Dara O’Briain (2)

I would like to nominate the cunt called Dara O’Braine. This unfunny fucking comedian pops up everywhere grinning like a monkey with a sackful of bananas.

For the following reasons I nominate him:

(1) no cunt knows how to spell his name and I’m sure he keeps changing it just to wind me up.

(2) he is a permanent fixture on the BBC…nuff said.

(3) he is a smarmy smug fat cunt and his stupid fat face pisses me off.

(4) the cunt is a comedian who is not fucking funny.

(5) I can’t stand his fucking stupid fucking accent… Nothing much wrong with an Irish accent but when it comes out of his fat gob it just makes me want to bomb the bastards!

(6) he is a cunt.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog.

143 thoughts on “Dara O’Briain (2)

  1. I always have cash when I go to pay for petrol, and it pisses me off when people pay by card:
    Can you insert your card.
    Can you insert your pin…..(brief moment of silence) card accepted.
    Can you remove you card.
    Do you want a receipt?

    Me, that’s £30, me “there you go” bye! Simple!!!

  2. Wonder how the ABBC is going to ‘report’ this ‘hate crime’ in Croydon now?…
    Doesn’t quite fit in now, does it?… What with their endless ‘Black & British’ propaganda,
    and their all new black lesbian Doctor Who sidekick (who ‘won’ the black actresses only auditions), does it?…. What will ‘Sir’ Henry Lenny say?!…. Not enough blacks on the telly? There fucking well is now….

    I mean, are they going to call a bunch of black lads doing over a ‘migrant’ a ‘diversity crime’, or what?….

    • What about a remake of Boys From The Black Stuff ?

      The Boys From The Black Muff.

      With Yassif Hughes telling all white girls,

      “Gizza blow-job”

  3. This cunt’s horrible face has even been seen on Oz TV. I didn’t like the look of him when I first saw him and nothing has changed.
    Well cunted, Freddie The Frog.

    ps what’s with the new bloke asking how to join? Must be a daft cunt … He’ll fit right in.

  4. A cunting for cunts who only pay by card,

    What’s wrong with a bit of old fashioned cash? Lovely cocaine laced cash. Card this card that, some cunts will pay for a fucking 10p sweet with a card the cunts, don’t you care about the poor shop who have to pay to rent these cunting machines? Or holding up other cunts whilst the fucking machine works? Nothing like a bit of physical cash in my hand not some plastic that transfers invisible money. Don’t you feel sorry for the poor dodgy cunts who are desperately trying to get money in the fucking bank so use up their ‘ill gotten gained’ cash to live off and let the honest money build up in the bank? Not that I would know anything about that but Cmon your all contributing to a cashless society and before you know it you’ll be paying for goods with a chip implanted in your hand. Don’t get me started on the cunts who take an hour to get some cash out of a cash machine.
    If the police are reading I know naffink abaaat it.

  5. Latest news is that ten poor souls have been murdered in St Petersburg.

    No one has revealed anymore details yet, but as I type, al jafuckinzeera are making excuses, by slating Russia’s role in Syria and the way Russian intelligence services have been treating innocent Muslims accused of being rat cunts.

    They are basically making excuses for terrorism, I shit you not.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard such nonsense.
    And I’m sad and angry.

    Vladimir Putin is in St Petersburg, so it obvious why this has happened.

    How much more can people take?

    I’m waiting for the usual “its the world we live in”, we must accept getting murdered” “Islamist terrorism is what makes Europe great”

    Time for everyone to get fighting fit.
    Get off yer arses, put on Gonna Fly Now, and bulk yerself up for the uncivil war coming our way.

    And hammer a nail into the end of a bat.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • The cunts at al Jazeera are asking if its too early to call it a terrorist attack.

      Two fucking separate explosions in trains.
      At least ten dead an fifty injured.


      The Aussie bitch presenting has just asked if Russia should have expected this.

      I’m going to the outdoor gym.

      These cunts have got me wound up.

      • You think its just al Jazeera who does “not true islam” reporting? all mainstream news all does this and its sickening.

        NYT, washington post does it constantly writing up companion pieces shielding terrorism. CNN are so progressive when they do their NTI shielding that they have become the least watched news station at the moment

        Heres coulters law https://i.redd.it/pagtrq5snzmy.png

      • Al Jazeera is the only English speaking news channel I have at home.
        On the radio, I get BFBS (force’s radio) and in the evening, BBC radio.

        There is the Spanish news channel, but even though I’m fluent in Spanish, I’ve never felt comfortable watching the news or documentaries in spanish., in case I miss the odd “technical” explanation.

        Anything I miss, I get to catch up on, thanks to good guys like yerself keeping me informed with yer uploads(?).

        Cheers guys. 🙂

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