Alastair Campbell [4]

I have always thought that Alastair Campbell was singularly arrogant and unpleasant little man, but his appearance on GMTV yesterday morning was beyond the pale even for him.

In a three way ‘discussion’ with Piers Morgan and John Redwood, Redwood hardly got a word in while he and Morgan descended into a mutual slagging match. Now Morgan’s a bit of a cunt, but he did say “I voted Remain, but I accept the result so fair do’s. Campbell furiously told Morgan to ‘shut up’ and complaining that Morgan wanted to only hear ‘his own monologues’ as the two gestured angrily at each other. That’s a bit rich coming from Campbell.

Morgan continued: “David Cameron, a week before the referendum, went on national television and addressed the British people. He made it absolutely crystal clear in simple language, this would involve the single market and customs union and that there would be no second vote. This was it. This was a once in a lifetime decision. This idea that somehow seventeen and a half million people are so thick that they didn’t hear him say it, and didn’t understand what it meant, I think it’s so insulting!

But then Alastair Campbell is insulting, arrogant, self opinionated and dishonest. Why isn’t he in jail for ‘sexing up’ the ‘dodgy dossier’ that took us into an illegal war in Iraq?

Is it because he’s above such things? On a higher intellectual plain to us plebs?

Or is it just because he’s an obnoxious little cunt?..

Nominated by Dioclese

Alastair Campbell [5]

Alastair Campbell is on this week pontificating about how he will reverse Brexit whilst smirking and patronizing all leave voters.I will give him an emergency no holds barred cunting tomorrow when I am less tired.I am shouting cunt at the TV and am tempted to chuck it out of the window.I think he might get my nomination for COTY 2017 such a horrible duplicitous arrogant terrorist loving europhile shitbag.Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nominated by Shaun

One of the many things I despise about Campbell is when he goes fishing for sympathy about his ‘depression’. Fuck off Al, perhaps it’s just a moment of clarity, and you realise how much of a massive cunt you are, and how your best friend is an even bigger cunt. Crawl back under your rock you despicable twat, you’re part of the reason this country is as fucked as it is.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

Campbell has been on the anti-brexit ‘The Wright Stuff’ all week, bleating on about how the worlds ending due to brexit, with Pantomime Dame Matthew Wright, nodding in agreement with Campbell. Matthew Wright is a double of my auntie Betty, all he needs is a fur hat and clip on ear rings.

Nominated by Harry Balls