James O’Brien [9]

A cunting is in order for Left-wing gobshite, and champagne socialist arselicker, O’Brien, who holds forth on the desperate LBC airwaves each weekday, who is, apparently, even more revolting and scabrous when he is pissed:


I wonder if his employers will suspend him?. I doubt it,but had Nigel Farage done the same thing he would be off the air without notice.

O’Brien, the hero of Starmer’s charmers, old ady socialists of both sexes, poofters and trannies has feet of clay.

Nominated by: W. C., Boggs

58 thoughts on “James O’Brien [9]

  1. This can’t be o’cuntys first nomination?
    Shame he wasn’t glassed with a champagne flute..

    It’s not. It’s his 9th. I just checked and updated the page. Thanks for noticing – NA.

  2. I despise this fucking cunt more than I can articulate in words.

    I dream of setting fire to his beard and putting it out with a cricket bat.

  3. Probably the most obnoxious and revolting person in the UK today. How this yob managed to get a radio show is incomprehensible. I would rather listen to static – it talks more sense and has considerably more charm.

      • Can you imagine Will Self with his own radio show, on the air 15 hours a week?
        Would give O’Shitface a run for his money.
        Doesn’t bear thinking about.

  4. It just had to be a Champagne Bar, didn’t it? Try telling someone to ‘Fuck Off’ in the Whippet Inn on a Friday night kidder and you’ll be needing the services of DCI Gene to extract your head from the shitter.
    Best of luck performing mouth to mouth on him after that, Gene.

    • Cunts like O’Brainless can say what they like without comeback.
      Tice would end up being labelled a “Far Right” terrorist if he chinned the prick…

  5. A top class champagne socialist hypocrite piece of shit. This cunt has one of the world’s most punchable faces. I could wear my knuckles out on this revolting sneering bastard and then go in with the boot until I fall over with exhaustion.
    How totally unsurprising to learn that he bullies the junior staff in his little empire. I don’t make a habit of sticking up for Peacefuls but how LBC can sack Nawaz and retain O’SHITHEAD is one of the great mysteries of the 21st century.

    • nawaz was alright, I remember a few times he spoke out on air about the Muslim grooming gangs , I bet James o Brien piss was boiling afterwards James o Brien needs a trip to the highest floor of the shard and being thrown off attached to heavy steel weights

  6. In times of national emergency vermin like this need to Kiss The Gunner ‘s Daughter then be locked in a gibbet.

    So right away is my advice.

  7. Did James over hear someone mention Brexit while they were sipping their cocktail or something?

    One of, if not the most obnoxious, sneering bastards that exists within the media.

    Telling some other cunt to “fuck off” in a trendy champagne bar and pressing the mute button on his radio show are about as “tough” as this man will ever be.

    • Had a good listen to that, O’Brien truly is a low-bellied cunt. His response to Lampard calling him out on ignorantly discussing his personal life is to shrug and say, well that’s just modern media for you and some bollocks about a functioning democracy (Republic?).

      Why does it have to be that way, O’Cuntos?

  8. Pig faced wanker.
    Richard Tice would run rings around him in a fair debate that didn’t involve just saying fuck off.

    • I would love him to get in a debate with Jordan Peterson, he put Cathy Newman in her place, Jordan would take the ginger cunt apart in 1 minute , he would call Peterson a Brexit voting White supremacist, and the gloves would come off, I saw Jordan in an interview on TV once and he was tearing some snowflake a new arsehole and while he was doing it he was sketching a drawing and didn’t even look up at the snowflake, a fucking legend, James o Brien should be used as a chieftain tank speed hump

      • He’d probably press the mute button and scream racist at him, that’s his usual “witty reply”

  9. I heard him the other day on the wireless, jizzing over his Mockerson’s at the prospect of a “united Ireland”, just because the “every sperm is sacred” crowd have ethnically cleansed enough Protestants over the years doesn’t mean that they’re will be a UI, you utter, bog brained, anti British, Lord Haw Haw tribute act, fenian loving, red faced mick CUNT!!!!!

    Welcome to the wall O’Brien, as this is his 10th appearance on these hallowed pages I believe?

  10. Fucking Cunt O’brian , is like the rest of the Islington Lefties. Have you ever noticed that him and his ilk never laugh at anything, they sneer instead.
    He’s the only cunt on the radio that makes me conjure up thoughts of unspeakable violence towards him.🤬

  11. If only the public ignored the likes of these argumentative cunts, who would simply disappear to argue with themselves and get put in a loony bin. They don’t get much attention at home and try voice their shite on us. Ignore and they vanish. Simple.

  12. O’Brien is the lefty version of Katy Hopkins, but i’m not sure he realises it.
    Liker her probably enjoys his status as a provocateur, but unlike her justs seems a bit too angry to be genuinely good at it , as Guido have shown.

    Easily triggered , and ignored.

  13. These radio stars are all too big for their boots.
    Goes to their head.

    The Goons
    Fluff Freeman
    Tommy Trinder
    Gracie Fields

    All turned into divas once the glamour of radio took hold.

    Our radio is in the workshop.
    Been there 36yrs.

    We have to settle for a HDTV nowadays,
    It’s just not the same….😁

  14. I’m beginning to think that my hatred of most media outlets is paying off handsomely.
    I’ve heard of this weak chinned metropolitan twat but thank the Lord or as is becoming more popular Allah that I’ve never had my lug holes polluted by this leftie twat.
    I would like to thank all members of ISAC for alerting and informing me of the cunt so I can avoid him like the pox, ( choose your own pox from the many doin the rounds)

    • I’m afraid I went and tuned into this pudding faced twat when I first saw a cunting for him a good few years back when I googled the immortal sentence “Tony Blair is a Cunt”.
      Who’s this fucker O’Brien ?? Thought I.
      So I tuned in.
      My piss has been steaming since.
      He’s a top notch cunt that is for sure.

  15. I’ve never listened to the daily crap that this cunt pumps out on radio but I’ve seen plenty of YouTube videos of the oily little bastard to know that he is indeed a sneering, pompous cunt who just shouts down anyone with a different opinion to his. He won’t enter into a proper debate, just talks over them because he has no credible answer to points they raise. He is indeed an arsewipe.

  16. I’d absolutely love to see the cunt take on Jordan Peterson.

    Failing that , Adrian Peterson , in a one on one game of British Bulldog.

  17. Fortunately because the cunt has registered itself as a limited company Le Cunt was happy to publish its home address…….

    So cunters if you happen to be passing by Chiswick don’t forget to knock on the door of 49 Whitehall Park Rd W4 3NB and show your appreciation.

  18. Total cunt comes out with words that no ones ever heard of or uses to make himself feel above and superior to who his talking to he would last about 5 minuets in my local before having the times rammed down his throat

  19. I sometimes used to cook listening to LBC. I had to stop because when this fucking annoying twat comes on the air, I once got the pot and lobbed it at the wall and damaged my bin. I no longer listen to LBC. He is such a piss boiler.

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