David Beckham [8]

A mega-rich cunting for Sirless David Beckham who clearly believes that being rich and famous puts him above the law.

Caught doing 59mph in a 40 zone, Beckham is too important to pay an £80 fine and take the points on his licence. He’d rather employ a loophole lawyer at £10,000 a day to get him off. How? Well, it seems the penalty notice must be issued in 14 days and the police took 15. So after wasting 5 hours of the court’s time, he walks away scot free. What a egotistical self important little shit!

But never mind. Because now the bugger has been nicked for using a mobile phone while driving. Needless to say he’s contesting it with his £10,000 a day lawyer raking in a bit more dosh in the process.

Still, that should put another nail in the coffin of his knighthood with a bit of luck. Lady Victoria will not be pleased.

What an arrogant insignificant little cunt this man is!

Nominated by Dioclese

37 thoughts on “David Beckham [8]

  1. Nice picture CMC. It always cheers me up on a cold morning to see Madame Guillotine at work. She’s been unemployed for far too long.

  2. If there is one thing that scrolls my shit, it is a cunt who arrogantly uses a mobile at the wheel.

    I hope they throw the book at this whining, gormless, tattooed village idiot.

  3. Give the lad a break, he has to go home and look at that gormless ugly cunt every , being valentines he might even have to slip the skinny cunt one

  4. When Sartre said Hell is other people he must have been thinking about Victoria and Dave, not to mention Yvette Sugartits Cooper and her dancing queen husband Ed balls, and Anthony and Cherie – all fuckwits who really deserve one another. The way they grin incessently tells you they are not all there.

  5. First of all why should he be given a knighthood?This pompous prick needs putting in his place I fucking hate this nobhead with a vengeance another one of the school who thinks he is above the law because he has money. Still it’s not all bad he can always go home and fuck the arse of his gorgeous wife beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say (should have gone to Specsavers you made a big boo boo there Mr Beckham

  6. Dave is the biggest cunt in the universe. He and his family need to be moved away from humanity and relocated to Chernobyl on a one way ticket, never to return. The cunt and his cuntess are so desperate for attention all the time , it makes me want to stick my gonads in a vice and tighten the vice very quickly every time I see them. Bastards.

  7. Off topic , but still on a massive cunt

    Shitty Begum, ISIS bride with no remorse is all overnthe fucking news today, she wants to come home….. What a cunt.
    Doesnt regret gong to Syria, does give a shit about all the heads in baskets, and now the evil regime that she went to join is fucked she wants to come to the UK, I dont get it , why , surely she would want to go to a fucking hard line Islamic country where she can fuck her peacefuls and make more little terrorists.

    Cunt, dont want her back in the UK.

    • Probably part of a co-ordinated effort by ISIS to infiltrate the West, where targets are softer and retaliation less certain than in Syria/Iraq. There is no reason whatever to believe the bint.
      ANYONE with former ISIS connections should be stripped of their UK citizenship and rigorously excluded by all western countries. This is war.

      • You can bet your bollocks there is an army of Yewman Rights lawyers waiting to bring these fuckers back.

      • Spot on Cuntstable! As I type, the Lawyer for Begum’s family has applied for legal aid ( or has already done so ) and has spoken of her plight as a “vulnerable young Muslim who is did not clearly understand what she was doing” blah blah.
        The Lawyer, and the cunts who allow begum type lawyers to access public funds should be force fed dog shite until they fucking choke !

      • Legal aid? Fuck that on stilts. Cargo hold of a C-130 and low-level drop over Damascus.
        Should the young dewy-eyed murderess succeed in getting let in, it is a pound to a pinch of shit that she or a close acquaintance will be implicated in a bombing/stabbing incident not too long afterwards. She’s effectively a cult member, and deprogramming doesn’t work for this one.

        This country is completely insane.

      • Why would you want to come back to a Country you hate? When you join a death cult which Islamic State clearly is you make your bed so lie in it ! Her husband is Dutch so why doesn’t she go to Holland what’s the attraction here? Foreign fighters fighting English soldiers who turn out to be British citizens should have their passports removed they are traitors We don’t want you back in Blighty rot in hell you scumbags.

      • This little whore should pay for her own legal costs – 19 and this is the third child she has produced (the other two are dead).

        Considering Muslims are so fucking pious, what do they think of a rancid little tart who seems to spend her time on her back with her legs open.

        Let her stay where she is and rot.

      • I propose that we should set up a dialogue with her, get some of our civil servants from the Foreign Office to speak to her on a phone or video link . Encourage her to tell us her side of the story, let her talk and we should listen…….long enough to enable us to get her coordinates then DRONE THE BITCH TO HELL.

    • Because she’s 9 months pregnant and wants the state to pay for the little bastard. I want the state to pay for it too – Islamic State, it’s their fucker, let them take care of it.

    • I can’t believe the question is even being asked. The government should be making an example of her, but since we have a load of cowards and traitors in parliament, they’ll probably sneak her in without us knowing about it.

  8. Stupid fucking flash prick strolling around covered in tattoos like he’s a South Seas fucking Islander or something.
    If I ever met him i’d say “hello, me Captain Cook, take me to big chief, me have many presents from great white queen.”

  9. A twat, a tosser and a complete bell-end – yes certainly. A cunt ?? Well if you buy a faulty product then surely it is more correct to blame the cunts that manufactured and sold it than the product itself.

    In the celebricunt industry, DB was an early model – an Amstrad computer with 64 bytes memory and a 4″ green on black display. Technology and fashion have moved on and, not being either black or a shirtlifter, the celebricunt industry would not touch DB with a bargepole nowadays.

    I am inclined just to ignore the silly twat.

  10. Q. What do you do if David Beckham throws a pin at you?

    A. Run for your life….he’s got a grenade in his mouth.

  11. I have to ask, if I could afford 10 grand for a loophole lawyer, without feeling it, wouldn’t I? But it would be nice if he’s wasting his money this time and gets severely done – sentence to be mitigated slightly on condition of appearing on prime time TV to explain what a cunt someone using their phone at the wheel actually is. Dog forbid he gets away with it.

    • This cunt and his sour-faced bag of bones wife are hereby elevated to the status of National Cunt, the highest honour that the House of Knee can bestow.

  12. My house is crammed full of everything Beckham endorses, if Dave is plugging it that’s fuckin good enough for me. I can’t wait to see what the next thing is he will be putting his name to . Thanks for everything.

  13. David got pissed and some prozzie called him down a dark alley
    “How much?” he said.
    “Twenty quid” she replied.
    So they start going at it and a copper comes along and shines his torch on them.
    “What’s going on ‘ere then?”
    Dave says “It’s ok officer, i’m just having sex with my wife, it’s Valentines Day.”
    “Are you sure that’s your wife sir!”
    David says “ I am now you’ve just shone your fucking torch in her face.”

  14. I hope this is not some kind of übersubtle ad hominem, Dioclese!
    Although Beckham is of course the epitome of cuntishness, nay! the unalloyed embodiment of its very quintessence, you can scarcely blame him for wriggling out of the fine for speeding. I think we would all do the same if we are being scrupulously honest. He could always have opted for the Neil Hamilton defence, I’m told that still works a treat, unless it was a front-firing Truvelo® type and had captured his boat. On this occasion, he didn’t have to.
    The mobile phone offence is perhaps different, and I agree with you that all this is extremely bad PR vis-à-vis his putative ennoblement. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck, and neither do I. Maybe he should save money on the legal fees and spend it on a chauffeur.

  15. Bugger me that before and after orf Beckham is a classic. Now what would age the cunt so rapidly? Can only think that he has finally shagged the wife (and all orf us that have ultimately succumbed to the marital state will know that alas, that fell event cannot be put orf forever) and Madame Dracula Cunt has sucked all the life oit orf him. What a delightful couple.

  16. Bugger Me – what a classic before and after. Looks like Dave was unable to kick the old can up the road any longer and had to finally shag the wife. Old Madame Dracula Cunt has sucked all the life oit orf him.

  17. I hate this cunt, and his cunt family with a passion. I’m sick of seeing his scruffy fucking face every day for some crap or other, be it flogging tat to mouth breathers, or instagram pics mainlined by the press showing him as such a super dad. If he was such a good dad, he would be shielding his kids from the limelight, so at least they might have a chance of a normal life, but no, it’s all about brand Beckham, and if pushing his kids in front of a camera sells a few more bottles of his rank fifth rate man perfume, so be it. I do hope him and his besties, Gordon Ramsey and families have booked the inaugural flight of Bransons space flight, and it all goes a bit Apollo 13.
    Come to think of it, there’s a new game, a bit like dead pool. Branson space flight fantasy passenger manifest.

  18. What’s his defence? Forgetting to spec his Range Rover with bluetooth? Even my shitty car has hands free. Z list cunt.

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