Jean-Claude Juncker

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Jean-Claude Juncker is a cunt! President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has been accused of intimidation for warning British voters that “deserters will not be welcomed with open arms”. Sounds like intimidation to me too…

Now, however, he has used an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde to offer stark views on the matter, saying: “If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences.” Hmm sounds like a threat and the strength of the comments are all the more surprising given the fact that to date the European Commission has been careful not to undermine the UK referendum campaign.

Once again we see that the EU is held together only by blackmail, bribery, manipulation and threats. Well Done Juncker you goat fucking bellend!

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22 thoughts on “Jean-Claude Juncker

  1. Perhaps this is a blessing for the leavers, as nothing winds up the Brits more than some Johnny Foreigner threatening them. He is shitting himself, because if the European Union collapsed, he would struggle to get a job on a parish council. As would they all, the cunts.

    • Most of the cunty bastards would be hard pushed to stay out of prison if the eu fell.

  2. Those two Arsenal cunts Wright and Dixon harping on about having an experienced person in defence blah blah blah on ITV at the moment, I’m sick of this mentality from all the has been, never won fuck all with England cunts. I say play all the younger players who have no fear and show the hunger and pride playing for England deserves. All the senior players bottle it and can’t handle the pressure. Fucking useless cunts, and as for Woy Hodgson he is a loser who won’t win anything for us the cunt. Time to clear out the old cunts at the F.A and get a winner in charge. Truth is England have won fuck all for ages so they might as well have had me in charge all this time. The cunts.

    • We need to learn from them German cunts and get a group of young players together and keep playing them every game and the longer they play together the better they will get. Why the fuck is Wayne Cuntney still playing for England, Woy is a cunt.

  3. Juncker has a big problem. Should the British people vote to leave the EU, then citizens of other countries (especially Holland) will begin to demand their own referendum. Couple that with the fact the UK is the EU’s second largest financial contributor, and it becomes doubtful as to whether the EU will even survive. If we pull out of the EU, we take our billions with us. That opens up a massive financial black hole that no single country will be able to fill. Which means that the other 27 member states start paying more, to make up the shortfall, or the whole shitty edifice collapses around Juncker’s ankles.

    The only bright side for Juncker, is that he’ll probably be too pissed up to notice.

  4. Now, some NHS boss has said that if we leave everyone will die of cancer. Not trying to scaremonger of course. If Austria elects this ‘not left wing’ politician, because I refuse to call him right wing until I hear jackboots, I wonder if that will excite their eurosceptic folk to want a referendum?

  5. This cunt needs decking.
    A former PM of the mighty Luxembourg chucking his weight around as the President of the European Commmision, the so called Executive arm of the EU. A bit like being the hardest teletubby.
    These “we’ll make your life a misery” threats show the Euro cunts have realised they need us more than we need them and the panic has set in.

    If we do vote to leave, this could start a trend and should another major player in the EU jump ship, the Union is finished.
    Let’s hope so.

  6. Junker needs battering with a one yard long bar of Bessemer manufactured British iron a dozen times, and then strung up by his feet from the nearest lampost.

    Fuck you Claude, fuck you to hell, you corrupt, pissed up nomark twat

  7. As someone asked “will we be allowed to leave” here’s my take on it :

    Farage said recently that if the vote is marginally to remain, there should be another vote. Cameron told him this is “pie in the sky” although frankly I think Cameron is so out of touch with reality that I’d be surprised if he recognised a pie if he fell over it.

    My guess is if it’s marginally remain then it’s irrevocable but if it’s marginally to leave then Cameron will do a complete U turn and say he doesn’t have a clear mandate and will call for another vote. This will then continue until we vote to remain at which stage it will become irrevocable.

    Was it Junker, Barossa or Rumpy Pumpy who said “If they vote yes then it’s full steam ahead if they vote then we cary on regardless”? One of those unelected cunts that’s for sure…

    Junker? Weren’t they German airplane manufacturers for Hitler??? Oh, shit! Mustn’t mention Hitler…

    • To be honest Dio, I could listen to both sides of the argument and find some good intentions in all of it. If asked why I don’t trust the EU I would struggle to reel off a list of valid reasons in a coherent manner because I’m not that well educated, debating isn’t my thing, life is too short and now I’m getting older I’d rather spend my precious spare time riding my old motorbike or cozying up to Mrs B on the sofa with a beer. I think it’s just instinct, the ability to smell authoritarianism a mile off. The EU reeks of it but then so do our own Government and Opposition. I just nurture a slightly stronger loathing of Labour and the Fourth Reich because if I’m ever forced by law to give up the aforementioned (and supposedly Male dominated therefore unhealthy) pleasures of bike and beer “for the collective good” they will most likely be the bastards to enforce it. Any of life’s pleasures can be rebadged as a sin that needs regulating as an excuse to create new laws and rules for a more placid and compliant population, plus cushy non-jobs for the cunts that enforce said rules. Apparently my personal reasons for supporting the Leave vote make me “selfish” in the eyes of some but, well… fuck em!

      • I don’t think it’s selfish at all. How else can anybody base their opinions on anything other than personal experience and accumulated knowledge? Or how these decisions will impact our own lives? Of course there is the greater good and all that, but it has to begin with yourself.
        My personal opinion is this; when I left school in the early eighties, I was expected to pay tax to HM government, N.I, and that was it. Now, from my meagre wages I have to pay those plus the pointless Welsh assembly, exorbitant council tax and my taxes also pay towards the EU. Is my life better for forking out for these extra institutions? Is it fuck. I accept that we need politicians, but no where near as many as we have. To many tiers, and the ones that will eventually rule the whole of Europe will be unelected by the population, only other politicians, and shit ones that can’t get elected in proper contests. And they are all cunts.

  8. so very very true…although I think that Hamoron would certainly recognise a pork pie…and the smaller, (sound-) bite size porkies. Oh dear, Doc, I just happened to fall over this pork pie while I was in the nude, and got my todger stuck in it…

    Oink, oink !!

  9. If the EU was so great then why are we having a fucking referendum on it in the first place?!

    • The EEC was a sort of “great place” free trade, then a bit like a beauty spot it grew into something big and cancerous called the EU taking the whole place over and killing stuff off.

  10. He is a total cuntbuscuit! He is the political equvalent of Sepp Blatter except even more of a scheming cuntbollocks and realky needs a good smacking. Hate every fibre of his smug tax dodging body!

  11. Juncker is a jumped up cunt of the highest order.

    Former PM of a tax haven spouting bollocks thinking he’s somebody important in an unelected conglomerate masquerading as a gaggle of bastards and getting well paid for the privilege.

    Wouldn’t give him the steam from my piss!

  12. It’s almost unimaginable to think of 3 bigger Cunts than juncker tusk and Hollande, it’s the holy trinity if you like..
    Hollande is in the finest tradition of French weasels, hell bent on punishing the Uk for having the minerals to leave the ailing pile of shite that is the EU, who have brought most of their problems on themselves, migration ( Germany) and the euro which has acted like a monetary straight jacket, crushing the life from Southern Europe, his repeated threats to punish us are starting to remind me of the treaty of Versailles!!, that was French driven too, didn’t work out so well..
    Tusk… ex polish prime minister, used to earn £47,500 a year, as Eu president €300,000 and 5 limousines!!, no FUCKIIN wonder he likes the gig, when he came to London it was sickening seeing a British PM camercunt running around him, pleading like Oliver ” please mr tusk can we please
    have some more?”
    And finally king turd of poo mountain!!! Juncker…. an absolute FUCKIIN nobody from nowhere who spends his time drinking brandy and shooting his mouth off, a political pigmy on steroids if you like, he embodies everything that’s wrong with the EU!!, far too much power given to unelected non entity’s who don’t have to answer to anybody!! This cunt has got to be stopped……

  13. The EU is nothing less than a Fascist entity.
    Run by the devil for devils.
    Research it, its not being called the Third Reich for nothing!!!
    Juncker is so corrupt and they all are that run it. He has Nazi ties.
    You only have to look at their ugly mugs to see what they are.
    We fought German take over in the war, now we are being ruled by them; Remainers, willingly.
    Let’s kick these Juncksters out back to hell where they came from!

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