Jean Claude Juncker [4]

Jean Claude Juncker is a prize cunt. After all his other anti-British bullshit, he’s come out with a corker. In a recent speech, he’s now saying that British planes flying into EU member states will banned from landing, and if they ARE allowed to land, will face a FOUR day quarantine. Someone really should be keeping this corrupt little Hitler away from the sauce. We have agreements with countries all over the world, including EU countries, dating back to 1947 that allow British airlines to enter foreign airspace and land at their airports, it has fuck all to do with the EU.

In any case, if the EU did try to enforce this ban, they would have to enforce it with ALL nations airlines, otherwise it would the EU would be proving to the entire world that they are discriminating against the UK, solely because we invoked our democratic right to leave their corrupt, totalitarian club. If we had a leader with a spine. A leader who believed in Britain, and putting Britain, they would have responded that blatant threat by pointing out that such a ban would work two ways. They would also point out that EU member states do a LOT of trade with the UK, which would drop to zero if the EU tried to ban British airlines from EU countries.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a leader. We Theresa the appeaser. A woman who, it’s recently been reported, is considering watering down the UK’s ability to make free trade deals with the rest of the wall, on the off chance the EU will agree to give us a shitty deal when we leave.

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On the day we leave the EU without a deal (CRASHING OUT) we are led to believe:

Our aircraft cant take off.
Our food standards won’t be accepted.
Our driving licences and even our cars won’t be acceptable
Pet passport delays for fuck’s sake
No UK product will be acceptable in the EU until verified which could take months or years.
Empty supermarket shelves (well, no organic quinoa)
Long queues at Dover (which seems to be the only UK port the fuckers recognise)
There will be a desperate au-pair shortage
Civil unrest will break out (except in London where it seems to be the norm)
The IRA will invade.

Every day another pile of wank is added to this list.

It is all bollocks. Fuck the EU. Fuck the Irish border and fuck the Remoaning self-interested cunts who put it about.

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Jean Claude Juncker [2]

Jean-Claude Juncker

Most of the unelected scum at the top of the EU are anti-British, but Juncker is the worst one. A couple of days ago, he made a comment about the EU not welcoming deserters. Well, in the same piece about the German economy going tits up if we leave, there was also an interesting few paragraphs about exports between Britain and Germany. It turns out that we’re actually quite important to Germany. Last year, they exported £70 billion worth of goods to Britain. The only countries who receive more are the USA, China and France. And this is just one country in a very large world.Now, one of the few things the Remainians have told the truth about, is that our exit from the EU will bring about a period of economic uncertainty. However, it will not be anywhere near as bad as Cameron and Osborne would like us to believe. Trade agreements will have to be renegotiated, but they will be BRITISH negotiators acting in BRITISH interests, instead of by foreigners. Ultimately, we will thrive.

The reason that pricks like Juncker, Tusk and Schultz are mouthing off, is because they’re becoming increasingly nervous. Their jobs depend on the UK voting to stay in the EU, but instead of trying to sweet talk us, or use facts and logic, they’ve chosen to use threats and insults. Then again, they’re as short on facts as they are on logic. Nobody in the remain camp has so far given a truthful example of how the EU has benefitted us. An out vote will bring about the end of the EU, and their highly paid, cushy, unelected jobs. As I said, that scares them, because it means they lose their undeserved positions of power. In a strange way, they’ve actually managed to prove Boris right when he made his Nazi reference. Although, he also referenced Napoleon and the Roman Empire in that speech, the media chose to ignore those parts of it though.

I don’t think that we will, but I will love it if we vote to leave on the 23rd June. For one thing, my birthday is on the 30th of June and it would be the best present ever. More importantly though, scum like Juncker, Tusk, Schultz, Merkel and hopefully Cameron will lose their respective positions of power. Without those positions, they are nothing. Especially Juncker, who will crawl inside a bottle and never come back out.

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Jean-Claude Juncker

jean claude juncker full size getty

Jean-Claude Juncker is a cunt! President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has been accused of intimidation for warning British voters that “deserters will not be welcomed with open arms”. Sounds like intimidation to me too…

Now, however, he has used an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde to offer stark views on the matter, saying: “If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences.” Hmm sounds like a threat and the strength of the comments are all the more surprising given the fact that to date the European Commission has been careful not to undermine the UK referendum campaign.

Once again we see that the EU is held together only by blackmail, bribery, manipulation and threats. Well Done Juncker you goat fucking bellend!

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