Alastair Campbell [4]

I have always thought that Alastair Campbell was singularly arrogant and unpleasant little man, but his appearance on GMTV yesterday morning was beyond the pale even for him.

In a three way ‘discussion’ with Piers Morgan and John Redwood, Redwood hardly got a word in while he and Morgan descended into a mutual slagging match. Now Morgan’s a bit of a cunt, but he did say “I voted Remain, but I accept the result so fair do’s. Campbell furiously told Morgan to ‘shut up’ and complaining that Morgan wanted to only hear ‘his own monologues’ as the two gestured angrily at each other. That’s a bit rich coming from Campbell.

Morgan continued: “David Cameron, a week before the referendum, went on national television and addressed the British people. He made it absolutely crystal clear in simple language, this would involve the single market and customs union and that there would be no second vote. This was it. This was a once in a lifetime decision. This idea that somehow seventeen and a half million people are so thick that they didn’t hear him say it, and didn’t understand what it meant, I think it’s so insulting!

But then Alastair Campbell is insulting, arrogant, self opinionated and dishonest. Why isn’t he in jail for ‘sexing up’ the ‘dodgy dossier’ that took us into an illegal war in Iraq?

Is it because he’s above such things? On a higher intellectual plain to us plebs?

Or is it just because he’s an obnoxious little cunt?..

Nominated by Dioclese

41 thoughts on “Alastair Campbell [4]

  1. There’s only one reason why this unelected piece of dog shit is invited onto TV and radio……. the entertainment value when he goes red in the face, apoplectic with rage because somebody disagrees with him. A typical remoaner and libtard who goes apeshit because nobody wants to his listen to his deranged rantings.
    He can fuck right off and stick that propaganda shitrag of his up his arse while he’s doing it.
    Total cunt.

  2. Bliar, mandlebum and Campbellend. That’s three cunts who when the ISAC party take power who should be dragged naked through the streets so that us poor plebs who suffered directly because of them can hurl abuse and shite at them. Then of to the tower hang draw and quarter them and put their bodies on display as a warning. This country will stand for No more cunts. I Could punch Campbellend in the face till it turned to soup.

    • I’m willing to bet any amount of money that if someone did actually punch Campbellend in the face he’d burst into tears and wonder why anyone would want to do such a thing.

      • I suspect that very likely happened when he was younger and he has been haunted by it ever since.

        I doubt if any of this “alpha male” posturing fools anybody. It’s all very contrived and choreographed and he only does it where he’s absolutely sure it’s safe.

        Textbook tiny dick syndrome.

  3. That’s a face you could never tire of punching. You could cheerfully kick him until he stops twitching.

    Rancid cunt.

  4. You get an insight from this in how Campbellend bullied those who questioned the justification in going to war in Iraq within the military and the civil service 2002/3. I would imagine a former WMD inspector who called it right got this treatment either directly or indirectly.

    He is just a bully …and a cunt.

    As someone once said, fuck him and his former/current boss.

    • *As someone once said, fuck him and his former/current boss*

      The trouble is they would enjoy it too much, especially if it was Tusk and Barnier doing the fucking. You can just hear their girly voices saying “harder, duckie”

  5. Can’t stand this pro eu cunt bout as respectable as a bumbling teachers pet Tony B.liar spokesmans pretty much sums up what a dirty rat he is. Good cunting Dio

  6. Another scumbag new labour cunt who deserves to have his ugly noggin on a spike outside The Tower.
    Fuck off and die, filth….

  7. Fucking can’t stand this cunt for many many reasons. Saw his daughter on sky news condoning the Marxist cunt that harassed Reese Not at his front door….. and it shows just what a job he has done in educating her and shaping who she is….. pic below to prove my point.. . Total fucking leftist twat

  8. What a horrible ugly mouthy little slag. Definitely a chip off the old block there. Why doesn’t she protest about all the thousands of people her cunt of a father is responsible for killing?
    Fucking nasty little snowflake bitch.

  9. He’s a nasty, vindictive, odious little toad. And a cunt. Four nominations seems awfully low.

  10. Alastair Campbell is an evil, unelected, odious, lying bag of shite who ought to be rendered down and used as fertiliser in the Namib desert. I’d do more than shit in his Cornflakes, I’d put the contents of a colostomy bag in his shepherd’s pie. He needs cleansing. Bleach is too weak the CUNT!

  11. Campbell is an alcoholic who previously wrote for a sex magazine called “Forum”. One of his jobs was to make up lurid letters about strange sexual fetishes so that the *experts* could answer them, so he know he was a fucking wanker to start with, and working with Blair and his bum chums means if he went back to that organ he could make as much money as he does now talking bollocks on the TV, based on what he knows Mangledbum and co got up to. . It would be more classy, writing wank-fetishes about that than hanging round like a fart in a phone box based on his *experience* as a spin doctor which ended more than a decade ago. We should never forget that this drunken loonie managed to compile the file which led Britain into war in 2003. Perhaps he was Blair’s power bottom?

    He is a total tosspot, a broken old motherfucker. He should start drinking heavily again.

    • Making stuff up (dodgy dossiers, smutty letters, project fear) appears to be his stock in trade. Why anyone would take the slightest notice of anything he says anymore is a total mystery to me.

      Always good for those calling for a No-Deal Brexit though…

      • I find him disturbingly fascinating to watch, perhaps in the same way as one reportedly does when witnessing a car crash.

      • Perhaps I suffer from the same syndrome re James O’Shithead…

        Though I contend it’s also useful to know thy enemy and monitor his crooked thinking.

    • Also, I believe, Editor of a nasty little arsewipe-rag called The New European – circulation estimated at 20, 000…. obviously on the obligatory reading list of the 48. something percent who voted to remain ?
      Have only ever seen it for sale in Sainsbury’s, have NEVER seen anyone buy it or look at it.

      • Add Campbell’s consultancy with Portland PR (founded by another Blairite arsewipe, Tim Allen). Portland can often be seen following up on prospects hooked by Blair, and possibly vice versa. The man’s an unconscionable cunt, whose sole redeeming feature is that he appears to think Cherie’s a cunt too.

  12. For the damage that he and Blair have done to this fine country totally surprised the nasty lefty lying cunt is not yet on the ISAC wall of fame.

  13. Campbell is a corrosive cunt who is on a par with Goebbels as a media manipulator and propaganda fiend… But even Goebbels knew when to call it a day and top himself… Shame this slithering seedy six fingered poisonous pisspot Burnley supporting cunt doesn’t do the same… A repulsive human being and a cunt worthy of the Nazi Party and Joe Stalin’s Kremlin…. Yeah, he really is that bad….

  14. This horrible twat is an ardent remainer I remember this cunt speaking on behalf of Labour when they tried to stay in power with the Liberals Not a minister not an MP just an arrogant person who cannot be told anything, considers himself a hard man but really just a bully. I hate the bastard with a vengeance just put yourself up for office as an MP and see how far you get you prick You should be in prison along with “Mr Teflon” Tony Blair.

    • “considers himself a hard man but really just a bully”

      Not unlike that cunt Gordon Ramsey. Always remember watching one of those ‘celebrity’ football matches and the cunt was giving it the fucking large one on the pitch until Teddy Sheringham took him out! Poleaxed the cunt!! AND gave him a cheeky little slap on the chops as he got up, laughing! Well worth a look on YouTube just to see the smug cunt’s face as he writhes in pain.

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