Davina McCall [3]


Dippy Divina “attempting to make history by becoming the first woman to undertake an entire BT Sports Relief challenge, which involves running, swimming and cycling 500 miles from Edinburgh to London in a week.”

Hardly making history, is it? On the other hand she did make the headlines when she fell over in the snow in Scotland and then again when she got hypothermia by swimming in Lake Windermere in the middle of winter. I’ve heard of women being frigid, but that’s just fucking ridiculous!

Perhaps she will make history by being the first person to die while doing something totally pointless? Perhaps it will relaunch her flagging career? It sure as fuck isn’t doing a lot for her fitness books and videos.

Fucking silly little cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

9 thoughts on “Davina McCall [3]

  1. Id like to nominate Marks and Spencers.

    They have a towel head at the checkout who refused to serve a local buying Pork and Booze as its not in accordance to the Koran. What do they do? Sack the cunt? No

    Bring out an accepting rule that no Muslim needs to serve Pork or Alcohol to anyone, they can refuse them. Also goes for Camel Jockeys selling provocative clothing.

    Fucking let down. Sack the trouble making cunts, and send them back to the halal butchers.

  2. Hmmmm so many ways to describe and express feelings for this cunt……

    Silly Cunt
    Stupid Cunt
    Pain in the arse Cunt
    Unfunny Cunt
    Annoying Cunt
    I want to punch that cunt in the face cunt
    Get off my fucking cunting TV you fucking cunt

  3. They should have taken sledge hammers on the support boat to smash that cunt slag in the face when she was swimming (and filling the lake with VD maggots from her rotting crack-ho proz holes).

    What filthy worthless junkie cunt Davina McCall is.

    The most embarrassing event in the history of the universe was when the idiot junkie cunt Davina McCall was a panellist on BBC Question Time. The filth cunt bitch presented with an IQ of 50, and produced more tripe than heard of dead cows.

    Filthy worthless evil junkie cunt – DIE DIE DIE!!!.

  4. “Spelt spelled wrong – see what the filth cunt Davina McCall does to your brain…”

    Shocking! Bastard woman should be made to display a public health warning. If I were you, I’d sue her.

  5. Q; What is the difference between Davina McCall and The Millennium Falcon?

    A: There is only one cockpit in the Millennium Falcon…

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