Phillip Schofield (7), Graham Norton (4) and other Celeb Queue-Jumping Cunts


A Royal and Emergency CUNTING for Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby and other que jumping dignitaries (mainly MP vermin):

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Not only do these woke scumbags infest our TV sets spouting their Left wing bile, they now take the piss out of the general public and decent celebrities like David Beckham who waited their turn (some up to 13 hours) to pay respects to Her Majesty the Queen by queue jumping.

These fucking pricks think they’re above everyone else and think the rules don’t apply to them, not just in terms of queuing etiquette but with rules and regulations us mere mortals have to adhere to in general.

May monkey pox and vaginĂ l warts strike down sleezy back door merchant Schofield and his fag-hag slag Willoughby for being utter disrespectful cunts in a time of national mourning.

Nominated by: Baron Von Cunthausen

And here’s another, this time from Fuglyucker

Phillip fucking Scofield is a treble cunt, there are lots of reasons this chutney ferret is a cunt, it seems every add for releaving people of their cars for next to fuck all, pet insurance seems to be this cunt, I am so sick of seeing his stupid voice, mincing voice, I am sick of the cunt.

Now it turns out he has jumped the que to shuffle past the queen’s coffin that some people have been stood in for 40 plus hours, that’s going endear this jizz gargling twat to the public I’m sure., what a cunt

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And here’s one from Jeezum Priest focusing on Graham Norton

I see Graham Norton has thrown his hat into the ring regarding Schofield and Willoughby.

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Has he a new book coming out?
Maybe someone’s been daft enough to make a new quiz show ( just what we need) with him as host?
Why on earth he thinks his opinion is more valid or relevant than yours or mine, about this non issue, I really don’t know.
Fucks sake, let it die a death, already.
I’m fed up of reading about it.

62 thoughts on “Phillip Schofield (7), Graham Norton (4) and other Celeb Queue-Jumping Cunts

  1. Queue jumping or not I can’t stand that lamp wristed, effeminate, squeaky voiced cunt Schofield. Nice to see that the car selling company have taken the cunt off thier adverts and we no longer have to watch or listen to adverts that the cunt was in. I guess it won’t be long before it’s reported that the two cunts start blubbing on live TV with thier crocodile tears.

  2. Would you toss a coin to either get to have a go on Holly Willoughby if you win, but lose and you’ll be bummed off Philip Schofield?

    I’d love a go on Holly but not sure I’d risk it.

    Yes, I don’t know why I shared this thought either.

  3. Only just found out that gob norton was saved from death after losing a lot of blood in a beating. An old couple have a lot to answer for after saving a life that would’ve been a public holiday for all, if they hadn’t phoned for an ambulance.

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