade is dominated by Nigerians.
      They are also violently savage and superstitious. Cunts.

      • Forgot to tell you….one of them went home on holiday and brought me back a t-shirt. It had a picture of a Zulu and (in Zulu) the words “kill the whitemen, kill the pigs”, a Zulu war chant I believe. I’ve still got the fucking thing somewhere.

      • Not all South African whites are Boer and not all Boer have “an inbred arrogance and sense of superiority”. If you are going to cunt people at least get your facts straight.

      • Calm down Rambo, I’m only telling you what they told me. I’ve never been there so what the fuck do I know?

      • There is fuck all wrong with Afrikaaners or Boers if you like. Boer just means farmer and farmers are being murdered by savages daily. The boers use the land for crops and cattle. When it is given back to the locals, as some has been in Kwazulu Natal, it soon falls back to weed and bush after all equipment has been looted. Vey much Zimbabwe style.
        Afrikaaners are honest in their attitudes rather than hypercritical like a lot of the English speaking Saffas. They call a spade a spade and treat good people fairly.
        My best S African friends are either Afrikaaners or SA Indians(mostly Hindu culture). A large minority of S African blacks are vicious, stupid savages. We have a word for them which may get me into trouble although when peaceful people use it referring to non peaceful people it seems to be ok.

      • The boers have been there for 15 generations and made the country from nothing. When they arrived there were no blacks in Western Cape, only bushmen who the blacks do not consider black, just coloureds which tells you a lot about how racists the blacks are. BTW Gandi lived in SA and didn’t have a good word to say about the blacks.

      • Have a pint of “milk and honey” at Mitchels for me followed by some rock shrimp tempura at Willoughby & Co. Leker man.

      • Worked in lovely Nigeria [total cunts] violent robbing thieving nasty savage bastard cunts they are .

      • Even other black africans don’t have a good word to say about the Nigerians. However for shear miserablism the Angolans take some beating, morngy cunts.

      • Bet those sambos weren’t happy when those Calais Shithole ‘refugees’ turned up in Croydon… They probably said to that Iranian lad, ‘You on our turf, Buana! We get de benefits here!’

        Which begs the question: A ‘refugee’ and ‘asylum seeker’ ‘seeking sanctuary’ from Iran?! Is there any sort of war in Iran?… There isn’t?… Then why is the little greasespot here?… Oh yeah, free money and all the perks…Cunt…

    • The Indians are bad for it too!
      I knew they hate the Pakistanis but who doesn’t.
      One day an Indian I worked with was talking about how she hoped her daughters would marry a nice Indian doctor or something. I said “you never know, they might marry white Englishmen.”
      She laughed her head off!
      “NO no no I’d never allow that!”
      I almost fuckin bludgeoned the cunt to death right there!
      We’re good enough to educate their kids, provide them with healthcare and housing but not good enough for their families!

      • My great grand mother was Indian.
        She died before I was born and I know very little about her or how she was swept of her sandles by a Leicestershire lad.

        My great grandmother from my fathers side was a 2×4, but non religious.
        I remember her, and she was a laugh.

      • I’ve actually always liked the Indians. More like us as far as work ethic etc goes but that fucked me off so much!
        She was the nicest, most polite person you could meet and she always said how she loved this country. But when she said that I was fuckin fuming!
        If she says it, that’s fine. Just a poor immigrant holding onto her cultural roots.
        If I’d said that the other way round I’d be branded a racist and probably taken to an employment tribunal.

      • They do some great vegetarian food.

        I wish I’d got myself a shaved Indian wummin.

        I could eat an Indian every night, and have some veg curry and some naan bread later.


      • And their men get waited on hand and foot!
        Their food is fuckin lovely but too much and you start to sweat curry!
        I know!
        I grew up in Southall!

      • There’s a Hindu bloke along the street from me, right nasty cunt, rumoured to punch his wife on the forehead every night at seven o’clock. On the dot….

      • Ive always liked Indians aswell they are the craziest cunts on the planet by a country mile

      • Never go to india, it is a shit hole and the cunts swarm round you like flies on shit. The food is not as good as you would have thought either except in high end places and then you pay a fortune for it, more than you would in your local curry house.

      • I’m never going, no way.

        Have you ever read Shantaram ?

        Great book and the description of Indian life is spot on.

  5. Because of Blair opening the boarders to all four corners of the world we are now having to deal with this tsunami of shit. The Africans and Asians are the biggest xenophobes out there, if they want to kill or rape each other in their own shitholes fine but don’t bring it to our streets.

  6. Sure some bean counter is pulling their hair out over in Brussels, ‘ zee British pigs even their farts smell racist’.

  7. I wonder if European landmarks will be illuminated with the Russian flag and face book posts similarly? I wonder how many candle lit vigils there will be, how many rag head wiminz holding hands in Red Square? I wonder how long it will be before Putin addresses the nation and states the attack had nothing to do with islam? I wonder how long before some cunt drops a nuke on the middle East and has fucking done with it all?

    • Na they’ll just do what they’re supposed to and go after the cunts and kill em!

      ….if only our politicians had some bollocks!

  8. Rising prices are already being blamed on brexit and we’ve heard it all before. The price of oil goes up so prices go up but when it falls do the prices fall, do they fuck? Those of you old enough to remember know what a fucking rip off decimilisation was. All the prices were rounded-UP, fuck all got rounded down the cunts. Whatever happens with brexit (if it happens) no rich cunts are going to lose out. Even if it turns out great economically the cunts will still stick it to us and fuck us over. I see pitchforks and burning torches at the castle gates.

  9. I’ve listened to the interview where David Moyes is supposed to have threatened a female BBC reporter, and anyone who doesn’t think he meant it as a joke is a fucking moron. That includes Dr Rosetta Allin-Khan and Gary Lineker.
    He’s given an apology to the woman but he had nothing to apologize for. Get a sense of humour you fucking cunts!

    • Moyesie may be a cunt (a useless one), but he isn’t that sort of cunt…. The cunt who was in the papers this morning saying it was ‘sexist’ and ‘chillingly threatening’ wants scraping up the M1 tied to the back of a juggernaut…
      And what else can one expect from that fanny, Gary Lineker?…
      No wonder snowflakes love muzzies and ‘wimmin’… They are just as much humourless bastards as each other…

      • I saw it too and what the fuck is wrong with people. It’s a fucking joke. A saying. No threat intended and there didn’t seem to one taken. Get a fucking life you Twaterati cunts.

      • Those of us who are used to working with women would never make that mistake, you have to be constantly on your guard. I appreciate that Moyes spends practically all his working time with men but he should know that when there are cameras around you have to be fucking careful. I seem to remember that Big Ron, Richard Keys and Andy Gray made similar mistakes and where are they now? Moyes was always getting the sack anyway but I can’t see him getting a job in this country. The sisters have spoken!

  10. Brexit no doubt will be blamed for the attack on Russia. On the upside of that attack Putin will flatten isis now

  11. United were fucking shite against the Baggies on Saturday…
    The Stone Roses album still isn’t out yet….
    I have no chance of shagging Monica Bellucci…
    My mother in law is coming round for Easter…

    I blame Brexit….

    • Have you heard Garage Flower yet? it was pretty good actually, enjoyed it more then their follow up second coming which had a few good songs no doubt but was a mixed bag IMO

      Production is kinda iffy tho garage band style sound and it sounds very demoish but it has a few highlights despite that. I doubt Stone Roses would make an album this late in the game but I’ve been proven wrong before

      • Saw them perform a lot of the ‘Garage Flower’ stuff when Pete and Andy were in the band… Martin Hannett would have made a better album with them if he’d worked with them again after the ‘Garage Flower’ sessions (he died in 1991)… Been listening to Paul Schroeder’s original mixes for ‘Second Coming’…. Some of them are better than the overproduced final album… Link for all tracks here:

      • cheers for the link norman very interesting listen there remember ian brown describing this album as noodles noodles noodles which i found quite apt ive always thought it was a cracker mind

      • I prefer The Second Coming and I think it still sounds fresh.

        Begging You
        Driving South
        Love Spreads

        are my favourite Roses songs.

        Love Spreads has just started.

        There something in the air maaan… 🙂

      • The Squire vocals on the version of ‘Driving South’ in the link posted above are ‘challenging’, but Reni’s drums make it worth the effort…

      • Do you have any idea was how the chorus goes in Driving South ?

        23 years of listening, and I’m still not sure.

        If ye know it, can you write it for me, please.

        What I hear is,

        Oh way
        Oh oh
        Chelsea soul yeah


      • Just checked it out in A-Z Lyrics.

        It claims it to be

        Triple six-0 yeah

        I can’t hear that.

      • It’s ‘O Eight O O Treble Six O yeah’….

        Saw them in 95 at Brixton, and that’s what Ian sang at the gig… It’s about someone at a crossroads and the devil is after their soul in exchange for success…

      • I’ve listened to the song a few times today and I still can’t hear it.

        How can “treble six” sound like “Chelsea soul” ?

        Maybe I need a big syringe for my ears. 🙂

    • Monica Belluci, mmmmmmmmm.

      Our brains are becoming one, Norman.

      Things you mention lately are eerily similar to my thoughts.

      I was thinking the same about the Roses new album, so I’ve put on The Very Best of.

      Waterfall is on right now.

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • United were shite because they have a cunt for a manager.
      It is probably a blessing that the Stone Roses latest dirge isn’t out.
      Fuck knows who Monica Belluci is.
      I bet your mother-in-law is a fine lady.

      All thanks to Brexit.

  12. From the director of “Norwegian Tourist.” and the producers of “He’s not a terrorist – he’s just from Kent!” comes “Brexit: The Society of Evil!”

    In this in depth and impartial docu-drama Shami Chakrabarti explores how all people who voted for Brexit are white male Nazi’s, and how the intelligent liberal remainers had democracy taken away from them through sheer numbers alone.

    In interviews with JK Rowling, Gary Lineker, Lily Allen – and host of other privileged and/or rich remainer heros – she explores how the vote could have turned out so differently if their vote could have somehow counted more, and rightfully so!

    “You see, there’s a chap who used to cut my garden grass and he had the audacity to dare mention that some Polish people were undercutting his business and that he was struggling to make ends meet. He said he voted for Brexit, so I sacked him on the spot immediately, rang the Polish guy and saved myself £100 a month into the bargain! Now his vote counts the same as mine. My net worth is 100,000 times his and therefore shouldn’t my vote count for 100,000 votes to his one!?!” – JK Rowling.

    In a rare break from telling English people that they should be forced to pay even more money into the coffers of African despot dictators, from his chais-long in his castle in Limerick, Ireland, Sir Robert Geldof states: “Oy mean Brexit gives us yer money NOYYYY!” – as a smug looking Bono nods in appreciation of the sentiment before flying off to Nice in his private jet for a €300 skinny latte and vegan crepe.

    Later on we explore the darker side of Brexit and how it has been solely responsible for every death and severe rise in infant mortality in the UK since the vote was cast, and, under the shrine of St. Jo of Cox, Shami interviews grieving husband Brendan as he tours Britain as part of his upcoming election campaign.

    Behind his campaign banner of “Appeasement Means Everything!” Brendan explains: “Well you see Jo’s murderer was a 100% sane white Nazi male, who probably would have voted for Brexit had he not been locked up. What does that tell you!”

    Directed by Ken Loach, the documentary has all the hallmarks of a champagne socialism movie great.

    Dave Johns reprises his role as Daniel Blake in a moving cutaway piece as Daniel drinks his Giro in a single afternoon in Byker, before getting beaten up by the Tweed clan – who also voted for Brexit (probably).

    Throw in a heartfelt score by Billy Bragg and the lines of fiction and reality blur guaranteeing a single Orwellian point of view: remain good, Brexit bad.

    Nominated for every virtue signalling awards ceremony on the planet, “Brexit: The Society of Evil!” asks the tough questions that no one with an ounce of common sense truly gives a flying fuck about!

    An ABBC production in association with Cash Back From Taxpayers Media(c)

    • With special bonus feature by Lily Mong: As a ‘Tiny Tim’ type ‘lovable’ urchin/spaz… Who is supposed to endearing, but instead people want to slap fuck out of her…

    • Oh Jesus Christ al-might-yy

      Chamois “The Goat” Chakrabhaji – wish she’d just FO&D.
      Value for money family though, isn’t there another Cunty Chakrabhaji lurking somewhere ?

      And EXACTLY WTF is it about East Grinstead ??! I read today that Fat Addle has decided to move there. Is she another scientology twat too ?
      Zoopla and Rightmove need an addition to their sites; as well as stuff about broadband speeds and public transport, a postcode Cuntometer would be orf great value to “those wishing to purchase a most desirable property &c. &c. in, eg…Fulchester”. Just type in the property’s postcode, and see what percentage of the poulation are total CUNTS.

      Must point out that your dearest HBH is in NO way related to L Ron Hubbard…

  13. Be interesting to watch the coverage on Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Sky and ABBC…

    Al Jazeera : “The faithful have attacked the imperialist Russian oppressors of Islam”
    ABBC : “It was a hate crime by unknown persons”
    RT : “Fucking camel shaggers are taking the piss. We’re gonna nuke the cunts!”
    Sky : “Where’s Russia?…”

    • Vlad will sort them.

      If I’m obliged to live under anyone’s thumb, and the choice were between the Kremlin and the jizz-infested sandpits, I’d go for the former. They gave us Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovitch, Vodka, Beef Stroganoff… So long as you can forgive them those camp meerkats (Sir Gay, looks like he’s bumfucking the other one at the front of the boat in that ad); oh, and Chekhov (the author) he weren’t half a boring pretentious bastard, although sometime in the late 80s, Greta Scacchi was scorching hot in “Uncle Vanya”. Otherwise he was a miserable, FAILED pox-doctor.

      What have the camelfuckers ever given us ?

  14. A most timely cunting. What these fanatical cunts fail to realise is the more they come out with this bigoted hateful shite the more people come over to the Brexit side.

  15. Just watching a pile of shit about Trump starting WW3 on C4 fronted by a fucking trannie calling himself “Abi”. The Tinkerbells must be wetting themselves with excitement. Listen Abi….go back to your surgeon mate and get your fucking money back. You ain’t fooling no cunt pal.

    • I’m going to watch the Marine Le Pen thing on ABBC1… I’ve no doubt it will be extremely biased with falling flakes of snow galore… But I’ll be sat there thinking ‘Why can’t we have her instead of that May cunt?’…

      • I read that. The problem is that it makes too much sense and is too clear-cut and easy to understand.

        So, answer me this: if we tabled that as the negotiating “Take it or leave it – cunts!” opening gambit and they accepted, then where is all the kick-back money going to come from that was promised to all the negotiators and £500 per hour legal eagles??

        Sure, we may sort Brexit in a week, but that’s hardly the point is it. We need to be seen to be feathering the nests of cunts on both sides. Everyone has to make some money – apart from the UK taxpayer o’course.

        You’d also make a shit politician because you have no angle to further your own standing in world affairs. I mean, how could anyone trust someone like that!

        Even Mandy Mandelson is sniggering at that thought!

  16. So, Gary Lineker has blasted David Moyes and his “utter disdain” for female journaists.. Presumably his record of respect for women in the workplace (and elsewhere) is 2nd to none?… Of course it fucking isn’t… Lineker is a sanctimonious snowflake cunt, and I wish the big eared arselick had met Souness or Keane on the pitch and they’d left the smug holier than thou cunt in a broken heap…

    • Shame for Moyes that he’s not a muslim,he could have given the cheeky biint a right good hiding for disrespecting him and then raped a couple of schoolgirls…. Lineker wouldn’t have had a word to say on the matter then.

    • Not the first time this smear of shite Linekunt has jumped onto another person’s ‘wrongdoing’ in order to make himself look good and virtuous… I remember the little turd constantly tut-tutting after Cantona twatted that piece of Palace toe-jam in 95…. When this crisp selling smug cunt falls, I hope it is fucking far and spectacular…

      • Hasn’t he got injunctions out to prevent the papers reporting some stories about him? Apparently he’s involved in that tax-avoidance scheme that’s gone tits up too. Hope it all comes out and finishes his career for good

    • I wish he met sourness.

      Do you remember what it was that forced him into retirement?

      A broken pinkie toe.

      He has a go at David (superuglycunt) Moyes yet is pally with Gazza.

      How am I meant to keep up with these cunts?

    • Yeah, Gary just marries them, has kids with them and then tells them to fuck off when a younger, tastier slapper comes along. The cunt has real respect for women. Anyone want a crisp?…….hypocritical bullshit flavour?

  17. By the bowels of Christ, two fucking years of these cockless wonders popping up like retarded Muppets every time the dollar gains a cent on the pound. God’s tits I loathe these desperate cunts.

    Although part of me does enjoy watching the snivelling, unpatriotic cuck-mongers chasing a lost dream.

  18. i would like to get an early cunting in for Easter. its my contention its only kept going by commercial interests. i think most people would be quite happy to ignore the whole stupid fucking thing but the constant messages about celebrating ‘ your Easter’ create a certain pressure to ‘conform’ which the gullible fall for. fuck Easter.

    • Easter is on a par with Valentines – utter bullshit! I fucking hate chocolate too!

      It is supposed to be the most holy of the Christian “holy-days” and yet if you were to ask kids who we are celebrating they’re just as likely to say Nestlé or Cadbury as they are Jesus.

      And how the fuck does the clergy know that Jesus died at Easter? I mean it was 2,000yrs ago?? If he did then he’s the most unlucky cunt in the world, what with his birthday being on Christmas day too!

      • I feel sorry for Judas myself. 30 pieces of silver? If he had understood the earning potential of this Jesus cunt he could be minted by now. Arsehole.

      • Correct Freddie. A half decent manager could have negotiated him a royalty.

    • People pay attention in Spain

      A whole fuckin week of guys dressed up in klu Klux Klan outfits carrying floats on their shoulders with a statue of Jesus, Mary and any other fucker they worship.

      Its all accompanied by the most suicidal music ever.

      Its called Semana Santa and it occurs every evening until about two in the morning.

      Have a geez on YouTube, its utter madness.

      The weird thing that gets me is that its the chavs who usually carry the religious icons about, and people touch the icons, bless themselves and break down crying.

      I haven’t the heart to explain to the doss cunts that they “icons” are made in a ceramics factory and they have no divine powers.

      Fuckin catholics need to come into the nineties maaan. 🙂

      • i htink it was the end of the last century that the catholic church finally acknowledged that the earth went round the sun and not vice versa
        perhaps if they’d spent less time buggering little kiddies and covering up the crimes …….

    • Most easter eggs make no mention of the word “Easter” on the packaging for fear of offending the peaceful people. Apparently the chocolate is halal too,whatever that involves.

      • Cadburys Cream Eggs, how do you eat yours?

        Bite the top off and eat the creamy centre?

        Scoff it in one go?

        Lay it on a blanket out side yer mud hut, say some gibberish to Allah the cunt and slit its chocolatey throat with a big fuck off knife?

        How do you eat yours?

      • Last one I had was battered and deep-fried from a chippie in Jedburgh….fucking disgusting.

      • Brilliant idea.
        Cheers Dick Fiddler.

        I’m gonna make some tomorrow.


        Can’t wait. 🙂

      • I tried those Linda McCartney veggie burgers that you mentioned a while back…. suprisingly good

      • Told ye.

        I love my burgers and I swear they’re the best I’ve tasted.

        They sell out quick in Gibraltar, so I rarely get them.

      • presumably the cow has full udders and then has its throat cut without being pre-stunning and the udders are then emptied

  19. The BBC have excelled this evening, in their especially crafted propaganda expose of the Nazi affiliated, corrupt, and disingenuous Marine Le Penn. I have never seen such a slanted blatant diatribe of contrived shite in recent years, and certainly since Mandela’s inauguration and elevation to Sainthood.
    The evidence was absent in this assasination of Le Penn, and in normal circumstances would bring about huge compensation for defamation of her character. Le Penn will never receive recompense nor an apology from this assault upon her integrity and dignity. The BBC even went as far to quote uncorroborated intercepted e-mails that they portrayed as evidence of collusion between Le Penn and Putin. This programme sinks to the level of the propaganda of Goebels, and even lower.
    Fuck the BBC, Fuck all who are employed at this shite house, and may all fuck fall upon them . Vive Le Penn, good luck pet, with cunts likes this about..your gonna need it.

    • Well put, Asimplearsehole, and I hope I don’t lower the tone by saying that I want LePenn to win for many reasons, but the main one is I find her very fuckable.

      Vive LeMilf.

      • Nice pic aged 26 in see through negligee, , nice tits ( big ) and absolutely die for nipples ( Courtesy of Mr Skin )

      • Oh birdman. Mate. Come on!
        She’s a bit butch isn’t she!

        I dread to think what you were watching on x hamster last night.

        Bet she’s got tattoos. And I bet they’re all green.

        ….stick to Katie hopkins dude. At least she won’t beat you up. 🙂

      • I like all types of wimmin,
        young, old, older, blonde, chubby, slim, big boobs etc, as long as they have some class of hosiery.

        Tarts like Le Pen, I blame that on the blonde tart that played the Nazi bitch in Allo, Allo.

        That busty, older, knows her stuff look.
        And probably doesn’t mind a bit of fisting.

        Last night on xhamster:

        Lesbian midgets squirting.

        Fucking crazy.

        Two midget lesbians get a blond milf and teach her to squirt by squirting all over her.

        Tonight it’s Vannah Sterling.

        I’m positive ye’d like Vannah Sterling.

    • Gosh shes looks alot like marine almost creeply so, surprised this type of thing didn’t blow up in france as a scandal. Then again the french are less concerned about nudity and she was a model after all

  20. Membership of the EU was always intended to be a “forever contract”. Its rules were designed to keep members at heel, and any resistance could be snuffed at the very start. The Machinations of the Dark and Deadly Fourth Reich have so far taken in much of Europe, and their gaze has begun wander even further afield. It won’t be too long before Australia is recognised as “European”( well if Turkey can be )followed by whatever else takes their fancy. Germany has so far managed to get away with it by the creation of a Brussels Committee(EU) who are simply a cover and decoy to hide the real seat of power/
    Britain (in the eyes of the Reich ) are the awkward little shits who simply will not roll over and die, and the whole project is now in peril because we have deigned to see the light of day and have decided to get the fuck out. The Europeans have slept walked into the jaws of the Reich, and for them, there can now be no escape. We ( the British ) are likely the last survivors of the 3rd European Conquest.
    Anything now that happens to Europe will be blamed on Brexit, and we as a people will be despised and reviled. Although I abhor warfare, and all its consequences, I relish the day when Merkel steps too far and tramples the foot of the Russian Bear. Putin will deservedly kick Merkels cunt around the block! A day I will look forward to.

    • that’s why bliar, cleggers, clark, hezza et al were so keen for us to join the euro – they knew it would be virtually impossible to escape

  21. Completely right Mr simple. The Eastern countries are already showing annoyance and dissent over the things that are being IMPOSED on them. Once we leave and the reich starts to demand more money from them to service the ever growing budget, bailouts etc they will become so disillusioned with the whole debacle that they may turn to Russia. Then things could become very interesting. There is no way they are going to allow themselves to go the way of Greece.

  22. M ichael Howard seems to have really fucked up with his “War” speech to journalists. Seems he is not exactly flavour of the month in Tory circles. Teresa is fucking fuming at the monstrous gaff, but hasn’t a clue how to deal with it. I could offer several suggestions, but I feel she may recoil from the more radical solutions.

    Our Prime bit of cunt has this morning been on the box defending our annual gift of £103 million to Yemen. A most worthy recipient of all that dosh thats for sure! Teresa insists such gifts will continue, and the benefits provide for a better society. Really! You dumb fucked out turd! The Yemen was, and still is a shithole, and will always be a shithole as arseholes like you could not and would not listen to Col. “Mad Mitch”. He was the only one who made any sense at the time, and if he were alive today ( and in charge, we wouldn’t be in the fucking state were currently in. Cunts

  23. LePenn could eat most politicians for breakfast and fart them out before lunch.

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