Historical inaccuracy


England’s fucking Historian cunts can’t seem to agree on the text and flags used to deliver what was probably the most famous Naval message ever sent(1).

Nelson’s message via flag signal – “England Expects Every Man Will Do His D U T Y” above, from the The Boy’s Own Paper, 1885, employing the flags as shown in the 1804 copy of the Signal-Book, revised in manuscript and by re-pasting flag images, that was on board HMS VICTORY at Trafalgar.

Wills cigarette card adding the third word “that” and employing the strict 1799 Signal-Book for the Ships of War.

Some cunt’s ‘probable’ reproduction of the signal

(1) With the possible exception of the message sent April 14, 1912: “CQD SOS CQD SOS WE’RE FUCKED”

Nominated by: Cuddling Aquarians

5 thoughts on “Historical inaccuracy

  1. ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. -. –. / -.-. ..- -. – …

    I nom ice skaters – mincing about like food-processors at LibDem conference.

    Their arses are so big they have to have special pants made.

    Dance like men!

  2. You are absolutely spot on O cuddly one, as usual. Nelson also sent a follow up message to inspire the lads. ‘Give Frenchy a fuck up the bottom and you all get to fuck Lady Hamilton, up the bottom.’ Now there’s a message you don’t see on any cigarette card.

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