Trades Unionists


Trade Unionists – especially anyone involved in the latest round of cunty tube strikes – are a bunch of overpaid lazy cunts.

They stop everything moving just because some cunt missed a red light and got taken of driving, got caught sleeping or in this case they want to continue sitting on their fat lazy cunting arses in their ticket office rather than get up and do some fucking work. Get a grip you cunts, jobs change and that fucking that. Move with the times of fuck off.

Bunch of lazy, ignorant, overpaid CUNTS.

If these CUNTS worked in the real world they would get fired out the fucking door quicker than they could ask what the cunt just happened!!

Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson

One thought on “Trades Unionists

  1. Step up ‘Red’ Bob Crow. Mahogany skinned, holidaying whilst London grinds to a halt, earns far more than almost all his fee paying union members, 24 carat solid gold cunt of the highest order…

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