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As the clock runs down to the UK invoking article 50 let’s see how many liberal Cunts start virtue signalling? J K Rowling started early this morning on her twatter account saying how sad she feels today?? There’s a little picture of a young girl in a union skirt letting go of both an EU and Scottish flag balloon!!

Listen up bitch I’ve felt sad everyday since that utter cunt major signed the Maastricht treaty!!

Felt sad since 2004 when the EU gave accension for 10 mostly poor unwanted countries to join the club!!

I’ve felt sad with the millions that have come putting an unbearable strain on housing and the NHS!!

I’ve felt sad when Blair signed the Lisbon treaty!!

I’ve had 24 years of feeling sad that we were conned into a two bob wannabe superstate!!!

So J K Rowling your fuckin sadness is my delight!!

Stick to writing books!! Cunt!!

Nominated by Quislings.

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  1. My fave book by her never got published. Harry Potter and the Ringpiece of Fire when Harrys broomstick took him to the curry mile in Manc land.

    • Perhaps that could include.a new spell to reverse her woeful predictions:-

      Predicted Milliband would win;
      Predicted we’d stay shackled to cuntesque EU;
      Predicted Clinton would beat the Trump.

      “Ridicolus Refugenius!”

    • She probably has a man to do that for her.

      That’s one thing about slebs which is universal, they pine for privacy (under the burden of all that wealth), and yet crave publicity.

      Most cunts use webcrawlers (via their entourage) to see what’s being said about them. It depends on if the negative things are suppressed by their entourage before being passed on to the cunt in question.

      Most “negs” are suppressed and that’s why most slebs think they’re universally loved. However given the chance I’d happily call them cunts to their faces!

  2. May I suggest a permanent thread, at the top of the page, called “Blame it on Brexit.” As time goes on we can enter the relevant and ridiculous utterances of politicians, luvvies, celebricunts, EU bureaucrats, media whores and James O’Shithead. Just a thought….

      • You’re probably right, O’Shithead would use up several pages on his own on a daily basis. I heard on the radio that some cunt from “Relate” has said that they are getting loads of calls from couples disagreeing about brexit. So now the spiralling divorce rate is being blamed on brexit! Fuck me, I wouldn’t mind betting a large wedge that 95 per cent of the wives in those marriages are the remoaners.

      • That’s a fuckin belter, Freddie The Frog.

        They may be doss cunts, but they do have some entertainment value.

        I bet there’s been one example of this from a pair of cunts who shouldn’t be together anyway, and Relate have sexed up the numbers.

        That made me laugh that did.

    • I’m starting a series over at mine called “Brexitballs”

      Eagle eyed regulars on here please send me any quotes you spot on Brexit and the Eu which are total crap and I promise to shamelessly nick them…

      • I love the idea but since Dioclese has something similar we should all just use that!

  3. Fabian Picardo, Gibraltar’s Chief Minister, has pointed out to Tusk that Gibraltar voted 96% to Remain last year.
    He added that ” this is a disgraceful attempt by Spain to manipulate the European Council for its own, narrow political interests”

    No mention of Tusk and Picardo’s beloved EU bullying Britain and Gibraltar though.

    No, he just sticks to arguing with Spain.

    I actually like Picardo, he’s an amiable fellow, but he should get a clue that the EU are a nasty bunch of cunts.

    How can Gibraltarians want to remain as part of the EU, when two days after article 50 being triggered, Tusk and the EU are bullying them?

    Get a clue, Gibraltar.

    • I don’t much like the way this is going. But , If Gibraltarians value the EU over and above the UK, throw them to the fucking diego’s.
      If however they want to remain British, then we need to tell Europe to simply fuck off, no deal required, and go shag yourself Merkel.
      Will they attempt force? I honestly don,t know, but if push comes to shove I don’t fancy their chances.

      • Talking of using force.

        I don’t know if this is an urban myth or not, but supposedly the British armed forces invaded Spain about twenty years ago.

        The were doing some class of exercise and came ashore on the Spanish side of the border.

        They where unarmed and found themselves surrounded by nervous itchy trigger fingered Guardia Civil.

        As I say, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if it is, then that’s a belter. 🙂

  4. Gibraltar voted remoan for the same reason the Jocks and the Ulster Proddies….the British Government told them to. I say give the remoaners their re-run and they’ll get their arses kicked good and proper.

  5. This whole Brexit negotiation is gonna be a fucking farce. There’ll be that many fucking obstacles thrown in by the EU cunts as well as your Campbells, Blairs, Mengleson, Soubry, Morgan, Clugg, Farroff cunts it’ll be like It’s a fucking Knockout.
    I can see David Davies walking thru the revolving doors which have been turned to full speed straight onto a slippery green walkway with cunts spraying foam at him.
    Andrew Neill gets it right when he questions these whinging cunts and says “you want these negotiations to fail don’t you”. Cunts then shift in their seats and deny flatly saying they want us to do well but it can’t happen. These cunts should be publicly humiliated for not having the fucking backbone to support their own fucking country. It’s too fucking late now anyway, we’ve bought a one way ticket. Imagine what it would be like if by some shocking twist we end up staying. We would be fucking destroyed by these cunts back to the stone age. They’d introduce some fucking new treaties pretty fucking quick to make sure we were trapped. If you think it was bad before there’d be no comparison. That’s when I go to arms.

  6. The cunts that are trying to derail Brexit are using the remainers as an excuse.they would all have us believe that they simply wish to get the best deal for Britain. Utter bullshit. They couldn’t give a fuck about Joe Public, they only care about their own agenda. They will ( if successful ) be greatly rewarded by their paymasters, who in turn will extract every penny they can from us. They are indeed cunts. Ugly treacherous cunts. By the way, does anyone else see any resemblance between Farron and Linneker?

      • I remember from the good old days of Private Eye (before baby-slapped-arse-faced Hislop turned up), they used to have a 7″ floppy EP on the front cover at Crimbo…

        One little ditty was “When you join the Common Market stick an onion up yer bum”…

        Nuff said.

        So, so many cunts…Shut the door, they’re coming through the window…

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