Alastair Campbell [5]

Alastair Campbell is on this week pontificating about how he will reverse Brexit whilst smirking and patronizing all leave voters.I will give him an emergency no holds barred cunting tomorrow when I am less tired.I am shouting cunt at the TV and am tempted to chuck it out of the window.I think he might get my nomination for COTY 2017 such a horrible duplicitous arrogant terrorist loving europhile shitbag.Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nominated by Shaun

One of the many things I despise about Campbell is when he goes fishing for sympathy about his ‘depression’. Fuck off Al, perhaps it’s just a moment of clarity, and you realise how much of a massive cunt you are, and how your best friend is an even bigger cunt. Crawl back under your rock you despicable twat, you’re part of the reason this country is as fucked as it is.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Campbell has been on the anti-brexit ‘The Wright Stuff’ all week, bleating on about how the worlds ending due to brexit, with Pantomime Dame Matthew Wright, nodding in agreement with Campbell. Matthew Wright is a double of my auntie Betty, all he needs is a fur hat and clip on ear rings.

Nominated by Harry Balls

31 thoughts on “Alastair Campbell [5]

  1. I don’t hear much about this cunt as I don’t have British telly, but I believe everything my esteemed fellow cunters say about the cunt.

    I remember him being a cunt years ago and he’s one of the main reasons for me to despise labour.

    On another note, Matthew Wright being described as the double of Harry Balls’s aunty Betty, if he had a fur coat and clip on earings paints a hilarious picture in my head. FAF. 🙂

    And by the way, Harry Balls, I’ve got an aunty Betty that fits that description too.

    Maybe we’re related.

    Does yours have a blonde brassy perm ?

    • My message to Campbell is its not depression you have got you cunt, its a bad conscience. Lying bastard.

  2. Fuck you cunts. Every day you nominate the biggest cunt in the world, I get really fucking angry and wound up, my blood pressure goes up and I just want to kick the shit out of the next poor innocent bloke I see. Of course I get over that but the next day you bastards come up with an even bigger cunt. What the fuck are you trying to do to me? I’ve got something to say about Blair’s boyfriend but I need to calm down and get some kip. You cunts.

    • I agree. Just when I think we are the pinnacle of cunts, Alistair Campbell comes along and out cunts everyone. While reading all the comments here I was suffering from some severe back seat cunting and felt the violent urge to punch something Alistair Campbell shaped.

      Some of these cunts like Campbell, Lilly Allen and J K Rowling should come with health warnings tattooed on their heads. How about the word ‘CUNT’?

  3. Who is he?

    He’s unelected, he holds no public office yet he’s given air time to spout his bile.

    He really is an evil nasty piece of work that should be locked up in the next cell along to Tony B liar for war crimes.

    • I don’t understand why they have cunts like this on the telly. Politically he is a fucking nobody, never elected to anything and an advisor to a war criminal. Its a measure of the paucity of political clout in the remain camp that they have to enlist banana boat whores and this cunt to do their talking.

    • Bag over the head, rope, trapdoor. End of. Blair in the middle, with Campbagofshite on one side, Mandelbumfiddler on the other.

  4. I agree with all that has been said so far. But I would like to point out, that if it were not for the fucking BBC we would’nt have even heard of this cunt. The Big Bastards Club are keeping this irrelevant apeshit of a Mullah’s cock slot on our screens because he is willing to sacrifice his country for the sake of the Shithole that is Europe.He is ( as has been rightly said ) unelected, unintelligent, and a complete cunt!
    He should therefore go fuck himself, fuck Tony, and lick out the minge of the Tony Mong Cow.

  5. I watched him on the show with Farage. They are both cunts but at least Farage holds opinions that he believes in. Campbell spoonfed his master when the Blaircunt had already committed this country to war, with a pile of lying cackybollocks to justify the invasion.
    He is a manic leftie arsewart who could not even argue intelligently, just flicking his socialist brainbogies at Farage like a blubbing schoolkid who’s shit his pants.
    One of the slimiest and most deserving of all cuntings.

  6. The expression you can know a man by the company he keeps Appears to be correct…..
    Cambell is an utter Cunt, a purveyor of spin and miss direction, it would be difficult to find a more deceitful and bigoted cunt , or would it??
    mandelson…. another utter cunt , so deceitful and untrustworthy he had to resign from blairs cabinet, not once but twice!! Failing to declare a loan to the mortgage lender!, failing to register on the Commons book of interests? , passports for cash! One shifty cunt…
    Blair…. considers both of the above not only political allies but friends!!
    I rest my case….

  7. Cambell is a cunt, he used to write grotty stories for cheap porn mags about housewives fucking the plumber.

    And while we are on the subject of the EU, why’s the first thing we have to consider the right for all these fucking lazy slant eyed eastern european gypsies and criminals to stay? Surely the first thing we need to sort out is how we get shot of the lazy fuckers?

  8. A malignant, toxic, truculent cunt who must secretly loathe Britain for what he has advocated.

    • Truculant…yes I like that word….truculant cunt…it just rolls off the tongue so pleasantly. Campbell is indeed a truculant cunt. ( and he’s a cunt as well )

  9. This mornings marr show exhibited even by the wonky eyed BBC bias a new low!! Presented by Scotlands Eddie( night) mair it plumbed the depths.. First up a look thru the papers with three guests, first up Matt Chorley of the EU supporting times, followed by non other than Miriam gonzalez!! Wife of remainer till death nick clegg!! , it was left to Esther Mc vey to stand up for Brexit, next nightmair wheeled on Fabian picardo the chief minister of Gibraltar, mair tried to slant the interview against the government!!, picardo wasn’t standing for it, mair relentlessly tried to steer the conversation in one direction!! Cunt!!
    Next up remainiac Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley!!! Oh fuckin please!!
    This weeks guest was Ian ( remoaner) hislop!! FFS!! What a fuckin shower and just when you thought the shit storm had finished out of the woodwork pops ed milliband to give his balanced views, apparently this Cunt says he wouldn’t have given people the referendum vote!! Hey ED people knew that and you paid the price for it!! Thick cunt…….
    Eddie mair is a proper cunt!!!

    • So many cuntbubbles on one programme. Milliban talks like he’s got no scrotum but has a courgette up his arse.

      It’s going to be like this for the next 730 days. The Bastard Blair Cuckolds and Sky TV just can’t understand why the people didn’t do as they were told; consequently there’ll be two years of whining.

  10. “The peoples’ princess.” Remember those words put into Blaircunt’s gob by the dog turd Campbell? The next day at work some of us blokes were talking and some bloke said something like “fucking toff scrubber….who gives a shit?” This woman walking by overheard and went fucking apeshit! Screaming and crying and calling him all the cunts under the sun. Fuck me, I didn’t know you were her mother you daft old cow. It was like that for about 3 weeks……fucking mass hysteria, all fuelled by the media and stoked up by this wanker. You had to be there to believe it, Dr. Goebbels couldn’t have done a better job than this cunt. He was on top of the world then, the smartest kid on the block. Now he’s a fucked up old bastard fucking boiling with anger because nobody listens to him or his bumpal anymore. I’d like to listen to him…I’d like to listen to what he’s got to say about the sexed up dossier, the strange death of Dr. Kelly and the even stranger death of Robin Cook, but fuckface Campbell ain’t talking about that. His remoaning ranting is simply an attempt to get his knighthood or peerage which he feels he so richly deserves. Fuck me it was so easy in the old days when him and Blaircunt were handing them out to any cunt, like that rednosed Ferguson bastard for example. Blaircunt, Campbell and Mandelson aren’t just your run of the mill cunts. Very special criminal cunts with a lot of dark secrets and a lot of blood on their hands. If I were any of these bastards I would keep my head down and my trap shut but I’m not a greedy money grabbing fucking lying criminal fucking murdering cunt! Die soon Campbell you fucking cockroach.

    • Dead right, Freddie… Funny how before that day in 1997, Lady Died was a manipulative, attention grabbing, Camelshagger shagging, calculating Sloane Ranger who’d had more pricks than a dartboard and was an embarrassment to the monachy… Then after that day in 1997 she suddenly became the ‘Queen Of Hearts’ with people wailing hysterically like they’d lost one of their own relatives…. More or less every fuckwit lapped up this Campbell/The Sun inspired shit… Good to see that Viz never fell for this ‘Saint Di’ bollocks… They did some crackers where the ‘Princess Of Hearts’ was concerned…

    • This begs the question of who is the biggest cunt??
      For my money…..
      any thoughts cunters??

      • That’s a tough one but I would definitely put Campbell 3rd because I genuinely think he has deep rooted mental problems. I’d still hang the cunt obviously. Mandelson is a disgusting ball of slime whose only contribution to the world is his selfless support of the Brazilian rentboy industry. No, I have to put Blaircunt out on his own. That bastard has fucked up this country beyond repair and the fucker hasn’t finished yet. The all time Hall of Fame cunt of cunts, no question.

      • It’s fuckin difficult!! All three are seasoned veterans, no flash in the pan stuff!, year in year out , right at the coal face of utter cuntitude… For me it’s always Blair, he was captain of the ship and the bucks gotta stop with him….

      • … it was once pointed out to me in a work situation that X ( the clever, but not ever wanting to be blamed Cunt ) made the bullets .. and Y ( the not so bright Cunt) fired them , leaving himself open to all the flak … so surely Cambell is the clever Cunt hiding behind Tony ‘Doh’ Bliar to be the fall guy .. so for me No1 Cunt is Campbell …

      • Campbell is Speer or Goebbels to Blair’s Hitler…. Campbell is undoubtedly a cunt, but Blair is a far bigger (and uglier) fish, that needs to be fried in the fires of hell…

      • As FTF correctly said Blair is the hall of fame Cunt of Cunts..
        Blair is the Cunt you have to beat every year to win the coveted COTY…

  11. I think its time to remind everyone about Campbell at the Chilcot enquiry. His appearance was the moment the smoking gun was revealed as under intense questioning about Blairs verbal assertion to the House of Commons that Saddams possession of WMD was quote ‘beyond doubt’, he was unable to provide any justification whatsoever from the intelligence they held whether poor ir otherwise. You could hear a pin drop at this moment as it dawned on everyone that Blair had simply made this up and had nothing to back it up with. In other words he misled Parliament. A few days later Campbell was on some daytime tv programme when for no apparent reason he literally broke down. Clearly he was finding it difficult to cope with the fact he had let the cat out the bag and was looking at a possible criminal prosecution. Of course as we now know, no prosecution took place though that revelation was the reason the report took years to publish as they desperately looked for a way to explain away what had been revealed. In the end they couldnt though Chilcot chickened out from stating Blair had lied. Read his comments though, its clear he did. Campbell you are a cunt who should be in jail not on tv.

    • …. surely if this Cunt fires off on any occasion that suits him about how he is ‘troubled by depression’ … his opinions should be disregarded as not worth a fuck as he’s a troubled soul ..!!!
      I’m sure if I had a ‘Loony Tune’ ..’paving out my future’,… I’d be saying , Thanks but no thanks, I’ll see to it myself ….

  12. Alistair Cuntbell,

    What a cunt, definitely has his place confirmed in the Grand Hall of Cunts. A highly distinguished cunt, even amongst other cunts. The fucking cunt.
    Did I mention he’s a cunt.

  13. It always amazed me how any politician could get away with something this big. But with the help of his team ( and Campbell ) Blair did. Yes you are right, and Chilcott did bottle out. Sadly political “integrity” ( I am being facetious ) is valued more that the thousands of lives lost. I also strongly suspect that David Kelly was murdered on the instruction of the “team ” and that his autopsy was “fixed affair ” This shows the utter contempt held by Blair and his associates ( Campbell included ) of the people of this country, and the value of life. Campbell is indeed a cunt, a nasty cunt. He deserves all the shit in this world to fall upon his head. I hope that in the post brexit period, this will come back to the table, and the bastard gets butchered.

  14. Not just Dr. Kelly, but very likely Robin Cook, and quite possibly John Smith…

  15. This cunt is surely a cunt amongst cunts. Can’t stand him. Always shouting over his opponents when he is losing an argument (nearly always) and basically can’t open his mouth without telling lies. He was at it again on This Week last Thursday but Portillo pulled him up.
    Along with Bliar he has blood on his hands.
    An utter megaton cunt.

  16. Alistair Campbell. You’d not know depression if it punched you in the face. I suffer from PTSD for what you, Blair and Mandlecunt did in sending us to Iraq. You utter cunt.

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