Dion Dublin

What an annoying prick, he’s bad enough on Match of the Day, but we have to have the cunt telling us how to do up houses as well.

That stupid fucking smile just makes me want to reach for a sniper rifle. Someone please get this dumb fuck off my TV!

Nominated by: Chris Bourton

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  1. Television seems to be the home of the untalented cunt these days. A prime example is Jay Blades, a sort of dark cheeky-chappie who started out on Money for Nothing and now does The Repair Shop – he is to afternoon TV what baldy man Dominic Littlewood is to morning TV. A talentless arselicker. I have never heard of the nominated cunt.

    • Jay Blades always there when revealing the item restored, the prick loves the kudos even though he had fuck all to do with it. Cunt. Don’t know who the fuck the nom was about and I couldn’t give a fuck either.

      • Funny you should mention ‘the Repair Shop’ I discovered this yesterday afternoon and watched a few.
        I like restoration and craftsman.
        But your right Jay Blades does fuck all!
        In ‘money for nothing’ all he did was paint one chair leg orange.
        What a fucking chancer!!
        Never seen him do any proper carpentry or restoration.
        Little piss taker.

      • Oh he is so up his own arse . At the start of his Money For Nothing speil he says “I have been a builder, a philosophy stoodent and now I reclaim old household items…”.

        I guess the philosophy course was a bit beyond him, which is why he now finds an old kitchen chair, strips the varnish and paints one leg pink and all the rest black.

      • He’s a former footballer who paid upfront for Villa and Man United in the 90s, who now does punditry. Must admit I don’t hate the guy but there are better pundits out there for sure.

  2. Love the header pic!

    The gormless, clueless, vacant-eyed Billy-No-mates cunt personified.

    We thought it was pretty funny. With a microphone too, so presumably it sings as well. Oh the humanity. – Admin

  3. 2 wimmin turned up on the TV to tell me about cricket yesterday so I switched it off.
    I don’t know who Dion is but I don’t like the look of him.
    Is it A Gay?

  4. He’s on that shitty Homes Under The Hammer show where people buy shitty properties from auction and renovate them by giving them a beige/magnolia builder finish using the cheapest possible materials from Screwfix etc.

    • That’s why I have never heard of him – some of those daytime shows go on for ever – HUTH, Bargain Hunt, Escape To The Cuntry, Repair Shop, Garden Rescue and worst of the lot Flog It – BBC2s latest “Coast” which gets repeated constantly, apart from the Coronavirus bollocks when they transferred another bore Pointless to it’s slot it is never off BBC2 1715-1800 every fucking weekday. I suppose the shows are cheap but why do they never try anything new?

      • Coast – drone footage with Scottish voice over
        Escape to the Cuntry – city folk shown houses, usually by a man in a Barbour, that don’t meet their brief
        Garden Rescue – shit gardens made to look shitter
        Repair Shop – watch old people cry
        Flog It/ Bargain Hunt – buying retail and trying to make a profit at auction (impossible)
        Pointless – as per title

        Load of cack. I’ve seen a few episodes of each and wish I hadn’t.

      • Morning Mr C. With you all the way on your take of daytime TV. Coast was made so long ago that most of what they show of the a east coast went into the sea years ago. Escape to the country repeat from 9 years ago if you visited now the place would be in the middle of a housing estate or enterprise park. Garden rescue again repeats from who knows when, most likely sold as buy to let and filled with illeagals living in sheds in garden. Repair shop I watch, always admired craftsmanship Just ignore the cunty presenter.
        Flog it and bargain hunt bollocks, done to death as you so rightly point out buy retail sell auction equals big loss most times. Think the show would be better if the “experts” and contestants used their own money. Pointless yes.

      • If the Govt really want to get people back to their offices, they need to stream daytime TV into people’s laptops. They’ll be back in a thrice after watching 10 mins of the unexpurgated shite.

        Almost as bad is Antiques Roadshow with that simpering half-wit Fiona Bruce (I’m sure there will be loads of filthy posts now about what people will do to her – go ahead).

  5. Is he the dark-key footballer who impregnated Katie Price?…he’ll have certainly had a go on her (most people have) even if he isn’t . To be honest all dark-keys look pretty much the same to me…I preferred it when they had proper tarry-toot names like “Chicken George” or “Cunta Kinte” instead of them trying to fool the Courts and Benefits Offices by adopting White Man names…I bet they wouldn’t like it if I started calling myself “Prince M’Bantu Um’Bongo Rastus Woolyhead” and spent my time dealing drugs,stealing scooters and giving “da black bitches” a portion…I’d probably be accused of “cultural appropriation”..fucking hypocrites.

    Fuck Off Lammy.

    • It was Manchester United “legend” Dwight Yorke who produced gorgo the monster baby with Katie Price Sir Fiddler.
      The child got the Fathers looks and the Mothers IQ 😁👍

  6. Don’t mind him, works for a living, never heard him slag them country off, never heard him bleating about whitey. Talks like he British born and bred.

    Giving him a free pass.

  7. This cunt is spitting and splothering his way through every BBC programme
    Their is….
    But he fits theirs their agenda perfectly
    A CUNT and C**N
    I rest my case

    • A CUNT and C**N

      Having not hitherto heard of Mr Dublin¹, I’m floundering trying to unscramble your redaction above, mijnheer Capⁿ cunt stick.


      I’m normally fairish at Scrabble™, but often miss the obvious 。。

      ¹ seemingly a lisping ex-footballer of Nigerian antecedence, who now-a-days serves to moisten the gussets of GILFS on “Homes under the Ham Sandwich”. Also, an occasional percussionist on the cajón.
      He certainly looks like he could use a good hard kick in his cojónes

  8. Dublin is completely fucking useless and shouldn’t be near any TV presenting job. He received a £50k grant from ‘diversity funds’ to receive training and help in his career, despite previously being a highly paid top flight footballer.


    Why any ‘training’ would cost £50k beats the shit out of me.

    • “a £50k grant from ‘diversity funds’ to receive training and help in his career”

      Filling in a form at some gov’t office there was a space for are you a member of an ethnic or cultural minority. As it happened I was, so ticked yes. Handed over the form. Thing behind the desk looked up, said: what ethnic minority?

      Australian, I replied. I thought he was going to have a stroke! Fuck off, he said – screwing up whatever form it was (I can’t remember now, this was 40 years ago) and throwing it in the bin. Nowadays we can see the outcome; should I assume this was the intention?

    • Dont know anything about Dion Dublin apart from he was a footballer.
      Never saw him on telly on anything, is he on that ‘under the hammer’?
      Where they learn to be slum lords?
      The bloke on that, fat cunt looks a bit piggy, his hairs thinner than Karen Carpenters recipe book!
      Shave your head you knob!
      Face it your going bald.

  9. Vaguely remember his name as a soccerist. Didnt know he was on telly so cant comment on his cuntitude.

  10. Considering the level of cuntitude at the beeb, Dublin’s not a cunt at all.
    In fact, I rather like him. At least he seems jolly and not (at least on the surface) infested with woke Linekerishness.

    • Exactly TTCE – he’s not the best pundit (albeit he isn’t yterrible either) but he does at least seem like a nice bloke.

      • At least he’s played the game at the top level so his opinion’s worth something, unlike every fucking bird the BBbloodyC shoe-horn into Match Of The fucking Day. Yes Alex Scott, I’m looking at you.

  11. I once met Dion at the Yang Sing in Manchester in the late 90’s.

    He was playing for Coventry at the time.

    I have to say he was a genuinely lovely bloke.

    He was having a meal with some young filly as I seem to recall.

    I just said something about being at a better club now, he’d ‘left‘ Man U to play for Coventry, he got the joke and he chatted to me for a Couple of minutes and had zero ego.

    No I’m not with this one, Dion you are unofficial uncunted by CuntyMcCuntface.

  12. Always thought the best building programme was This Old House with Norm Abraham, very talented bloke. Loved watching them doing up houses especially in the Boston area.

  13. And he was no good for Man United either. Well, in way he was.
    If the daft cunt hadn’t broke his leg in the Autumn of 92, Fergie would have persevered with Dublin and United might never have signed the ‘gamble’ that was the great Eric Cantona. So Dion sort of did us a favour.

    But as a pundit and television ‘personality’ he is a daft annoying cunt. Nearly as annoying as that cunt, Peter Crouch.

    • A multi millionaire former footballer gets a 50K grant for re-training?
      Fuck this, boot polish on face, stabby knife at the ready – I’m off for my money honkeys!

      • Sometimes I never got Fergie’s logic. Sells Mark Robins, the lad who arguably saved Old Taggart’s job, and he buys Dion Dublin. Mind you, for every inspired signing, there were at least three duds.

        All Time Fergie Fuck Ups XI

        1. Slippery Jim Leighton
        2. Gobshite Viv Anderson
        3. Mal ‘Slow as a’ Donaghy
        4. Anderson (Fat Brazilian Cunt)
        5. Eric Djemba Djemba (So bad they named him twice)
        6. Karel ‘I Am But A Fool’ Poborsky
        7. William Prunier (remember him?)
        8. Ralphie Ralphie Ralphie Milne.
        9. Juan Sebastian Veron
        10. Jordi Cruyff
        11. Kleberson (who he?)

      • Gazza couldn’t deal with the hype, hangers on and the tabloid vultures. Had he been looked after by Fergie and Robbo at Old Trafford, who knows what he’d have achieved? Gazza in the same side as Cantona is something I would have loved to have seen.

  14. he apologised to me over comments he made – so fair does to the guy – he’s still crap though

  15. I don’t follow football but the fact he is on here must mean he is a massive cunt

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