Zoe Williams


Zoe Williams is a cunt, isn’t she?

Guardian Editor: It’s been days since we moaned about British independence. Williams, get in here!
Zoe fucking Williams: Yar, Boss.
Guardian Editor: Give me 500 words on Brexit.
Zoe fucking Williams: Shall I do some more fear-mongering?
Guardian Editor: No, they’re not falling for that bollocks. How about more rubbish about a failing economy?
Zoe fucking Williams: Hmm, not so powerful since this Wuhan virus. What about a piece on my new passport? It’s blue and British.
Guardian Editor: Good angle. Remember to make everybody thoroughly ashamed to have one. Take the piss and even suggest it’s not going to be permanent.
Zoe fucking Williams: Will do.
Guardian Editor: No need to mention Boris, we’ll stitch him up when he compromises on the EU deal.
Zoe fucking Williams: Understood.
Guardian Editor: And for the love of Jeremy, visit a hairdresser! You’ve still got a disgusting, greasy lockdown haircut
Zoe fucking Williams: Actually, I’ve already been to the…
Guardian Editor: On second thoughts, don’t even put your picture near the header. You look like a miserable, dried-up spinster who’s slapped on some cheap lippy to desperately look feminine. You look like the last prune at the lesbo disco when the lights go up.
(Zoe fucking Williams exits)

Fuck me, what an ugly cunt.


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  1. What a fucking up her own arsehole cunt this repulsive creature is. She writes like an illiterate teenager (“self-soothe” for fucks sake) and she also boasts about fare dodging on the London buses. And being Welsh she ought to get on her knees and thank her lucky stars that she’s entitled to a UK passport at all, yet along six of them if you believe any of what the lying cunt says.

  2. What a greasy slag – bet her minge is a foliage of greasy hair that David Bellamy would have a field day in…

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