7 thoughts on “Alistair Campbell

  1. “Alistair Campbell is a smug cunt” ..

    Who, if there was any justice in this country should face a firing squad for his treasonous behaviour & his part in the deaths of so many decent, loyal Britons ..

  2. What a horrible war mongering bastard. How many have died in the Iraq war he advocated? Dr David Kelly for one. Popping up to give his views on all manor of shit. Why? Who wants to know what this festering boil on societies arses opinion is. The man should be getting 50 years in the Hague (not William, though maybe that’s a better punishment for the cunt) with that Liberian President bloke of blood diamond/Niomi Campbell fame. Fuck off Alistair, do not pass go, you’ll probably collect 200 though you new labour, extremely relaxed around wealth cunt. Go directly to jail.

  3. Nutty hook nosed war mongering sweaty sock of a cunter!!
    Feck orf back to Shcortland and take war criminal bliar with ya, ya wee cut

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