Gary Lineker [5]

Another bandwagon insincere Mega Cunt who keeps his ugly mush shut when it suits.
Why is Gary Lineker silent over 400 Walkers staff facing the sack? Employees say vocal presenter is turning a ‘blind eye’ to the crisp plant’s closure to protect his £1.5m deal.


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  1. Let me have a little whinge here… I never did like Linneker, he was the cunt who helped that shithole company WALKERS drive Seabrook Crisps off my local Supermarket shelves. Seabrook Crisps are a superior crisp, crunchy and salty delicious. Walkers has just about driven all competition into oblivion and the UK has lost so many small , even very local brands of the nations favourite munch. Linneker is a cunt.

    Bitch 2. A gobshite who has done his best to upset me on so many occasions with his perpetual incessant whine, who pontificates and procrastinates far above the ability of his feeble fucking tiny mind. His lugs and profile mark him as a wingnut that needs screwed firmly into the arse of a rabid buffalo.

    • Ye cannae beat a canny bag a Tudor.

      Tudors Pickled Onion and Gammon and Pineapple were my two favourite flavours.

      Coz ye can’t fuckin get them anymore, coz as you pointed out, Walker’s and their massive displays got rid of the smaller,better rivals.

      • I remember a small Tudor Crisp depot in Walker in the 60,s. Tudor crisps were very popular in Newcastle.They were terrific, and if I recall correctly, they had a little blue “twist” of salt in them.

      • Not only are those small brands hell of a lot better but the imported walker crisps are called Lays and they taste nothing like walkers… also has different flavors then Lays which kinda defeats the purpose of importing, cunts!

      • When I moved to Spain, all I could get here was cheese and onion, plain, bacon, campasina and cheetos.

        Ten years ago, salt and vinegar was added to the list.

        I went into a shop and asked for some helicopter flavoured crisps.
        But the cunts only sold plane.

  2. The pic in the header is obviously from his Spurs days and it has a halo coz he was seen as a clean cut, quiet good guy.

    A footballer at the top of his game but with his feet on the ground.

    And I believed it to be true, even though he was a goal poacher.

    Even in his first ever ad for Walkers, they sarcastically had him play a crisp thief, meaning Walker’s are that good, even saintly good guys will turn to crime for some Walker’s crisps.

    What the fuck happened ?

    Was it a mid life crisis that turned the family man into an egotistical, wife leaving, up his own arse, self righteous cunt ?

    As a Leicester fan, I’d like to go on record and say Golden Wonder and Waitrose crisps piss all over Walker’s.

    Gary Linekar has pissed on his crisps. 🙂

    • I guess he wouldn’t be a proper lefty if he didn’t look down on everyone and constant lecture everyone on shit he knows nothing about.

      He’s a cunt and walkers are shit!

      …and spurs too!

  3. Good on ye Jordan/ Katie Price.

    Even though you are a cunt and yer boobs are terrible, good on ye for going topless on holiday in Maldives.

    The strict Islamic nation with Sharia law are well pissed off.

    Good on ye, ya cunt.

    Get yer cunt out next time. 🙂

  4. Greedy Gary. Never failed to fuck off from a club when a bigger cheque was waved in front of him and never failed to dump his wife when a younger money grabbing tart stuck her fanny in his face. What a pathetic self absorbed sack of shit he is. I’ve never heard of any footy cunt getting involved in politics but I presume his unassailable position at the Blairite Broadcasting Company gives him the courage to stick his oar in and give us all a lecture and pontificate like the out of touch rich cunt that he is. I don’t like to get personal, as you all know, but if I was as rich as Gary I’d get something done about those FA Cup ears. I’d also grow a proper beard or tache or shave it all off and stop fucking about trying to look like a two bob identikit hipster wanker. I would also stop being an utter cunt. I will never buy Walker’s crisps again and I regret that I ever did. Fuck you Lineker you arsehole.

  5. I like to think of Lineker’s ears as a pair of overdeveloped fanny-lips,his facial hair makes a convincing “clams-beard”,and the rest of his face is obviously just pure cunt….he’s quite enjoyable to watch if you can convince yourself that you’re actually just watching an over-extended pudendum.

  6. I say we have a gary lineker bonfire night but 1st we have to kill Lineker don’t worry we will just say he was planning to blowup the BBC headquarters or something and if that happens we kill 2 birds with 1 stone

  7. New Gameshow idea based on Family Fortunes & Play Your Cards Right:-

    Two sets of people try to accurately guess the EXACT number of refugees/ benefit tourists that have been taken in by a particular celebrity. The alternative group has to say “Higher” or “Lower” accordingly. For example:-

    Host: …and our next celebrity is….Gary Linekar! (Photograph of the jug-eared cunt appears) Come on now, have a guess.
    Contestant 1: Ahh, oooh…I’m not sure. He does criticise everyone who speaks against them….hmm…and he always speaks so kindly about them…
    Host: I’ll have to have an answer…
    Contestant 1: …oooh, I’m…erm….he is very rich…
    Host: Come on!
    Contestant 1: ….oh…I’ll go for 200!
    Host: 200? Right. Okay…Contestant 2, higher or lower?
    Contestant 2: I think that’s a tad high; I’m going to say “Lower!”
    Host: And the exact number is…


    Call it “Who Wants To Be A Virtue Signaller” – get Brucie to host it. Possibly Clarkson or that Steve Coogan wanker.

  8. I am disappointed that the BBC are not sending Saint Gary out to cover the Masters. I was looking forward to hearing the crispcruncher’s expert opinions on golf. No doubt he would have some good advice about what to do when you need a shit halfway round the course. It probably involves sliding your bare arse along the grass. (Not on the greens please) I expect he is helping poor refugee children, handing out shaving kit, mobile phones and untold packets of Walkers fucking crisps.

  9. I am not on twitter and have no wish to be but there may be a twitterer or two on this site. How about grilling him on his silence over the job losses referred to above as against his constant bashing on about rapeugees.
    The cunt is a cunt, always has been a cunt and always will be a cunt.
    The man is a cunt.
    Did I say he was a cunt.

    • Linekunt just blocks people who question, criticise, or even disagree with him… The man is a complete ivory tower up his own arse libmong cunt…

      • I shouldn’t be surprised that he does that. Typical of that sort of cunt. Just unwilling to even listen to any sort of counter argument.
        Mind you he is ok isn’t he, sitting in his rapeugee free house in a rapeugee free area in south west London.
        Mammoth cunt.

  10. As mentioned he used to be ok, but he has become a bit insufferable.

    Tudor crisps were the best but Walkers are average at best. However 10p crisps like Space Raiders and Football Crazies still thrive because they are at a price Walkers can match. Anyone remember Riley’s crisps? They were pish. Tasted like damp cardboard with no flavour.

    Slightly off topic, but the rise in obesity is probably due to smaller portion sizes in multipacks. People eat 2 or 3x28g instead of 1x40g pack. Same with choc bars. Why haven’t the health experts worked that out? Bring back Tudor!

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