Nicola Sturgeon (20)

An Edinburgh Festival cunting please, with a gift box of shortbread, whisky, and a piss-stained jockstrap from Alex Salmond’s chest of drawers, for the old Scottish whorecunt, who, is banging the independence drum yet again:

It was supposed to be a “once in a generation” vote 6 years ago. Today Scotland is a basket case, the oil has nearly all ran out (Nicola herself probably uses it as lube), their Covid infection rate is increasing and the old tart is still at it, spurred on by her distaste for Brexit.

Unless she really is as stupid as she looks, she will know that the hierarchy of the EU have already told her thar Scotland can’t rejoin, so it would still be London wee Sturgeon would be running to with her hand out when it all goes tits up, as it most definately would if wee Scotland gained independence.

The old cunt should fuck off and boil her head, or lay herself doon and dee – or – better still – off to the Singapore Caning Room for 24 strokes across her bare arse.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs…

And seconded by Cuntologist:

Nicola Sturgeon

Sturgeon has undoubtedly been looking to Chairman Dan Andrews of Victoria for ideas on how to be a tyrannical lunatic.

She has put Aberdeen into full lockdown and Glasgow back on lighter restrictions for Coronavirus.

Lockdowns don’t work.

Scotland is in the grip of a mad dog along with a mad dog pack called the SNP.

62 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (20)

  1. That must be rocketman on the right. Surely?

    Fucking Sturgeon-no valuable caviar from this cunts rotten minge-just vile smelling shit.
    Exactly the same as exits her gob.
    Fucking dwarf-dyke that we don’t like👎

      • Aaah:
        I once fucked a “vertically challenged” lady- she was so “wee” that in my alcoholic daze I slipped in the wrong side of the “barse”.
        After withdrawal and after she stopped squealing, I apologised for my error.
        She said: “I’m not happy!!”

        Wait for it…….

        I said: “well which one are you then?”

        Actually, it was o lads weekend in Scotland and she said she was Nicky…
        Fuck me, you don’t think……😳😢😢😢

  2. Give Scotland independence. SSNP gone, discredited and wiped from political history within a decade as the realisation of what they have been conned and race baited into doing hits home.
    Scotland rejoin the union – as our slaves – FOREVER!
    Some Scotting nationals may disagree with the last bit.. 😁

  3. Don’t like or trust the old hag or anything that thrives on porridge or haggis. Must say though its a bit off when her rag tag party of freeloaders, parasites and general scroungers are viewed in some quarters as the official opposition due to kweer starmers constantly missing an open goal.

  4. The hag hates the English so she would join the Chinese Belt and Road policy or run to Vlad the Impaler, or even both. Be careful what you wish for, Russian subs in Holy Loch??? Chinese ships in Rosyth?? She is a total and utter cunt.

    • A very well made point HtB – Russia’s economy is tanking and has been for a while so there would be nothing from them except as a convenient base for soviet agents.
      If the UK funding was cut off, as it would be in the case of independence then Krankies only hope of external financing would be from the yellow peril – but the price would not be pleasant.
      And rebuild that Hadrians wall fore we all get bleedin’ rabies!

    • “ join the Chinese Belt and Road policy or”

      which is what Dan Andrews (cunt) is trying to do ffs

  5. A paradox.
    She claims to believe in democracy, but was appointed, not elected.
    She wants independence, but wants to be dictated to by the EU.
    She outlawed the flying of the Union Jack, insisting that the Scottish saltire should be the only flag allowed, (except on remembrance day), even though the majority of Scots wanted to remain part of the UK.
    What we know for certain is she looks like Jimmy krankie, and acts like him/her too.

    • I utterly despise the cunt. I hope they do get another one and get well and truly fucked yet again.
      Maybe this time they will all just fuck off and leave for good.
      And yes i’m scottish.

  6. She is as daft as she looks.Wee Jimmy Cranky strikes back.If she wants independence I say bye bye ya wee hag.Back of the line for Scotty Land to join the crumbling mess of the United states of Europe.Waste of sperm

    • Shes angry.
      Born angry.
      Plain and ginger, never the bride, the chip on her shoulders been growing and she blames the English for her shortcomings.
      I like the scots I really do,
      Its a shame that a great people are led by such a puddle of pish.
      At the end of the day though, head before heart, we are their overlords, they need to be taught a lesson, maybe a heavy tax, maybe move the border 50 mile further into Scotland?
      Maybe have Nicola in a gibbet outside Buckingham palace for the tourists?
      Either way they MUST kneel to us and swear feilty.😁
      (Bit much eh?)

      • I would prefer they pay their fair share rather than leeching off the English taxpayer. If Krankie does ever get her wish the EU will not welcome them, they already have economic basket cases in Greece and Spain with more to follow after the full effects of Covid are felt.

      • I shall rule Scotland kindly and benevolently as King Edward II did!
        And I’ll have some of that “Prima Nocta” as well! 😁👍
        Lovely Scottish lassies running in terror as I brandish my trouser claymore!

  7. Massive props and kudos to admin for the picture and caption. Fuck that’s funny. Well done mate.

  8. Wee Jimmy and her Ma could easily pass for a couple of piss poor trannies. Sick and tired of the sight and sound of the whinging bitch. Of course she’ll never shut up until she gets her “Indyref 2” and, after losing, she’ll start all over again. There’s no end to this cunt.

  9. Somebody point out to Butler, Lammy, et al, how many black people are in the SNP.
    Set them against each other and give us some breathing space.

  10. Even though it’s a sickening windbag of a wee cunt I hope she gets her way.
    When the harsh reality of no more free money from England hits home only one thing will result.
    The wee cunt will be strung up by a baying mob.

    • As an aside,any fellow cunters noticed the filth at the BBCistan refusing to mention the ethnicity of the Birmingham murderer?
      5th column traitors.

      • I saw some Chief Constable almost shitting his pants at lunchtime trying not to mention his description but as soon as he said something like “Not wanting to create confusion with mistaken identity”, its nailed on it was an enricher.

        And of course it wasn’t terror, gang or hate related where if it was a ‘far-right’ whitey they could have told you what time he had his morning crap.

      • Too true LL.
        Attacking gays in Birmingham I thought the same, the fact they were evasive as fuck on the news confirmed it.
        And if we twigged so did lots of other people.
        Be a child migrant, bearded and 6ft at 13yrs
        Fresh off the dinghy.
        Its not his fault he doesnt understand our racist customs.

      • I wonder if Gary Lineker was on the phone to his local police last night,

        “I’ve lost my migrant! He said he was just nipping out for some razor blades and a copy of ‘Boating World’ magazine.

      • I thought it was Birmingham plod withholding that info at present?
        Why is anyones guess? Is it because it’s another immö asylüm seeking nût job?
        I’m guessing the Bëëb are just sidestepping the issue at the request of the mayor & plod while they all try to formulate a get-out of jail statement absolving any authority of responsibility
        The funny thing is that plod have urged people not to approach the suspect. If no-one has any idea what the suspect looks like because details haven’t been released how the hêll does anyone know who to avoid?

      • Sorry LL & MNC. I’ve repeated more or less what you’ve said. Took me too long typing reply to UT.

      • This is an isolated case. Lessons will be learnt.
        The general public is not in any danger. – only if you’re white, a quayer or a promiscuous gal.
        British police statements have become meaningless and designed to serve up a load of shit to the Public.

      • No problem mr Dribbler!👍
        You summed it up.
        Dont have to be Colombo to see the top brass have orders from their masters in Whitehall,
        “Dont mention hes a dinghy”
        Question is -why are they covering it up?
        Because they want them here without bad PR.

      • ‘If no-one has any idea what the suspect looks like because details haven’t been released how the hêll does anyone know who to avoid’

        Could it be they think that he might lynched by the ‘far right’. Or the Muslim community targeted by the ‘far right’.
        The ‘far right’ that only exists in their imagination.

      • Checked out both the Telegraph website and BBC. Both show pics of the black guy, although the former go into more detail:-

        “A manhunt is underway for a young, black “Somalian” murder suspect behind a spate of stabbings in Birmingham city centre.”

        Whereas the BBC just say:-

        “The CCTV footage shows a man wearing a baseball cap and a dark hoodie with white drawstrings.”

        Gutless cunts!

      • Congratulations for being so, so close Bertie with “isolated case”. I think you dererve £5 for almost being bang on
        West Midlands mayor Åndy Strëët CBE has tweeted it was a “one off” and “random act” and that Brum is a “tolerant” city with all communities living in “harmony”.
        Errrr, tolerant and harmonious?
        He seems to have quickly fogotten last years hoo-ha between the local schools, Jëss Phîllîps and cârpet kissêrs to the LGBT indoctrination of kids. As an openly ğāý man he surely remembers that fuss?
        In a region where hate crime has recently doubled in a year
        And as some of the replies to his tweet have pointed out, there have been two other shootings and a stabbing in the region in the past fortnight alone.
        Early onset of dêmentiä?

  11. I suspect this minge-obsession with another referendum is fairly realistic, as life expectancy in Scottie is on the short side thanks to SNP fucking up NHS north of the border.
    Puce-faced old bag, Sod her.

  12. Krankie has a deliciously fine little arse – bag on head, get loopy Swinson in on it as well – as long as neither bag came off it would be grand!
    I am wrong on many levels..

    • Eurghh!
      Vernon-I would rather take my chances with “Nessie” than those vile creatures. All you needed to add was ol’ Pansexual goofy gob and it would be a complete horror show😱

      • As someone mentioned on this site a while back, at university Krankie was known as “seaweed” because even the tide wouldn’t take her out.

  13. She was getting great reviews for her handling of chinky flu, lets see how long it lasts, the Scots don’t like being fucked around.

  14. Imagine a threesome with those two. They could lick haggis off your balls together.


  15. Now she has her tartan army of barely literate sixteen year olds to bolster her vote, she thinks it’s in the bag. I’m starting to hope they do ‘leave’, they are welcome to, as long as there is a hard border to make sure they stay put and live with the consequences. Also, it will be interesting to see how many Scots dotted around the U.K. and the rest of the world who are vocal about independence will return to their free country. Nasty poisonous little witch.

  16. The Birmingham plod have released a video of the suspect….. he isn’t white and he doesn’t look peaceful, must be the Elf.

    • If he’s sub Saharan, chances are he’s a peaceful. It’s easy to download a religion into those cunts, and peacefulness is the number one delusion there now.

  17. The SNP is the ultimate paradox. ‘Freedom’ from the UK, to hand it all back to become a basket-case serfdom of Brussels.
    Why? I wish I knew. The wife’s from Scotland, and she’d like to know as well.
    As for Krankie, well some Scots seem so rabid towards England that if she grew a toothbrush moustache and put on a brown uniform they’d still vote for her. Lunacy.

    • The Eu have already categorically stated they will not accept an independent Scotland under any circumstances RK.
      Barnier, when asked, was quoted as saying “no, Sturgeon is a lego head cunt who left a massive smelly shitstain on my favourite chair”.
      Not many people heard that quote..

      • non, Sturgeon est une chatte de tête de lego qui a laissé une énorme tache de merde malodorante sur ma chaise préférée.

  18. She loves everyone. Except the evil English as we keep them short of cash for their free care homes and universities etc.
    Time to let them go and flourish i think.

  19. Sorry my piss is boiling so I have to add some more.
    Scotland get independence, we pull back all the ship building, nuke subs, devolution funds, what are the Jocks left with ?
    Aberdeen Angus steaks, whiskey and oil at minus £95 a barrel.
    Fuck em! Let them go

  20. I pay 41% tax into this cunt’s coffers and she still can’t get the NHS, police and education to work. The Scottish electorate have a choice in May – vote the SNP out. They won’t but they’ll still vote against independence. They’re daft but not too daft. Meanwhile, more businesses will up sticks and get the hell out of this (rather nice) backwater.

  21. I have worked with a lot of Jocks and apart from their sectarian tendencies they seem ok. What the fuck is wrong with them? They get far more from the English than they contribute.

  22. The SNP’s agenda is independence at any cost. Even the worst
    pandemic in 100 years can’t stop them. The worst thing is that
    the Labour party is so excruciatingly awful the SNP will have a majority
    until the opposition get their act together.

    I would like to stand up in the Scottish Parliament and say the SNP
    are a disgrace, especially at this time of crisis when there should
    be national unity. Wasting resources on an independence dream.

    The thing the SNP never, ever mention is that there are people in Scotland that will never vote for independence: members of the armed forces, the police, prison officers etc. because
    a) they have sworn allegiance to the Queen, and
    b) they are very worried about their pensions.

    There is a rag newspaper called The National which has a circulation of
    about 7000 which is lot of pish, but available from all good outlets. They really
    should call it a day.

  23. To quote Oliver Cromwell

    “In the name of God, go”

    Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall and keep the fuckers out


  24. Always found the piscatorial names favoured by Scotland’s finest to be sinister. Do they have foreknowledge of an impending climate crisis involving massive inundation of water. When I contacted the Scottish Parliament about my concerns I was told to fuck off by a Mr Stickleback. Something is a “fin“ fellow cunters.

  25. Allegedly, she is a tuppence licker and lives with another woman – allegedly. Super injunctions are out in force.

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