Prince Harry [2]

According to the BBC website Prince Harry has decided to bang his three brain cells of dubious parentage together and has developed a Social Conscience.

You might expect someone in his circumstances to thank their lucky stars that,being not overly blessed with intellect,he has found himself a comfortable job for life,but no. He wants to play a part in changing Society for fucks sake. Why can’t the cunt just spend his time getting pissed up or playing golf or opening new public bogs or bus stations?

It’s the fucking ingratitude of it that’s got on my tripe.

Nominated by Mary Hinge



I’ve got nothing against Liz and her german brood personally but I’m sure they could be doing something more fulfilling and productive.

It’s not monarchies per se but other cunts copying the principle – Noth Korea (KIm Jong Il then Kim Jong Very Ill then Kim Jong Dead (thank you E. J. Thribbs – Private Eye) and the incumbent Kim Jong cunt, Syria, Unites States, various kelptocracies who really push the envelope.

I haven’t, yet, heard of Liz dispensing with the services of a footman or Lady in Waiting (who incur her displeasure) via a firing squad of anti-aircraft fire, but at pushing 90 she’s getting to alzheimer age territory so it may happen.

The hereditary accession to a position of responsibility without any checks for suitability or aptitude is frankly bollox. The UK has a shortage of doctors and maths teachers so why don’t we extend the principle of divine accession to the offspring of our current doctors and maths teachers and save on the 5 or 7 years or whatever it takes to qualify and just bung ’em straight in the hospitals and schools and see what results they achieve.

Nominated by: Mary Hinge-Frottom