J K Rowling (5)

As the clock runs down to the UK invoking article 50 let’s see how many liberal Cunts start virtue signalling? J K Rowling started early this morning on her twatter account saying how sad she feels today?? There’s a little picture of a young girl in a union skirt letting go of both an EU and Scottish flag balloon!!

Listen up bitch I’ve felt sad everyday since that utter cunt major signed the Maastricht treaty!!

Felt sad since 2004 when the EU gave accension for 10 mostly poor unwanted countries to join the club!!

I’ve felt sad with the millions that have come putting an unbearable strain on housing and the NHS!!

I’ve felt sad when Blair signed the Lisbon treaty!!

I’ve had 24 years of feeling sad that we were conned into a two bob wannabe superstate!!!

So J K Rowling your fuckin sadness is my delight!!

Stick to writing books!! Cunt!!

Nominated by Quislings.

184 thoughts on “J K Rowling (5)

  1. Gordon Brown and David Milliband signed is Lisbon treaty to be fair Dude. But I get your point.

    • Of course!! Blair signed the European constitution in 2004 and set up the Lisbon treaty but jumped ship in June 2007 leaving hapless wanker brown and milly to pull the trigger in Dec …..
      That utter Cunt brown barely gets a mention on IAC…😡

      • I can only think the reason that utterly useless sack of shit has avoided a regular cunting is unlike mega Cunt Blair he hasn’t courted the press, unlike Blair he doesn’t keep making interventions, unlike blair he seams to accept that he is yesterday’s man…….
        brown is one of the Britains most forgettable prime ministers in living memory…….

      • Brown always claimed that he and Blair had the leadership mapped out right from the start , and I can believe that. You are right in your comments, but he is ( I believe ) a serious co-conspirator of Blair, and acted art in part in all matters detrimental to the UK. The “prudent” Brown fucked us over on the sale of Gold selling at rock bottom and losing billions, and where was he on the open door? At the gate collecting admissions I bet.

      • Good point! Regards joining the euro… funny how some Cunts like Branson still think we should have joined it? Also a lot of the stuff brown got lumbered with had already been agreed by Blair…

      • It was Brown who denied our troops funds for proper equipment for Bliar’s wars. Bliar didn’t have the balls to sack him or stand up to him. Brown opened the benefits floodgates. Brown and Bliar presided over a period where 100s of 1000s of ‘asylum seekers’ were let in. To keep the figures down they were given work permits as skilled workers (I kid you not) Although most went on to claim benefits and housing, turning once great cities into peaceful ghettos.
        Brown is an incompetent oaf and a despicable human being.
        Cunt doesn’t even begin to describe him.

      • He was a one eyed jock cunt and I am in a bad mood Cunstable. I also apologise to the decent Scottish population.

      • The only reason I remember exact names, dates and treaty names is because it’s an excellent response to remainer cunts who say that because Tereasa May is a takeover PM, she is then also illegitimate as are her acts (like signing of treaties in the role of PM).

        The beauty with that logic though is that it equally applies to Gordon Brown (takeover PM) who signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2007 and John Major (takeover PM) who signed the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.

        If the Remainiacs followed their logic to it’s ultimate conclusion, the UK would never have been a part of the EU in it’s current form and would be due compensation for billions of pounds in funds appropriated through fraud.

        Sadly I have never had that argument with a remainer yet……. they’d probably shut down the argument by shouting “RACIST” before I’d even got to something resembling a salient point.

    • Maggie thatcher signed the single European act,the most radical legislation since the start of the EU. Looks as though you are the cunt, cunt.

    • The Met Police deserve a cunting.

      Headline news at 10. They are treating an attack on an Iranian curd peacefull type asylum seeker (rapfugees) at a bus stop in Croydon as a hate crime.

      Did they come out so quickly last week and denounce the attack carried out by the Kerb crawling, knife wielding Peacefull one as a hate crime. Did they bollocks.

      In fact the did all they could to protect the identity of the Muslim terrorist for as long as possible so as to prevent revenge attacks on the peacefull community members.

      This country is going to hell in a handcart.

      • Always the case. The 5th column infect even the highest of office. Report tonight suggests he has died ( DM ) in which case, being a child migrant, Lily Mong will be on the box shit hot in the morning.

  2. A well deserved cunting for a very serious pain in the arse.Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but not on the subject of the EU. On that matter only mine counts. She,s a cunt.

  3. Another self important egomaniacal celeb giving us the benefit of her superior intellect.

    Personal!y I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the remoaning antics of a peddler of second rate kiddieshit…

  4. Sometimes I am pleased I am not a rich writer; it seems that becoming a massive cunt is part of the deal.

  5. Actually if she could stop writing bad books would be great to , kids deserve better than that overrated Harry potter nonsense.
    And also she could also stuck a wand at her vag,it would be great, thanks.

  6. I can’t stand all that fantasy shite she writes about it’s BOR fuckin ING along with Lord of The Ringpieces and that other load of cock The Habbit. SHITE.
    Having said that I would knock the back out of her.

    • I’ve tried – but never managed to tolerate more than 20 minutes of the Lord of the Dingalings…

      I’m told it’s brilliant, but I’ve had to give up on the book as well. Keep falling asleep waiting for it to start…

      • “Bored of the Rings”…

        Have you ever tried Ulysses; it’s like being put under with dodgy chloroform.

      • Wasn’t there a dodgy porno back in the 80s,

        The Lord of the Ring ?

        Up there with Flesh Gordon in terms of ‘artistic’ quality 🙈

      • When Paddy, in Max and Paddy, auditioned for a porno.

        It was a black gay gangbang porno with Paddy being the only white guy.

        It was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 🙂

    • Havent read the Potter shit. I’m a grown up. Tried reading her adult stuff – Casual Vacancy (shite) and something about a cormorant? Unreadable . Managed 2 chapters.
      And don’t get me going about Lord of the Ringpieces. This hippy, dippy shite was on the go in the 60s. It was shite then. Fucking juvenile rubbish.

      • Nearly as bad as Star Wars. I’m an SF fan but Star Wars really was bollocks.

        Light sabres ffs? Do an Indy and just shoot the cunt…

  7. The fact is all these so called celebricunts have zero choice in toeing the line on Brexit, Trump, refugees etc unless they want their careers to sink to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Can you imagine what would happen if they dared to question the opinions of the great and good righteous celeb gods? Shunned at events and partys, less offers of work, talked about in gossip columns. Oh my God surely there is nothing on earth to compare with such torture. Vacuous Cunts.

    • Fair point, and I think you are right that some degree of cowardice is responsible. However, on the major issues of the world, I believe principal is sacre sanct. There is no place for cowards in this world. The luvvies and arseholes are short on courage , and are up for a good and well deserved cunting.

    • Can you think of any big time celebrities who have been banging the Brexit/ trump drum??
      As you correctly say they fall into line or risk making a career threatening move, there’s probably more than we will ever know but they just keep their heads down…. career 1st 2nd 3rd
      TBH if they are doing well who can blame them for not committing professional suicide……

      • Kanye West is “supposedly” pro Trump.
        And some female rapper, but I forget her name coz it sounds similar to that Aussie female rapper.

      • Azealia Banks, I think. She’s meant to be a bit of cunt. She looks like a psycho cunt.

      • West is a talentless egomaniac super cunt so doesn’t add a lot to the Trump cause. Trump is a cunt but the lesser cunt of the choice the poor Yanks had.

  8. JK has amassed a considerable fortune from her Harry Potter success. Ironically, the Potter series is all about a young virtuous wizard fighting the forces of evil incarnate. (The Good and Honorable United Kingdom versus The Dark Evil Empire of the European Arsehole Syndicate ) Yet JK,s recent postings have all been in support of the “Dark Empire” A little paradoxical don’t you think?

  9. I hold Rowling responsible for that nasty little minge-nibbler Emma Watson. Looks like Gideon Osborne’s public school fag. No tit on her either. However,I might be tempted to give Rowling a reaming if the pub was closed and there was nowt on the telly.

    • Sort of admired Watson recently: for telling loads of feminazi and libtards to fuck off, as they went hysterical when she (Watson) flashed her tits for some snobby magazine…

      But then I thought ‘What fucking tits?! There aren’t any!’

      • Her babyface can’t last forever shes no longer ped0 approved and recently they fucked up on her barbie doll. Her face looks melted, looks like if justin beiber was a tranny

        I’m disgusted they made a live action beauty in the beast what a load of shit

    • Try watching an interview with her, Dick Fiddler.

      She’s has quite a strange character and mannerisms.

      And her tits tuck into her waistband.

    • Ffs Dick, just think of Gemma Arterton or I will ditch the Mrs and she will become Mrs Gemma Balsac

  10. Another bandwagon insincere Mega Cunt who keeps his ugly mush shut when it suits.
    Why is Gary Lineker silent over 400 Walkers staff facing the sack? Employees say vocal presenter is turning a ‘blind eye’ to the crisp plant’s closure to protect his £1.5m deal.


    • Your a Bluenose aren’t you Kendo Nag ?

      Being a Fox, I find it strange hating this cunt,but I’ve just gotta.

      It can’t be helped.

      What a smug cunt…

      • Don’t blame either of you for hating Lineker… As a Stretford Ender, I hate Beckham and Schmichel was a City win celebrating Judas cunt…. Fio Rerdinand is also a cunt… All that blubbing over his mrs on the TV, yet he shagged behind her back many, many times… We’re talking well over double figures… But of course anyone who points this out is labeled ‘Monstrous’ and that old chestnut ‘Vile’…. The Twittermong griefjackery being lavished on mass philanderer, Rerdinand is not unlike the arselcikng now given to another infamous womaniser, Saint Brendan Of Cox….

      • The only other cunt I hate, that played for Leicester City, is Dennis Wise.

        Managers I hate are David Pleat and believe it or not, Martin O’Neil.

        Is there a cunt in football with a bigger messiah complex than O’Neil ?

        Maybe Danny Mills.

      • How fucking right you are Norman, Ferdinand is a fucking wankstain of a cunt.

      • Aye mate, 30 goals that cunt scored and we still dint win fuck all. Cunt never acknowledges he ever played for us. Don’t blame the cunt when I think about it tho. Another drubbing at
        Wankfield. Fucking cunts are beaten in their heads before they go onto the fucking pitch. Loocrappu is fucking shite.

      • Klopps been having a right whinge about hard tackling.
        Koeman said Klopp always does that.

        If Everton win the league, that’s is when Linekar becomes an ex Toffee.

    • He’s a cunt. McCoy’s crinkle-cut (crisps !) taste much nicer, anyway.

      As for Captain J Kak Rowlinginit of the SS “Bang goes my buggered sphincter”, may her minge be assaulted by a gross of deep-fried Mars bars, and her rectum by gallons of Irn-Bru (in either direction, it’s pretty b grim…)

      • Deep fried mars bars are amazing.
        A bit sickly, but amazing

        When ye eat them, that is.

        Just don’t have em with chips and pickles.

      • Your quicker than the late,great Bob Monkhouse.

        How do you do it ?

        Brilliant, J R Cuntley. 🙂

      • HBelinda…. Fuck me that was a awesome assault that you proposed… If it can be organised, please let me know…thats something I wanna watch!!!!!!!

      • “Scotland….where the forbidden fruit is fruit”
        Its still deep fried Remember all scottish cuisine is based on a dare
        I thought it was a snickers Mick shoved up her box. Its funny cause the scottish would deep fry that too lol

  11. Great cunting quislings.

    Wierd how all these cunts love the reich so much but it never seems to have crossed their minds to just up sticks and fuck off!

    That cunt allen fucked me off the other day as well with all that “every job that is lost from now on is your fault.”
    OK. Every rapeugee that commits a crime is your fault. Every jihadi that attacks is your fault. And every single bad thing that’s happened to this country in the last 30 years is the fault of the reich.

    There are many great things about Brexit but the best thing about it by far is being able to watch these drama queens having a breakdown coz they’re used to getting what they want ….but not this time!

  12. Prince Charles is an inbred wanker.

    The cunt tried to interfere in the timing of the American invasion of Afganistan in order to “honour Ramadan”. I thought that this story was an April Fool when I first read it,but no,the arrogant fucker actually wanted to influence a military invasion,and all that that involves,in order to arselick muslims.

    The fucking man is going to be head of the church of England,and yet is more concerned about upsetting a few muslims than he is about his own people. Never mind the logistics involved in delaying an invasion,just as long as he gets his ill-informed way.

    What the fuck gives him the right to interfere in political or military matters? All of this shit about sending Ministers his thoughts on climate-change,architecture, etc is bad enough,but a military operation?

    The man is as thick as pig-shit which probably accounts for his sense of self-importance. He’s too fucking stupid to realise that noone gives a shit about his slack-jawed ramblings. He married a slapper and then an old whore,bred two equally spoiled,typically ignorant sons,and has spent his life waiting to take over from the Queen. God Forbid. Once the Queen dies,that should be an end of it. He should be told to gather his Deliverance style family up,and fuck off….. His grandchildren look to be nasty little shits too.

    • Yea the man is a lefty pussy!
      Certainly no king!

      The fact that it’s Ramadan is even more reason to bomb them. Cunts.

      • What is the most popular religion in Wales?


        One of my favourites of all time.

    • Round them all up Dick Fiddler.

      Round them all up and please, please send Beatrice my way.

      Please and pretty please.

    • and as for that paedo, arms-dealing cunt Andrew Porchester, don’t even get me started.

      I have a sneaking admiration for Phil the Greek, he’s put up with a fuck of a lot, and given his soh, wouldn’t mind betting he posts on here !! When he carks, he can at least do so in the knowledge that he wasn’t responsible for fathering that sloppy pile of old jamrags who married the ginger minger… Andy’s dad was a stable-boy or bookie, something like that ??!

      • Nice one… Phil is the only Royal I can stand . Any Royal that can upset the “Slit eyed gooks” and offend the Pakis is ok with me.

  13. You see, the thing that cunts like the *billionaire* JK Rowling can’t stand is the fact that with all their wealth, theirs is just a single vote, just as it is for MW (minimum wage) Rowling, and it annoys the shit out of them!

    So when they don’t get their “spoilt bastard” way they do a pram-chuck and start trying to use their money and/or media influence to upset/overturn democratic decisions.

    You see what the rich neo-liberals want is for the great unwashed to bear the burden of the virtuous decisions they support, safe in the knowledge that the effects of those decisions will not effect *them* in the slightest.

    What the rich neo-liberals really want is a global plutocracy where the rich make the decisions for everyone else because they know what’s best for everyone, because they’re rich after all.

    However, if you point out to the rich neo-liberals that this is basically aristocracy and surfdom – based on wealth rather than birthright – then they laugh in your face, aghast that their call for democracy is even being questioned. But that, deep down, is what they want.

    The problem with aristocracies and plutocracies is physical numbers. At some point the great unwashed realise that they’re being fucked over by a small group of twats and no matter how big the castle, how high the wall, or how large the army, eventually the shear volume of numbers overruns them, a fledgling democracy appears in its place, it stabilises, it becomes corrupt, it becomes a plutocracy again, only for it to be overthrown yet again and…repeat.

    So JK, let’s get back to the facts. For all your billions in the bank Vs the majority’s meagre existence, yours is one vote. Theirs is one vote. When more votes go one way than the other that is called a democratic decision, and, democratic decisions should be respected by all irrespective of wealth.

    Had you not had the luck of publishing – basically – a rehash of the Star Wars story, and you were still a single parent living in a one bedroom flat, would your social views be so virtuous? Or would you too have concerns of living next door to a couple of bomb makers and having to learn Polish just to be able to get along with your neighbours? Hmmm… let me think.

    Folk who come into money say it won’t change them but often it does, often it turns them into cunts. Cunts like JK Rowling.

    So JK, as soon as you believe that your vote means or counts more because of your – and let’s face it – extremely lucky wealth let me know, and I shall get Madame Guillotine nice and sharp in readiness.

    • These rich cunts do nothing to help society and I recon deep down they know it.
      They try to justify their cuntitude by constantly banging on about “the poor” and “minorities” to convince themselves that they’re good people.
      It’s like that benedick CumberCunt, bangs on about helping rapeugees but will he house one himself?
      Will he fuck!
      They’re lying to themselves so they can look at themselves in the mirror.
      I hope to be a rich cunt one day but at least I’ll be honest.
      “Fuck the lot of yer, I’m off to the Bahamas!”

  14. The stupid cunts in America are at it again with an Anti Trump Telethon to raise funds for the American Civil Liberties Union. It included Tom Wanks, Alec Baldwank and whoever the fuck Tina Fey is amongst others. Keep up the good work cunts that fucking hole you’re digging is getting mighty deep. Treacherous no marks.

    • I often wonder how the lefty’s ever managed to get power.
      They’re such a bunch of whinging gimps!
      I saw something about it on the news. Some dumb lefty bitch was making a joke (I think that’s what it was anyway) about national sexual assault awareness or something and trump.
      She really cares about women being persecuted.
      No mention of the Saudis though.
      Fuckin cowards!

    • Big Don should charge these celebriscum with sedition, treason, incitement to riot, and everything else he can throw at them… I am sure Trump has some sort of revenge in line for these cunts, I for one can’t wait to see it… Somebody once said a good or powerful leader will have quality opposition… Truth is though, Big Don’s ‘foes’ are laughable… Has been old doddering cunts like Alec ‘Bald’win, Tom Wanks, and serial cockgobbling slappers and brainless bimbos cracking on they are ‘politically minded’ and ‘activists’ like Kunty Perry, Miley Shagbag, and Skaglett Johansson… They are a joke, but it’d be funny if the big man frightened the shit out of them and gave them something to cry about…

      • Donald Trump is my favorite president ever https://i.redd.it/j9y5tdtf2xoy.jpg lol “very very disrespectful”

        Absolutely norm drain hollywood of useless remoaners and Never Trumpers they make shitty films anyway and M8s Pray for Brad Pitt that bitch Jolie, ruined his life he looks like shite he looks like a skinny cokehead who hasn’t gotten proper sleep

      • I was thinking he looks like that coz of some upcoming role, coz it looks like he has buck teeth.
        Have a geez, he looks like a donkey.

        He’s well rid of that egomaniac cracked lipped psycho.

  15. The media is a cunt, all its done is blast the UK with anti brexit news since Wednesday, LBC, BBC, Sky and even Matthew Wrights ‘The Wright Stuff’ have all insulted half the population because we want to leave a corrupted EU system, full of bizarre rules and regulations. I’m sick of this ‘we are right and you are wrong ‘from smug, rich cunts, like JK Rowling, who her and her likes have had their bubbles burst by people who have to live a normal live, in low paid jobs, unemployment and poor living conditions.

    • abbc should rename itself “24 / 7 Opinion Channel.” It certainly ain’t news, not as it was with Richard Baker, Kenneth Kendall and the other guy (qwhose name I’ve forgotten)…

      • Reginald Bosanquet wouldn’t have stood for pedaling the shite that the ABBC does now! Proper news anchor.

        Speaking of newsreader cunts, I would like to nominate Charlie (in a) State for much deserved cunting – especially after Article 50 was invoked.

        His first brekky TV interview was with David Davies and it basically went like this:

        State: “It’s going to be shit though isn’t it!”

        Davies: “Well I think you’re selling the British people short on focusing merely on negative unproven aspects of the seperation. Whereas I, and the majority of people in the UK are actually quite optimis…”

        State: “I’m sorry but if I could just stop you there and reiterate, it’s going to be shit though isn’t it!”

        Davies: “Well you said that before and after the vote and I remember both yourself and Louise stating both before and after the vote that employment would rise and the economy would fail when actually the reverse has been true and…”

        State: “I’m sorry but if I could just stop you there and reiterate, it’s going to be shit though isn’t it!”

        This has been the Charlie State mantra all week irrespective of who he interviewed – suck the cocks of remoaning twats and refuse to listen to anything Brexiteers say, shouting over the top of them that: “It’s going to be shit though isn’t it!”

        It’s a pity the cunt wasn’t so vocal about the “peaceful” attack on home soil a couple of weeks back (which the ABBC made sure fizzled into obscurity after a couple of days of reporting it as a tragic misunderstanding by disturbed bloke from Kent)!

        Libtard, partisan, appeasing cunt! That’s YOU Charlie State that is!

      • Great legs, too (AR, not RD…).
        Have never seen Fiona The Bruce’s legs…short, fat and hairy, I reckon.

    • …. I watched a bit of ‘Newswatch’ on BBC News this morning, on the public complaining on the BBC bias against leaving the EU and negative reporting on Brexit … No, no, no claimed some director Cunt .. ‘We’re down the middle’ .. ‘unbiased’ … FUCK OFF …
      … It was pointed out by viewers how much the BBC’s reporting was on WHAT COULD go wrong .. no facts … just WHAT COULD go wrong.
      I couldn’t believe how fast a news article was shot through the BBC news on Dyson investing £2.5 BILLION in Wiltshire, creating thousands of jobs. I had once thought Dyson was a cunt for upping sticks and taking all his factories to Malaysia. During the run up to Brexit, Dyson was being interviewed and he was explaining that the EU were very hard on him trying to create business and expand .. ( they had actually favoured another German business of a similar nature ) .. so he went to Malaysia. Now he is showing his faith in Post – EU UK … good on the man. BBC reporting on this was fucking shameful. CUNTS.

      • Have you ever noticed that whenever anybody criticises the BBC on that crock of shit program that they never admit they might have got it wrong.

        Cunt on there this week said it was the BBCs job to scrutinize the Brexit process. No, you cunt, it’s your job to REPORT it…

      • I saw that Dio and I wanted to nut the cunt. Does that make me a bad fucker?

      • Totally agree thought Dyson was a cunt as well but on Brexit he’s been positive and so has John Bamford JCB owner and Digby Jones who was great on breakfast the other morning where the remoaner shills were all doom and gloom but he blew them and the media out of the water.

      • … and who would you have your faith in … some bloke’s that’s made a couple of bob … or some ‘Chicken Licken’ ‘ the sky is falling in Cunt .. ? I know who I’d put my savings on.

  16. The cacophony of anti Brexit news since the triggering of article 50 has been jaw dropping stuff!, the media has gone into hyperdrive, I’m sure that somewhere in the shadows encouraging this will be mssrs blair, cambell and Branson who although utter CUNTS have a lot of media savvy and lots of like minded twats in the right places..
    It’s an insidious campaign……..

    • They’ve been all over the Beebistan Broadcasting Caliphate in the last 48hrs. I’ve heard Farwrong, Clugg, the utter cunt Campbell, what a nasty piece of shit he is (and why is he given a voice, he’s an unelected nonentity like me for fucks sake) why is my licence tax used to give this obnoxious piece of shit air time.?? Kier Cuntsarmer and a whole host of other useless spineless cunts have also been spouting their bile.

      Anyhow none of them have a good word to say about Brexit, they are all doing it down, doing it down all the time.

      There is no balance, it’s a war being led and waged by the BBC to infect the minds of the sheeples.

      • I dream of the day when all of this is over, we are free of Europe, a hard Brexit, no deals, Brussel arses kicked into the long grass,Junkers laid on a slab of marble, Merkel gang banged by her own Council members and so on. We get the chance to “talk things through” with all the cunts who threw a spanner in the works! I certainly have a few choice things to say. Oh, and about the BBBC. They’re fucked!

      • Oh I can’t fuckin wait for the beebistan to get shut down.

        Theiving, propaganda spewing, paedo protecting, arseholes!

        I think the reich will only last to the next recession then they’ll fold.
        They barely survived the last one.

  17. Bottom line is her opinions may get widely reported but just like me she had one vote. My opinion carried as much weight as her’s did on the day and more people shared my opinion that shared hers.

    She can whine on as much as she likes on Twatter., she can post her butt hurt thoughts all day long.

    In the end Jo, my X in the box has had more effect on you than your recycled children’s books will ever have on me.

    In my opinion that makes me the better author and my stories still unfolding.

  18. She is most definitely a cunt (I’d still give her one though),
    My theory is this:
    If your from a wealthy background most decent (not irritating rich cunts who don’t have a clue) people are taught to be grateful for what they have and to be mindful of the needs of others. They then grow up knowing they won’t have to worry about money, a home etc so they then overcompensate their sort of guilt for being so wealthy by getting involved in charity and campaigning. I know a lot of these people are cunts, but some (maybe even most) genuinely believe they are helping and campaigning for the better of society.
    I also think this goes for people who have come into wealth, along with having loads of money comes a guilt in the back of the mind (although some tight cunts ignore it) and it makes most people want to give or help more.
    What I’m trying to say is it’s no coincidence that it’s the wealthy cunts who try to use their influence to tell people to be mindful of those in worse situations. People on here are right to say it’s not the rich who have to compete with some Polish cunt for work or a Somali cunt to get a Council Flat or live somewhere that’s a shithole and they do come across as triple distilled cunts but I believe their intentions are mostly good but they are out of touch clueless cunts. They can fuck off. I’ve got a few quid, and I try and help out by giving a bit to charity as well as giving to family etc and I can honestly say if I had £7 million in the bank I’d give half away, as too much money can turn you into a proper cunt. Anyways rant over, and you can fuck off an all. Yeah you, YOU CUNT. I’d put a smiley face if I didn’t think it was cunty.

  19. Somebody please Cunt off last nights ACLU online stand for rights show Hollywood fundraiser
    Featuring tom hanks, Alex Baldwin, Micheal Moore and Chelsea Clinton amongst others.
    It’s a target Rich environment!!
    Maybe we could start a relief appeal?? 😂

  20. This overhyped and overindulged obnoxious old cow needs putting in her place… Just needs a bloke to firmly say ‘Look, love, you’ve wrote a few crappy kiddies books, and most of the ideas for them were nicked… You’re not a great oracle, or a mine of political opinion… You’re not Betrand Russell in drag… Your ‘opinion’ is no more important than that of anyone else… So go and make us a cuppa and a sausage butty, there’s a love…’

    • I bet she wouldn’t know how to heat up some baked beans, and she would probably boil the sausage.

      • Probably doesn’t even answer the door or phone herself either… That’s what I hate about cunts like Rowling and other celebriscum… They live like emperors and yet they make out they ‘identify’ with the ordinary working man and woman… They can fuck off….

      • She’s probably got a Polish cunt on minimum wage who wipes her ass, the cunt.

      • Probably one of her main worries… If we start giving jobs to the British after Brexit, all these showbiz cunts could lose all their foreign cheap wages slaves… sorry… I meant ‘servants’…

      • I was thinking ye could do with some, Gingers Ballsac, or is it one L. 🙂

        I’d love to share this doob with you, but yer just out of reach.

        Cheer up man, there’s always xhamster. 🙂

      • xhamster is a right pain at the moment birdman, just don’t tell the Mrs wink wink or is that wank wank, ffs I am off my head at the moment.

      • she bloody knows how to boil my piss !!

        As for kiddies novels, give me “Nudgie the Helicopter” any day… From the bird who KNEW about choppers…

  21. Is J.K. Rowling in it a writer then? I thought she was just a talentless middle class cunt who shat out derivative fairy tales for other middle class cunts.

    I suppose if the adventures of some insipid knock kneed bed wetting spekkie twat and his adventures in a magical boarding school passes for entertainment for the privileged class, they should send their spoilt offspring to a few boarding schools and see what it’s really like. Less abut making potions and flying about on broomsticks and more about trying not to be fucked up the arse in the dorm room by one of the prefects because you didn’t buff his spats properly.

  22. Lets give gibraltar back to Spain I mean its theirs technically anyway so why not?

      • Let’s keep it, it comes in handy sometimes. Also, it winds up the bullfighting twats, reason enough for me…..

      • Very true.
        Like the Falklands I guess.
        It’s a pointless, windswept, good for nothing, freezing lump of rock in the south Atlantic, of no use to us whatsoever.
        But it really really pisses the argies off so let’s keep it!
        …and we wonder why the rest of the world hates us. 🙂

      • The Eye lives there. He voted leave…

        I think Spain should give Ceuta back to Morocco first then the fucking hypocrites just might have leg to stand on?

    • Be careful what ye wish for TitSlapper, ye might end up with me as yer neighbour. 🙂

      • I’ve heard they’re a weird lot in Gibraltar.

        Weird in the sense that the marriage guidance service is called “Related”…..

      • Yer not wrong J R Cuntley.

        Its easy to stereotype a population, but the cunts have been guilty of inbreeding and talking to a lot of them, the evidence is there to see.

        They also see nothing wrong with schoolgirls being picked up by their older boyfriends in their cars.

        It is a creepy sight.

      • Gib is a good place to park out nuclear subs. That really really pisses the dago cunts off. I was sailing in the bay of Gibraltar when one of our subs was coming into port and the Spanish filth were going barmy trying to get in its way with there little boats. Then a warning from the sub came over the radio telling the dago cunts that they could either fuck off or they could get shot at, it was up to them. Needless to say they fucked off. Hahahaha!

      • Don’t know.

        Its “ours” and we should never give up anything that’s ours.

        But the spiteful me would love to see Gibraltarians up shit creek.

        Nah, keep the Union Jack flying.

        Anyway, if anybody is taking over Gibraltar, its the Moroccans.

  23. This is a classic case of another God Complex sleb, telling us what to do and how to think. I tried watching one of those Barry Trotter & The Goblet of Jizz films or whatever it was, and I turned it off after 10 minutes and did the hoovering. More boring than a cardboard box showroom. Not for me thanks. I’d find staring at a wall-chart of different types of whale shit more interesting.

  24. It’s been weeks since her last virtue-waving, pro-refugees rant so presumably she’ll have taken in dozens more of the “17” year olds since. Perhaps she could provide an exact figure…to the nearest hundred.

  25. One of the things that did my swede in was that it wasn’t just the kids reading these Harry Potta shite stories. Oh no your usual libbo greeny Felicitys and Bertina types had to jump on and read the fucking things and pretend that they fucking loved them.
    Ooh I couldn’t put it down, it was so engrossing. Bollocks, you were all up in your rooms flicking the bean. Filthy sluts.

    • There are some useless twenty somethings working (that’s debatable) with me, and one of them in particular is a massive potter fan. Hardly surprising he’s also a virgin, and a bellend. There’s more work in a two piece jigsaw, and the cunt thinks he has an answer for everything. Real life is going to be such a shock….

      • It’s like all these Game Of Cunts fans Gutstick… All the ones I have met are either fat, unshaggable sweaty walking dictionaries, or pimple encrusted Mr Logic from Viz clones… And we all know why they watch it… To wank over that silly cow with the bleached hair who can’t act…

      • Hay I like game of thrones and I’m not fat!
        …oh wait actually I am fat and funnily enough I’m actually stuffing a kebab into my face as I write this. No lie.

        I’m not unshaggable.
        ….OK I’m unshaggable.

        Sweaty?! …OK you got me on that one!

        I’ve never wanked over that white haired bird.
        …. but now you come to mention it, I’ve got a few minutes …

        Cunt 🙂

      • Game of Thrones is ace, albeit in a world bereft of decent tv. She can’t act for shite but I’d still let her ride my dragon, nonetheless.

  26. First there was the books, then the filums, then the merchandise, then the spinoffs, then the plays, then the orchestra playing music with the filum on a backdrop.

    Now we have The Making Of Harry Potter.

    NEW FOR 2017

    Follow the winding path deep into the forest, explore breathtaking sets and find how filmmakers brought the magic to life.

    Tickets must be purchased in advance at blahblahblah.

    How much money do they need/want to squeeze out of this tat ?

    Surely its old hat, by now ?

    My eleven year old daughter thinks Harry Potter is a cunt.


  27. This is fucking brilliant… An old man was victimised because softarsed selfie obsessed tourist cunts said his ‘ugly’ yellow car ‘ruined their view’ and ‘their photographs’ (when he actually lives in the fucking place!)… Lee McCallum , who started this persecution of an old man, is a fucking snowflake cunt, and some other gutless snowflake student scum actually vandalised the old fellah’s car, causing six grand worth of damage…

    But loads of yellow cars and vans have now invaded this ‘picture postcard’ town in support of the aforementioned gentleman and his right to ave any colour car he fucking well likes… Well done to all involved and death to selfie taking snowflake cunts….


    • What sort of grown man actually posts a comment that goes, ‘Picture postcard street photobombed by ugly little yellow car.’?!!

      What a fucking snowflake benderboy mardarsed cunt trumpet… ‘Photobombed?”‘ What a big fucking girl…The old boy should have run him over….

    • This sort of behaviour is the product of it no longer being socially acceptable to smash chairs over cunts heads.

      There was a time when lefties didn’t act the cunt for fear of retribution, but now that chinning cunts is abhorrent, the cowards are now bullying away to their hearts content, with very little, if any, comeback.

      Bring back the cane ?

      Bring back the chair. 🙂

      • When some cunt wound me up years ago, I’d let the cunt know he was a cunt and offer a square go.
        Now, all I can do is stare menacingly, in case I get the sack or arrested.

        Its not on.

        Gobshites shouldn’t be protected.

      • It’s shouldn’t only be legal to lump someone in self defence.
        They should ask “did the cunt deserve it?” If yes, case closed!

      • Fucking amen to that!

        Pity the new-gen of snowflakes haven’t grown the balls to match their opinions!

        Gutless cunts!

      • They think they’re pacifists because they’re just better and more sophisticated that us peasants.
        In reality they’re pacifists because they’ve got no choice. Wet cunts.
        Where did it say in the bible “the weak shall inherit the earth.”

      • That would be the New Testament bit mate, or the nicey-nicey, lovey-lovey, hearsay bullshit bit as I call it!

        I much prefer the eye-for-an-eye mantra of the Old Testament myself.

      • Yeah and start the bastard every day at 07.00 hrs (that’s if it will start) Clapped out Chieften engine the music of the Gods.

    • Jesus and Mary in Morrisons. This guy gets persecuted because his car is yellow? What in the name of registered fuck has happened to this country?

      Would he be persecuted for his yellow car if he was of the “peaceful” persuasion? Would he bollocks. The SJW’s would be back-patting him for being “individual” and posting selfies all over wankbook.

      The cunt who started this campaign against this man should be relentlessly birched down the lane to the village pond and then strapped into the ducking-stool, and the scrote who vandalised it should be tarred and feathered. Fucking hipster cunt of a desperate SJW wank canister. No doubt some fucking unwashed weed smoking right-on student who has all the life experience of a box of crayons.

      Things like this evaporate my piss. I’m glad they showed solidarity by staging a “fuck you” drive-through in a sea of yellow cars. I bet the progressives were crying into their manbags. If they do name that shade of paint after the owner, that would be a massive fuck-you to the libwank cunts who started this mad campaign. I hope it happens!

    • This snowflake cunt is a prime product of the education system in this country over the last 30 years.

      A system that teaches life has no winners, no losers, everyone is equal and their opinion counts, matters and is a valid as everyone else’s. Unless you are right wing, a waycist or patriot.

      No you cunt. It’s actually give and take. I give and the tax man takes… anyhow.

      Feel luckily you are able to visit the picturesque town and are able to take photos, then accept that people live there and may well have to park in the road.

      That’s life. Get over it you usless scrawny sack of shit. Cunt.

    • What I loved about this story was that he parked the car in front of his own house! I mean how out of order is that???

      And on a similar front the Frogs have banned any car 20 years old or more driving into Paris. I’ve got two like that so I won’t be going…

      Apparently its to improve air quality. It’s masking out the stench of garlic.

      • That’s beautiful irony on the frogs. They want to improve air quality! Nearly washed my screen down with a gob full of brew. Their idea on that is about as worthwhile as a rifle that fires meringue bullets. Granted though, their armpits don’t smell as they’re constantly exposed to the airflow from the GSP (Gallic Surrender Posture).

  28. Sky we’re interviewing some pro EU idiot earlier
    ” I see my myself as European firstly and English secondly ”
    Well that’s interesting as i only see you as a Cunt pal!! That’s it.,

    • Fuckin how ???

      How can anyone born in England consider themselves European first ?

      That’s twisted melon, that has.

      What a cuckold cunt.

      It makes no sense. 🙁

    • Did he mention if he was British?
      Or is British a dirty word.
      Just like the Union JACK is a dirty word.

      Oh, I was bo-orn
      Under a Union Jack
      A Union, Union Jaaaack.

      That European cunt has really wound me up.

  29. Merkel Says “Germans Have a Lot to Learn from Asylum Seekers” Oh Yeah, we have so much to learn from them about rape, massacring people on the street with semi trailer trucks, cousin fucking and how to wipe your ass with your left hand. Just kill yourself Merkel you fat dogfaced cunt

    • Some fucker needs to take this old cow out. What in fucks name could the average piece of raghead shit teach the krauts?
      Is this woman just taking the piss? Or is she serious in wanting to fuck up Europe? If it is the latter, Im sure we wouldn’t mind popping over one weekend to help her wreck the EU.

      • She probably means that every time Germany try to invade Europe they get the shit kicked out of them, whereas the muzzy wuzzys seem to be conducting a textbook invasion without even firing a shot. With brexit now she’s probably worried that their latest invasion attempt might fail so she needs some advice in taking over neighbouring countries.

  30. I have seen plenty of adults on trains and buses reading this kids stuff shite and a mate of mine is fucking crazy about it. Ironically he has 2 kids who are the right age for this bollocks but, to my utter delight, they fucking hate it, probably because he’s always trying to shove it down their throats. I would like to slip them a copy of Viz but I know it would come back to me. His Mrs already hates me because everytime he goes home pissed he blames it on me the cunt. Little does she know that I could tell her things about her poor innocent hubbie that would buy a one way ticket to the divorce court. I am, as always, the soul of discretion.

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