Harry the Halfwit [15]

A Boo Hoo cunting for Harry the halfwit please. This poor hard done to unfortunate has turned his back on the royal family, rubbished the Queen and with the assistance of Migraine the Cunt duchess must have given the Queen and his father a lot of anguish over the last two years.

He is whinging now that the epaulettes have had the Queens cypher removed. Sorry twat boy you fuck with the royal family and the U.K and you will get served your arse on a platter. Now be a good halfwit fuck off and don’t darken these shores again.

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Nominated by: CuntyMort

88 thoughts on “Harry the Halfwit [15]

  1. I think the epithet ‘halfwit’ is being generous to this fucking moron. He’s the sort you see cutting the branch he’s sitting on.

  2. If only he had befriended a notorious child molester who flew him about on private jets to secretive islands like uncle Andrew and all this could have been avoided.

    • Don’t worry he was too busy abusing afghan prostitutes like his polo ponies. .As much as I detest Andy boy ,he has been found guilty of nothing and that girl was 17 and in UK and legal. I can’t stand the teddy bear cunt but truth is truth.

      • The lazy, bone idle, ginger cunt never broke a sweat while he was in Afghanistan. To busy hiding in the bunker playing xBox, the wee shite!

  3. I see today the Queen of Denmark who fell out with her son prince Joequin has REMOVED his Prince title, I statement has been released to say his title is now redundant and that applies to his kids as well, her heir is still his brother prince christian..bloody heck, ..lets hope Charlie chuckles does the same to Hazza and Maggot

    • To be right, now William has his heir and a spare, there’s no reason for the Royal family to keep up the charade that Harry is a true Prince of the Realm, so King Charles might just as well remove the title.
      After all, the thinking public did years ago.

  4. If the media are to be believed this book of his coming out in November will be a right hatchet job on the Royal Family. Apparently the Chimp Boy and Queen Horseface come in for a right good slagging. It’s timed to coincide with the new series of “The Crown” , a smart piece of marketing and no mistake.
    I’m looking forward to reading Sparkletits’ new book with the Halfwit’s name on the cover. It might look a bit obvious though with her boat race all over it and the Royal Dimmo hovering in the background.
    What a pussy whipped little cunt.

    • Much like St Linkers accusations of racism and his refusal to “name names” Hewitt and his leech’s fairy tale bollocks would fall apart like a clown car if put under any sort of scrutiny.

    • does this book coming out have a spread out centerfold of Meghan naked with her legs spread apart and taking a rubber fist up her growler? I don’t think Meghan quim has been tight since she was 12 years old, it would be like throwing a drainpipe up the m1

      • I don’t think so Sid, she would have had some work done on it to keep it tight and remove the stretch marks, although there is plenty of reason to believe that she used surrogate mothers. She would also keep it nice and fragrant for him and well trimmed, otherwise he wouldn’t be quite so cunt struck. Nothing worse than a smelly minge.

  5. you only wear ER on your epaulettes when you are a serving officer, Hazbeen didn’t have ER on them at his wedding either because he had already left the army. William is officially still in the army so he can wear ER

  6. It is impossible for me to express the contempt I have for Harry Hewitt (and his Hollywood Harlot). Every fucking day this cunt and his cunt wife are in the American News.

    A couple of days ago my RAT (FOX) News feed had 3 front page stories about Hazmat and Nutmeg. And this despite the fact that there is a story floating around the American press that Mrs. and Mr. Markle have dumped their New York PR firm…who was pumping out fluff on a daily basis.

    One of the newest stories is that he is desperately trying to change parts of his upcoming book before it comes out. Speculation is that once he realized QEII was gone, it dawned on the Pea Brained Prince that trashing Daddy might not be such a good idea…especially if one desperately needs to retain one’s title if one is remain relevant in the spuerfivial real of ebtertainment.

    Yesterday a story appeared that on the Royal website the Suckits have been demoted and are now listed at the bottom of the Royal pecking order…just above Randy Andy and below the Duke of Kent.

    As for the Halfbreed…she was said to be a bit peeved because the latest issue of Variety Magazine…with her on the cover…was postponed due to the death of QEII. Me-gantoinette is said to believe that being on the cover of a Phonywood rag like Variety portrays her as the Queen of Hollywood.

    • I’ve heard they are very popular in the States, General, particularly among the young and the Karens. I don’t know how true that is but, when you think about it, Sparkletits is the closest thing you’ve got to a Queen……and doesn’t she fucking know it!

      • Hey Freddie,

        I’m not sure that’s true. It could be that those polls are meant to influence public opinion rather than reflect it.

        A YouGov poll in late June said their favorability had fallen by 32% while a poll from OnePollUK done shortly after her first podcast showed 40% of those polled saw her in a favorable light.

        The dirty secret is they are shunned by the “A” list Libtards they so desperately seek to emulate. They were not invited to Obama’s big birthday bash. They were not invited to the Oscars. Nutmeg was said to be furious that there were so many empty seats when Hewitt Jr spoke at the UN.

        Even the Empress of the Universe and of All Things Real and Imagined…Doprah Splibley…is said to be upset with them because she was blindsided by their interview.

        So I really don’t know what to think. They could be popular with Gen Z and Millennial Turdsters because they mouth all the right platitudes and are always playing the victim but that seems to me to be a superficial popularity.

        I’m not sure how popular they will be with anyone once Charles Da Turd removes their titles.

      • Well, seeing as Migraine has retired from acting, she’s no longer even in the basement of the Hollywood Actors Club. She’s an outcast from all celebrity circles. At some point those two idiots will implode, which will be so sad for their kids, who should be playing with their cousins in Buck Palace right now, but Migraine is a mentalist and destroyed all that.

  7. Of all the fairly gorgeous crumpet the boy went out with,Cressida, Chelsea, who have been discretion itself, why the fecking feck did he pick the obviously unhinged migraine mongol the perpetual victim whose only grievances seem to revolve around race. For fucks sake she not even black, I go her colour with a bit of sun and I am fair skinned.
    Change the fecking record you soppy Yankee minge its boring, when you resemble ROBINSON’S finest logo then you may have justification in your monotonous warbling.

  8. He IS p***y whipped.Migraine wears the trousers in their marriage.They deserve each other.Twats.

  9. Can you imagine this useless twat and the rest of the gangster royals trying to make a honest crust in the real world.

    They wouldn’t get past the application form part of the job.

    Former employment—non, on benefits from the day they were spawned….💩

    • The vast majority of them are lazy entitled dysfunctional shysters who would have ended up on The Jeremy Kyle Show.

      It would have been quite fun to see Hewitt DNA tested or Prince Andrew confronted with a lovechild from one of his absolutely not underage lovers.

      • Hahaha! Imagine The Jeremy Kyle Show Special: The Windsor Family!

        Kyle: “Right, I’ll start with you, Andrew. Apparently, you’re involved in sex trafficking? And you don’t sweat? Well, we have a machine here that can detect sweat, so strip off and we’ll get the flippin’ bottom of this!”

        (audience cheers)

        Harry: “Oh, unkz, you are SO busted! Fnaw, fnaw, fnaw!”

        Mass brawl breaks out among the Windsors, Kyle, audience.

      • Jerry Springer?

        Charles and James Hewitt both do DNA tests.

        Meg ” you ain’t no baby daddy to Harold!

        Audience “wwooooo, fight!! Fight!!

        Charles runs on stage punches James,
        Security breaks it up.

        ” yo bitch loved it!
        Dat boy is my boy fool.”

        Harold weeps ….

    • Prince William flew (as co-pilot) on an air ambulance. He would have seen and (sometimes assisted in) the things we do, very, very unpleasant and deeply distressing scenes, the like the majority of you shouldn’t see and he’ll never forget. Most working days. Paediatric arrests, major trauma etc. Lots of people give it Billy fucking Big Balls, “I could do that” the Black-Catters amongst us, but, I’ll bet my gold-plated pension on it, you couldn’t. Despite what you say on social media.

      For that alone, he’s got my respect.

  10. I think Hewitt and his pet praying mantis were lucky to be invited to the late Queen’s funeral. The anguish those two pair of cunts caused her and Philip with their lies on the Oprah shitshow. The nerve of the two cunts even turning up. Harry is hated because he is an emasculated pussywhipped spineless turd who has to ask the Markle Creature permission if he wants a shit. He was following her around at the funeral like a little dog. I hope The King makes their lives Hell, they both deserve it.

    • Charles is a ruthless cunt, you’ll never see Harry and Migraine on British soil again. Maybe for William’s coronation, but I think that’s those two permanently in the sin-bin.

      • He’s not wired up right.
        Not a full shilling.
        I hate publicity
        Chased publicity
        I don’t want to be a royal
        Wants the privileges of being royal.

        Bi polar they call it nowadays.
        Fuckin nutter back in the day.

      • Yes they slag them off and expect nothing to come back on them. Very typical Narcissistic behaviour.

        How to explain? You cannot do right for doing wrong. Sums it.

        An example would be. We make it clear we dont want to see you. Then where have have been!!!?

        They lie. They especially manipulate.

        I wouldnt be Harry for a thousand million quid.

      • Aye, Charles may appear twee and woolly-minded, but he is indeed ruthless behind the scenes. It must have been galling to Harry that William was handed the Duchy of Cornwall, which is worth over £1 billion.

        This monarchy will be very, very different to what the reign of the Queen was. Front of house, it may appear the same, but in the boiler-room, it will be a very different drama and if that spills over into public view, Charles will not be liked by many people.

      • Well, he’s very keen on Net Zero and the Great Reset bollocks, so won’t be liked by many on here. 🤣

      • The Great Reset is real.

        This is not a link:

        One can go to http://www.weforum.org and read for yourselves. There are multiple articles explaining various aspects of their policies and goals.

        Here is a piece of their propaganda. It is rife with images of Libtard distopia justifying the overhaul of society and its control by the chosen few. Pay particular attention to the BLM blurb:


        If the link doesn’t work I will try again. But often WEF links don’t work.

      • I think he has if they push their luck (which they will). Charles said in his speech that they were continuing their lives overseas. That means – you’re exiled and don’t come back. If Harry publishes his stupid book it could be game over.

      • Rumours have it today that they are back in November to pick up a charity award from GQ magazine. Tickets for the award ceremony dinner are £5000 a pop. However the real reason is that they want an audience with KC3, presumably to apologise for the book and to make sure they still get their allowance.

  11. Guaranteed his narcissistic sociopathic cunt of a wife will eventually leave Prince Twat with nothing left but a stunned look and a dropped jaw. Watching him, on hands and knees, grovelling for Daddy’s forgiveness will be fun.

    • He might lose his mind, buy Epstein island and set up a Colonel Kurtz Apocalypse Now type compound and become a man of mythical speculation!

  12. Poor Halfwit.

    Epaulettes removed by the King.
    Balls removed by Sparkletits.

    He’s well and truly stuffed – and judging by the look on his slapped ass face, he knows it.

    • No sympathy. He’s always been a cunt.

      Markle is his soul mate. He’s made his bed and now they’re lying in it.

      Lying being the operative word.

      I look forward to his Buddy Holly moment. 🙂

      • What about Andrew, though? He has never cleared his name in association with child rapist and sex trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein. And he never will. He will always been seen as the rapey royal, the Duke of Degeneracy.

    • The Duke of Dirty Bastard Shire (meme from Sickapedia an interesting composition of Sir Jim and HRH Andrew)

  13. Just a question about the Halfwit.
    There are people who think he’s the son of James Hewitt instead of old Jug ears. Is there any evidence for this belief? When I look at Halfwit, he does look more like Jug ears than James Hewitt.
    Any opinions on this fellow cunters?

  14. Jolly olde Henry VIII would have had this cunts head on a spike.

    You can’t go wrong with Our Henry.

    • Didn’t they decide they weren’t going to take part in royal family duties any more and were fucking off to live half way round the world? Am I mistaken? So what’s all this demanding to wear the uniform and the insignia and get royal titles for their children?
      You’re either in or out, you cunts, and you chose out.

    • Kings throughout British history always had bastard sons.
      Sometimes they came in handy,
      But no royal would have a Cuckoo in the nest,

      A cavalry officers kid!

      In better times someone would of been despatched with clear orders to make the little ginger twat have a tragic accident.
      And mum would of suffered a messy end too.

      Can’t have commoners blood polluting the royal line,
      That’s why royals used to keep it in the family.
      Inbreeding like Kentucky hillbillies.

  15. The marriage of this bloodnut and his whore has lasted much longer than I’d have thought.
    Perhaps she was ‘told’ to give coppertop at least 7 years before she inevitably bounces and tries to siphon money off the royal spongers.
    Essentially trying to steal our taxpayers’ money.
    I hope she dies of a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

  16. He’s a disgrace to his family, his regiment and his country. The fuckwit cunt has made his bed, now he needs to fuck off back to the good old US of A and lie on it for the next fifty years. Massive ginger tool.

  17. Harry Hewitt and Megian Mantis. The John Lennon and Yoko Fucking Bastard Cunting Ono of our times. Where’s old Chapman when you need him?

  18. An absolute shower.

    This nom finds me in an ill mood.

    A monarch who wants to be a tampon.
    His siblings not much better.
    Incompetent politicians.
    Chastisement by the IMF.
    Common sense…… banished.
    Abnormal folk in the ascendancy.
    Dinghy riders on the High Seas.

    Where did it all go wrong ?

    ” Ship me somewhere east of Suez, where the best is like the worst,
    Where there ain’t no Ten Commandments an’ a man can raise a thirst;
    For the temple bells are callin’, and it’s there that I would be-
    By the old Moulmein Pagoda, looking lazy at the sea;
    On the road to Mandalay,
    Where the old Flotilla lay,
    With our sick beneath the awnings when we went to Mandalay !
    O the road to Mandalay,
    Where the flyin’-fishes play,
    An the dawn comes up like thunder outer China ‘crost the Bay ! ”
    Rudyard Kipling

    Good evening.

  19. Poor Harry never had a chance once Sparkletits got her claws into him. Let’s face it what the fuck does he know about women? Has he ever been backstabbed and turned over by some scheming old slag? The only women he has ever known were vacuous, posh upper class birds who all want to suck his winkle and marry him. Along comes Sparkletits……exotic, foreign, glamorous…..we can all see the attraction. I think most of us would have seen her for the money obsessed bitch she is but then we’ve lived a very different life to Harry boy. We’re also much brighter than any Windsor who ever lived. Poor cunt, never had a chance.
    Harry ought to be married to some posh English tart and fucking his friends wives on hunting weekends in some country mansion. He missed a trick there the thick cunt.

      • Well not friends as you and I understand it but a load of posh blokes who want to hang around him. They’ve all got posh wives and those wives all want to fuck a Prince. The upper classes have been wife swapping for centuries. Other than shooting defenceless animals they haven’t got much else to occupy their time.

  20. The Royal Family are to put on the Richard Strauss opera Salome, where rusty bollocks plays John the Baptist and his half-caste wife will play the lead. After performing the dance of the seven veils, she screams with delight on seeing halfwit Harry’s head on a platter. The black comedy version.

  21. Bloody ungrateful if you ask me. Life of fucking Riley, top schools, got into Sandhurst with a dodgy a level in art, had a great time visiting various parts of the World at no cost to him, fit birds falling at his feet and so on.
    Then after marrying some d rate actress he becomes uncle cunty. Slagging off the royals when your existence depends on them, having ghost written books supposedly full of salacious whinging and bollocks awaiting publication which he knows full well will damage his family and money tree. He truly is a halfwit.Damm shame the family did not teach him that when you have everything on a platinum plate and want to keep part of that fortunate blessing you accept the duties implied with grace and never, never cross the family.

  22. Harry you really are a silly boy. You had it all sunshine. So much more than any of us mere commoners could possibly dream of… Then you go and trash it all for the love of what? Some narcissistic, devious yank bint…Did you not take note of your Royal family history of how they treat those that cross them?… Obviously not. “The Firm” will not forget or forgive.

  23. There must be several people who know exactly who the ginger thicko’s dad is.
    Surely someone can be bribed to spill the beans!

  24. I wonder if the rusty bollocking halfwit still has the Nazi uniform, so out of sheer devilment, he could perform “Springtime for Hitler”, in Mel Brooks remake of “The Producers”.

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